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Published on 11/27/2008 at Thu Nov 27 23:12.
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Brett FavreWeek 13, I remember over the summer while Favre-Gate was in full swing, I was living in Tampa, praying that he would end up with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. All signs pointed to the fact that he would, then he signed with the New York Jets– so I wouldn’t get to see him play all season in person. I moved to New York weeks later coincidentally, after living here for about two-weeks I was asked if I was interested in being a judge for the Miss New York competition (my company is one of the sponsors). Of course I said yes, then I saw the dates- the Friday, Saturday and Sunday following Thanksgiving… Then the NFL moved the Denver/New York game back, right to the exact time of the competition.

It was too late to cancel and I will miss my first Broncos game since the late ’90’s. What does this all have to do with the scouting report? It means that I won’t get to see if what I’m talking about actually happens until long after it’s actually happened. That makes me a bit reserved for some reason, that’s right- the man that predicted the Broncos would make the playoffs (and go 13-3 in the meantime, but hey, I picked them to lose to the Raiders once) is playing it a bit reserved. I will hit on every point that Denver will need to focus on in order to beat the Jets though.

Let me start with this, if you’re in New York you would see that the press is already predicting a New York/New York Super Bowl. One paper has already drawn up position-by-position match-ups. With the win over the Tennessee Titans the New York (East Coast) Press has taken the Cinderella Jets, led by Brett Favre and anointed them King of the AFC- normally I take a shot at the Denver media, but today I’m going to hit closer to home…

Dear East Coast Media Bias,

Your golden children have lost to the: New England Patriots, Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers. Oh and they barely squeaked by the Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs.


What makes New York a better team than Denver? Denver has beat two of the teams the Jets have lost to. The Jets are 1-2 against the AFC West, the Broncos are 0-2 against the AFC East. To me, really, the most striking difference in quality of wins is that Denver pulled the NFC South (Tampa, New Orleans, Atlanta and Carolina) and New York pulled the weak NFC West (Arizona, Seattle, St. Louis and San Francisco). Let me point out specifically Tampa, as that is the best defense either team combined has faced. Tampa is fourth as a team in defense, Tennessee is seventh.

Denver must score on their first-drive
I don’t get it either, but you know on the first-drive Denver generally scores and when they don’t they usually lose. No turnovers, a nice, time consuming drive for a touchdown. Sounds easy, and it is… At least in the Broncos first drive.

New York scores on their first-drive too
The Jets have scored 78-points in the first quarter, that’s 45 more than their opponents and second best in the NFL. Favre is also perfect with TD passes inside the five-yard line this season. Denver’s defense must find a way to let their defense get ahead early. Thomas Jones is leading a very poignant rushing attack and I don’t see them passing until we stop the run.

Turnovers: Jets aren’t perfect either (they’re medium)
The Jets defense is in a four-way tie for 18th place in the NFL for interceptions, but in a three-way tie for 3rd in fumble recoveries. If Denver’s Jay Cutler can manage not to throw an interception or at least keep it to a minimum, the Broncos will win. Actually, I might even settle for the receiving corps catching the balls that they should be catching. The Jets defense is 26th in the league against the pass, by the way.

Dre Bly’s revenge
I bring it up on the NYT’s Fifth Down Blog, but during last season’s Denver vs. Green Bay game when Bly was beat by Greg Jennings for an 82-yard, Favre bomb to lose the game in overtime- that’s the type of thing a player gets known for. It’s not necessarily what a player wants to be known for. Bly may not ever get another opportunity to make good with the legendary memories, unless he attacks this Sunday.

Dewayne Robertson has something to prove
Not just to the Broncos, but he’s got to show why the Jets made a mistake in letting him go. He hasn’t been the saviour that Mike Shanahan had hope he would be for the defensive line, but he hasn’t been the headache that say Sam Adams was last season. The fourth-round pick the Broncos gave up for Robertson, may have had something to do with the one that got Favre to the Jets in the first place.

Denver must own the first-half
Favre has never won a game in which his team has trailed by 14-points. As I stated above, the Jets have scored 78-points in the first quarter so far this season. Short of a meltdown, Denver will see time in the playoffs this season and if they can shut down a team like New York- they may stand a chance against the Steelers or the Titans.

Royal’s due
Eddie Royal is the only kick returner, amongst the top five, who hasn’t scored a touchdown in the last four-weeks (including Leon Washington (4th)). Royal is gold, if the Jets are to score, Royal can setup the Broncos marvelously by omitting the need for offense all together. He’s due and has already tied the Broncos record for longest kick return in history (95-yards, now shared with Vaughn Hebron, who did it in 1998 against the Dolphins). Now, let’s just hope that he ::knock on wood:: can play Sunday.

Thomas Jones is great, but…
In the last four-weeks, Jones is tied for second in scoring amongst NFL backs. Guess who is fourth? Rookie Peyton Hillis, who wasn’t even starting four-weeks ago. Jet fans like to point out how well Jones is doing this season and he is, New York is the fourth best rushing team in the NFL, Denver is the fifth. New York has 1,443 yards on 321 carries averaging 4.5 yards per carry, Denver has 1,204 yards on 272 carries averaging 4.4 yards per carry.

The Jets secondary is kind of like Denver defensive line
Tyler Thigpen, Ryan Fitzpatrick, JaMarcus Russell and Matt Cassel have all had career games this season against the Jets. Kurt Warner damn near pulled off a comeback on a 35-point deficit a few months ago. What does that say for Denver’s AFC leading passing offense? Well, let’s just say either they stop the pass and we run or they stop the run and we pass, they won’t be able to do both.

To fear or not to fear the 3-4?
We’ve seen Denver play against the 3-4 defense several times this season, most recently (New England) without great results (to say the least). Well, the Jets 3-4 is almost the same type of 3-4 as the Patriots run. They lack the talent up front, but are as good as anybody running the 3-4 as a whole. Force the ball up the middle? Just ram it down their throat? No, let’s get around the edge, seriously, we’ve got it in the playbook and I expect to see it here against the Jets… Sweeps or reverses, whatever it may be, let’s gete outside and go for eight or nine-yards every time.

Overall though Nation, what we’re looking forward to is your comments. So let’s have them, what do you think it will take Denver to beat New York?

  • Steve

    The Broncos will win if they have a positive turnover differential. Actually, let me put that another way…

    Denver will win if Cutler throws ZERO interceptions. If that happens, no team can hang with our offense.

    Marshall’s gonna have a huge day. Revis, their top corner, always plays up on the reciever and tries to bump. BMarsh is too strong, he’s gonna get a 50+ yard TD.

    I predict a shootout. Broncos 38, Jets 28.

  • OldRogue

    Do you guys really think the Broncos can come to NY and beat the Jets? Seriously? The Jets this year have +89 net points, the Broncos, -44 (that’s a minus, in case you missed it). The Jets have an air game, a running game, and a damned fine Defense. How do you think the Broncs are going to outscore them?

    I have always liked the Broncos, really. But this just isn’t a game you’re going to win.

  • precisiontint

    Crazier things have happened. All Ready!

  • Boisebroncoguy

    All of the “experts” are picking the Jets, so, that should mean a Denver victory.

  • Thomas

    Rogue, if you call a defense “damned fine” that made Ryan Fitzpatrick and Tyler Thigpen look good, then bring em on!

  • kerry

    yeah that would all be fine if we had a defense that could stop somebody. Thomas Jones may have a big day against us.

  • T-Money

    So much negativity.

  • robtink242

    t-money i agree. Let the game be played. and if your a bronco FAN be a bronco FAN. NOT JETS or any team that plays us with a better record.

    dont forget we were supposed to loose to the Chargers, Saints, Raiders, Buccs, Browns and Falcons so gee after the game you none FANS can bash at us (the REAL FANS).

  • Roy

    I hope the players are as pissed as we are and they show it. There is no better time to start playing with a chip on our shoulder.We have the talent, there should be no reason we should not come out and shock the world.

  • kerry

    its not negativity. just the truth. sorry i dont conform to the fantasy world most of you live in. im just keeping it within reality. i didnt realize this was a “if you talk the truth about the Broncos then you arent a real fan blog”

  • OldRogue

    ROBTINK242. You guys got fans like that too? Wow, I thought it was only Noo Yawkers. Even though we’re 8-3, knocked off the dreaded Patsies and the dominant Titans, and are playing really good football, at least half the fans on the boards are doubtful. My condolences.

    Maybe it’s a National disease.

  • MikeY55

    man everyones always hating on kerry i agree on alot of his opinions NOT all i am still a shanniFAN… his offense seems to always put up solid numbers and our past drafts have been not gonna lie excellent cutler/scheffler/marsh/dumervil/kuper? ryan harris/marcus thomas… yes crowder seems to be a dud and moss is looking to be that way but 2 out of 4 isn’t to bad and clady royal hillis and all the DEPTH players we have in spencer larsen /woodyard/joshbell.. but he is true about the defense they are a flash in the pan defense one game they are stellar against good teams then the next game they are crap like oakland n kc n new england

  • Michael

    If we out score them I say our chances are really good.

  • T-Money

    Kerry you don’t get it. Everything that comes out of you mouth maybe the truth and the “reality” but it puts everybody in a sour mood. The broncos are supposed to lose based on the facts on paper. Are you happy? There is your fact. They very well might lose if they don’t protect the football or get run over. There is your reality. Now here is something that you might try instead of being so damn pessimistic all the time. Given the…facts….and the none important media driven bs stats…..and as you put it the reality….. We come here to see the light of the situation and say oh, here’s how we CAN win and oh it’s not IMPOSSIBLE. All you do if put out our fire. And you might want to look the word “negativity” up in the dictionary because i think you missed something.

  • mikebirty

    @Michael. I disagree. With the power of both offenses, i think the defense that concedes the least points will win.

    Thing with this game is that both teams seem quite similar. There’s not a lot to choose, if i was an outsider i’d pick the Jets. They look just a bit stronger. When was the last time the broncos lost a game they were expected to?

  • steve

    why is this game, on the east coast, being played late (2:15 MT)?

  • OC Bronco

    Mikebirty- I think Michael was making a joke. If you were too that’s pretty good…… My thought, if at the end of the game the scoreboard shows a higher number for The Broncs than I have to give us the edge in this one!
    Kerry- We know you’re a fan. As much as we love the Broncos who doesn’t call them the Doncos? They are a frustrating team to understand nearly every year. But life is better when the glass is half full…. of scotch.

  • Kyle

    steve – it got “flexed”/moved from its previous time slot because of the big-time matchup.

  • Matt

    Favre is a hall of famer and a great QB. But he can throw 4 ints or 4 tds on any given sunday. Jets have been playing good the last two weeks which tells me they are over due for a horrid game. Everyone said michael turner would go for 200 on us. Our defense may or may not show up but lets have a little faith. Im with steve we cant turn the ball over. I have not watched the jets much this year but im pretty sure they have beatin the titans and also lost to the raiders. This game could go either way. Im gonna go with the broncos being that im a denver fan.

  • kerry


    i see. so even though i talk the truth and back it up with fact, i should just not state my opinions because it “puts everyone in a sour mood”?? are you kidding me?? everybody is entitled to their opinion and even though mine may not make everybody feel all warm and fuzzy about our football team, it still dosnt make it wrong. and if what i say puts everyone in a sour mood then you guys are taking this game WAY TOO seriously. im passionate about this team as well but not to a point where if someone says something bad that it puts me in a bad mood. i didnt realize most of you are SO sensitive when it comes to the truth about the Broncos. but im still gonna post my opinions just as everybody else does. i have no problem giving credit when it is EARNED. i dont give credit just for the sake of giving credit. ive been a fan for a long time and ive always stated the truth about this team whether its good or bad.

  • Kyle

    Who’s pumped to watch the Broncos beat “the best team” in the AFC?!

  • Boisebroncoguy

    Kyle, I am ready! GO BRONCOS!!

  • T-Money

    I’m ready!

  • Brianna

    Iam so ready for the Broncos to beat the Jets!!!!!!!

  • Brianna

    Its all about the Broncos!!!!!!

  • jchase8410

    I’m ready to read something new on BroncoTalk

  • denver

    its another orange crush