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Published on 11/17/2008 at Mon Nov 17 18:00.
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Chargers fans (AP Photo)
Chargers fans. (AP Photo)

The San Diego Chargers are running out of time. I mean, this can’t be, can it? This just simply can’t be! The Denver Broncos are winning the division? What is happening?

It must be the injuries. The Chargers had to put their starting linebacker on Injured Reserve. Their starting. Linebacker. Plus, their starting running back has been obviously hindered by some sort of injury all season. If the Broncos had to go through HALF of the injuries the Chargers did this season, they’d be crumbling for sure.

The Chargers are playing bad. But the Broncos are only one game up. Only one! If you’re only a game up on a bad team, you’re pretty much worse. You’re not going to win the division. Nevermind that that makes absolutely no logical sense whatsoever.

What’s that? They’re two games up, you say?


Screw it. Fire Norv!

  • jcampb72

    Nice kyle….I absolutely love that pic. But we aren’t out of the water yet but coupled with San Diegos L and our W we control our destiny. The only people that can beat us is ourselves.

  • pwsbronco

    If we just win our last 3 home games the division is ours. That would mean the chargers would have to win all of thier games. 6-0.
    No way, no how, not going to happen. So we just have to win our home games or just go 500 with the remaining games and it is ours…. Lets go Bronco’s ….one at a time…..

  • merc22

    kyle where did u get this pic, I LOVE IT!

    im pretty sure we r 2 games ahead the chargers

  • broncofan2438

    As much as I love to see that pic, I can’t love it to much. Not until the division is ours. The Chuggers are still a powerful team and can at any time blow their opponents out of the water. We just need to take care of business and take one game at a time. GO BRONCOS

  • AKscott

    Show me that pic come week one of the playoffs, but with Phylis sitting right next to them. Is it possible to hate someone you’ve never met so much??

  • robtink242

    douche bag convention wonder which ones Kerry.

  • AKscott

    Kyle: this would make a great create-a-caption

  • Joe

    Kyle, this is the shit. Love it.
    On a side note: Who thinks that the Chargers will fall to the Colts??
    I think Indy will pull it off. They seem to have gotten all of their shit together, for the most part. There RB’s are starting to light it up. Anyone else think this, or am I crazy?

  • AKscott

    yep Peyton all day long.. chuggers D is soft, and if you can pass you can have a big day. i dont think it’ll be that close honestly.. 28-13ish

  • I Piss Excellence

    You stay classy, San Diego.

  • T-Money

    “Have you seen my dignity. I left it somewhere between Spencer Larsen and PJ Pope.”

    “Who are are talking about Phillip?”

    ANYWAY… I hate the chargers and i hope they lose to the texans. That would make my day

  • jcampb72

    Just a thought…doesn’t it seem like our dt’s never put their hands up to tip the pass….I see dt’s all the time get tips…it can really change the game….no offense to our clogs in the dt position but if your not getting sacks put your hands up…but I do remember Marcus Thomas had a pick…but we all know how that ended up. :)

  • robtink242

    didn’t some stupid “expert” predicted the chargers going undefeated during the offseason. yeh and up goind 6-10. wow and they pay those guys. I’m certainly in the wrong industry.

  • precisiontint

    That’s why they play the game.

  • Sam P

    Oh, I’m so happy SD is back in their place. this town has pretty much clamed up, other than the winning over how they always get cheated. It’s so great to be back in charge, and with the youth on this team it’s only going to get better. Keep the TOs down and we basically got it.

  • Dakota fan

    Kyle- you rock, man.

    Jcampb72- you hit it on the head, brother. We can only beat ourselves. You’ve obviously been a Broncos fan for awhile.

    Robtink242- I think Kerry is the one on the right in the yellow cap, two fisting his woes over the suddenly crappy Chargers.

    Once again, the powder blue unis make them look like pussies.

  • ElwayForever

    It’s entirely possible that the Broncos will need a two game lead. If we lose to the Chargers (assuming wins over KC & OAK at home) we will have dropped two division games. If the Chargers win the remaining division games that would leave both of us at 4-2. Our conference winning percentage is below .500 right now so we absolutely will need the 2 game lead. I predict W’s against OAK, KC, BUFF, & either the Jets or Panthers with a loss coming at SD and the Jet/Panther one we don’t win leaving us at 10-6. That means the Chargers have to win out – go Indy.

  • Gary


  • broncofan2438

    Wow, the chick with the 95 jersey on sure has a belly!

  • Jim

    I have never been a Colts fan more than this week. I may go get a blue #18 jersey and then burn it. More than likely if things fall into place Indy will be coming to Denver for the first round.

  • Jim

    Plus it is 72 degrees in San Diego, you don’t need a beanie you douche bag!!

  • Gary

    Here is even more incentive for the Broncos to play well in this game… The game is being broadcast here in San Diego due to the “statics” playing on Sunday Night Football.