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Published on 11/03/2008 at Mon Nov 03 16:18.
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Michael Pittman

Michael Pittman

Andre Hall

Andre Hall

Both Andre Hall and Michael Pittman have been moved to the Injured Reserve list following Sunday’s loss to Miami, making bad news for the team continue to get worse.

Pittman, who had suffered a rib injury in the loss to the Patriots two weeks ago after appearing like he could the full time back in the Denver system came out of the game with a neck stinger in the second quarter. Hall suffered an unspecified injury to his left hand and despite a case of fumblitis against the Patriots, had an excellent return game.

There is still no news on D.J. Williams‘ MCL injury, but the early rumors don’t sound good. Wesley Woodyard stepped in to play for Williams after he went out, but as good as we all know Woodyard is, he is no DJ Williams and it showed at the end of the game.

With this loss, the Denver Broncos are down to just two running backs, both of whom are dealing with injuries, and one of whom has seen limited action. You can bet that the Broncos will search far and wide for a body, but with a running game that was terrible in Miami, the hopes and dreams of the Broncos running game now rests solely on the untested Torain’s shoulders.

(Ed: The Broncos also signed third-year DT Matthias Askew to its practice squad. Full press release after the jump.)

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — The Denver Broncos on Monday placed running backs Andre Hall (left hand) and Michael Pittman (neck) on their reserve/injured list, Head Coach Mike Shanahan announced. Both players were injured during Denver’s game against Miami on Sunday.

The club also on Monday signed defensive tackle Matthias Askew to its practice squad.

Hall, a second-year running back in his second year with the Broncos, saw time in all eight games for Denver this year and registered 35 rushes for 144 yards (4.1 avg.) along with three receptions for 25 yards (8.3 avg.). He also returned a team-high 21 kickoffs for 469 yards (22.3 avg.) and tied for the Broncos’ team lead with six special-teams tackles (5 kickoff, 1 punt).

Pittman, an 11th-year running back in his first year with the Broncos, appeared in all eight games (3 starts) for Denver this year and posted 76 rushes for 320 yards (4.2 avg.) with four touchdowns along with 10 receptions for 112 yards (11.2 avg.). He recorded his 11th career 100-yard rushing game with 109 yards on 20 carries (5.5 avg.) during the Broncos’ game vs. Jacksonville on Oct. 12.

Askew (6-foot-5, 302 pounds) is a third-year defensive tackle who joins the Broncos’ practice squad after competing in the Redskins’ 2008 training camp. Selected by Cincinnati in the fourth round (114th overall) of the 2004 NFL Draft from Michigan State University, Askew has appeared in six career games (all with the Bengals) and owns six tackles (2 solo) along with one forced fumble. He was a two-time all-state selection at Dillard High School in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and was born on July 1, 1982.

  • Kyle

    Ugly with a capital UGH. Ryan Torain, your rehab is over. As is yours, Selvin Young.

  • Aerobroncos

    This season is so painful to watch with how we started out. so much promise just no body can seem to stay healthy and Cutler needs to pull things together he has been awful!

  • bcfunk

    It’s like we’re paying off for some bad karma with all these RB injuries. Someone pissed off the NFL gods!

  • dee

    this is officially the bottom, we can only go up from here…. they have to adapt an us against the world mentality from here on out. They’ve had injuries, they’ve been booed, they’ve been kicked when they were down by opponents, everyone is saying its over…. this is the time someone will step up and give them a spark … im looking at you Torain …

  • Bucky

    This is so Painful, Our D is just not getting it done like I know that they can (I think that has been due to scheme more than players) and now our Offense is all banged up again, and just when you think we might get healthy we just get more banged up, It is a long season and if the Broncos get hot soon they could still make a push for the playoffs, but as it looks right now, I am wondering if we aren’t facing some BIG turn over in Bronco land coaching, and maybe a top 10-12 draft pick.

  • Awesome, Austin

    Wow everyone is dropping like cattle crap after eating pudding. I can’t believe the fins only had 2 guys on the injury report.

  • Roy

    Torain, welcome to the NFL

  • E. Halsey Miles

    dee: The lions are 0-8. Bottom is a long ways away. =)

  • Bucky

    Wow, i just went on RMN and a bunch of people are calling for Cutler to be benched in favor of Hackney, that just sounds crazy to me, but i didn’t watch this last Game, does it look like Cutler is the one to blame, or is it more about coaching/play calling, and all the injuries?

  • Kurt

    Anyone thinking deja vu? I’m starting to wonder about the strength and conditioning coaches…….

  • Thomas

    This is very depressing… I really liked Pittman too. I’m still a lot more concerned over D.J, though.

  • kerry

    everyone is looking for Torain? HAHA. yeah and everyone said he would make such a HUGE impact against Miami. how many yards again? 3 or was it 5? i dont seem to remember because he was so invisible out there. well accept his elbow brace. that was huge! lol. the only thing more noticable out there besides how terrible this team is, was Shanahan’s tan! god would Bowlen grow a set of balls and fire this guy already!

  • J

    Do we call Mike Anderson and or Ron Dayne???

  • C

    Two words. De. Railed.

  • C

    Two more words: Cedric. Benson.

  • dee

    Kerry who else do you want to look for? Whats your 40 time btw? …. And E Miles I was talking specifically at the Broncos hitting rock bottom, if they lose to Cleveland as far as I’m concered the season is over.

  • dee


  • C

    The Broncos are setting themselves up perfectly to go 4-12, and then be able to draft Javon Ringer. Feature back here we come!

  • T-Money


  • Patrick

    The runningback situation concerns me had this been three weeks ago we could have made a push for Shaun ‘Tiptoe Bandit’ Alexander or Cedric ‘Drunk Boat’ Benson. Three carries won’t tell the full story of Ryan Torain but what do you guys think of Peyton ‘BullHog’ Hillis getting some carries? Some jabroni fullback named Reuben Droughns parlayed some injuries into a big c0ntract. Is there anyone else we could bring in? Should we take a stab at Maurice Clarett?

  • T-Money

    Is Tatum Bell still un-employed?

  • Rob4Broncos

    4 losses in 5 games. Somebody should tell Karma that it’s paid us back with way too much interest for the Charger game.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    kerry: What everyone? The dude’s recovering from a screwed up elbow and he’d never had an NFL snap before Miami. Maybe some people are overly excited but certainly we here at BroncoTalk know that it’s all hype and hope. I commented pretty loudly before the Miami game that I figured he’d get 5 or so carries and if they looked good he’d get 5 more and that was about it. Turned out he got less, but when no one could get more than a yard and a half on a running play, there wasn’t much point in putting his elbow at risk.

  • Awesome, Austin

    I don’t think Torain is up to speed with the offense, wait a min…I don’t think the whole offense is up to speed with anybody playing it in, not Torain’s fault did you succeed at your job right out of college on the first day?

  • DepressedSF

    Ron Dayne…?
    Mike Bell….?

  • Matt

    I could think of a couple ex-steelers that we could take a look at for some depth at RB:
    Najeh Davenport, Vernon Haynes. Ill even throw in Samkon Gado or Tyson Thompson. None of these guys are franchise changing players but they may work for a game or two. I was enjoying pittman’s running but the chances were high that he could get injured given his age and the amount of carries. I still would like to see a heavy dose of Torain either way this season.

  • mikebirty

    I’m with Patrick – I think Hillis could spell Young although I can’t see him carrying every down. Although the way injuries are going…….. lets just throw the ball every down.

  • T-Money

    Yeah but Mike, Isn’t that what got us in this mess in the first place. I think we need to get creative and do things like double reverse pass and more bootlegs…

    AND THE FREAKING OPTION. Cutler is a big boy and he can take a lick or two. It’s a bullet proof play, in certain ways.

  • mikebirty

    i was just being flippant. i agree and was calling for some creativity when tony s went down. The second play this year was an “end” around to royal in the slot. Where did that sort of play go?

    It feels like the risk has gone – its now bunch formation, run different routes and one of you better be open.

  • flbronc

    we need to decide if we want to commit to a balanced offense or if we want to scrap the run. if we can bring up chad jackson and get shef and stokely back we can run lots of four or five wide sets. while i hate dink and dunk passing attacks, we will have the tools to do it. this will take some of the pressure off the depleted running corps. torain will be ok, but there is no way he is ready to carry the team with 30 carries a game at this point. had he gone through a full preseason, that would be a different story….

  • jchase8410

    Kerry is sounding such a idiot. Torain was invisible because Denver only ran the ball what 12 times all game? 3 carries us not enough to show what this guy is capable of. As for those of you that want to pass every down, are you willing to accept a few interceptions, or will you blame Cutler? He is still young and still learning that he doesn’t always have to make the play…but can you blame him for trying to keep the offense on the field by making a play? Especially with the way the defense has been playing. (they played well against Miami)

    Here’s what need to happen. The offense needs to get B-Marsh involved early. Maybe a bubble screen out of a bunch formation to give him the ball with a few blockers in front. Running the option and reverses are horrible ideas. There is way too much that can go wrong with trick plays. I love the middle screen to WR…something to keep defenses guessing without being overly complicated.

    Jacob’s formula for winning…

    Get Marshall involved early, don’t quit on the run too early, *eliminate turnovers*, and press the corners on defense. If the Broncos do that, I guarantee they win 6 of the next 8

  • Dakota Fan

    Hey Kurt- I was wondering the same thing about the strength and conditioning coaching until I started looking at the types of injuries all of these guys have. With the exception of the groin injuries, they all look like tendon and ligament injuries. To my limited knowledge, you can’t do much to strengthen ligaments and tendons without violating the NFL’s banned PED guidelines.

    The groin injuries? I’ll leave that up to Rich Tuten and The Greek. I’d give my own suggestions on groin strengthening, but this is a clean website.

    My advice for the Cleveland game on defense? ( I know Shanahan and Slowik are clinging to my every word) Tighten up the DB coverage to 4-6 yards. Blitz that rookie quarterback and scare the hell out of him. Make him wake up in a cold sweat screaming on Friday morning because he can’t shake the vision of Winborn and McCree planting his ass.

    Just a thought from this meek, humble fan.

  • Socal Den Fan

    Hey kerry what are you smoking ? How about you grow a brain! It’s easy to be a bleacher coach but when you start talking about getting rid of shanny who do we replace them with? Don’t make a problem even bigger by making a bad decision.


    Автору памятник нужно поставить за такое!:)