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Published on 11/01/2008 at Sat Nov 01 11:48.
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The Green Bay Packers released defensive end Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila who currently holds the Packers sack record in his nine year career there in order to make room for another player coming off the PUP list.

KGB has had a stellar career and really knows how to get to the passer, but he’s had only one start this season. That suggests that he’s slowing down. But would a slow KGB still be an improvement on our squad? Certainly that’s not a guarantee — Simeon Rice wasn’t able to perform for us last year, ending up in an argument over not being given a chance to prove himself (and not doing squat when he was given a chance).

Should the Broncos pursue KGB? Should we let him go?

Personally, I think we should at least bring him in for a work out and an exam, see where he is. We lack enough playmakers on our line. It seems like it would be worth at least trying him out, but I wouldn’t get into a bidding war over him. One year contract for a bit more than the veteran minimum, possibly with incentives.

  • Garrett Barnes

    He could be a big difference maker and I would love having him on my team.

  • flbronc

    absolutely. bring him in and give him a look. we can find room somewhere for him i would think. heck i could live without d jackson if need be. people will point out our failure with rice, but i think kgb is worth a look at least.

    i would think he is at least as good right now as crowder or moss, albeit they have more potential. he can help us with our nonexistant pass rush and maybe help out and somewhat mitigate the loss of champ.

  • kerry

    and everybody said Simeon Rice would be a good pickup too. there is a reason this guy only started one game this year. forget this guy. we need to stop picking up loser castoffs.

  • Garrett Barnes


    Non existing pass rush? Last week against New England we had 6 sacks! Elvis Dumervil is one of the best pass rushers in the league and Kenny Peterson has become really good at getting to the QB. We have a pass rush, KGB would just make it better.

  • Panamanian Bronco

    Of course we should bring him.
    This defence can’t be worst. At least we could give him a chance.

  • AKscott

    no thanks, been injured, weak against the run, and from the sounds of it is interested in going home (san diego)

  • BroncoFan18

    It can’t hurt us. At least give him a look.

  • dee

    helllllllllllll yeaaaaaahhhhhhh , KGB will be a great addition… and he may motivate the garbage we have … “Jarvis Moss and Crowder”

  • thomas

    he definitely deserves a chance if he is interested in playing for us… we need any help we can get to rush the passer, and if it doesn’t work out, it’s not the end of the world like our buddy Kerry always thinks.

  • flbronc

    garett- you are right we are in a tie for ninth in sacks with 17. If you measure pass rush by sacks then our defense is pretty good. I look at the fact that we give up an average of 240 passing yards a game and rank 28th against the pass to say we dont have a pass rush. we got six sacks last week, without that game we have 11. and would be about 25th in sacks…..

    i dont think that we have an effective pass rush just because we blitzed the heck out of a second string qb on a team that just put it’s only running threat on the ir the day before the game and got a couple of sacks.

    doom is good, but hasnt played as well as he did last year yet.

  • Garrett Barnes

    if you look at it that way yes, you are right. I just think that it is more in the passing defenses hands for that scoring than the rush.

  • merc22

    OMG our Defense does not suck, they get tired becuz of all the turnovers the offense has, i would bet if we have o-1 TO’s in a game we would be good! p.s. we r a very good D when we blitz in the 3-4 and i think we should give moss the shot @ OLB now, since boss is on IR

  • kerry

    it doesnt matter if we bring this guy in anyway. as long as Shanahan is still the head coach/D-Coordinator/O-Coordinator/VP of Player personel/GM/Lord of the land/God King then we will be just a mediocre team. just like we have been for the last ten years. and dont give me that “well we went to the AFC title game in o5” shit. Norv Turner has just as many playoff wins in the last year then Shanahan has had in ten years. Norv freaking Turner for god sakes!!

    ok enter stage left: the members of Shanahan’s Commitee to pass the blame onto everybody else but Shanahan himself. come on everybody let me have it. tell me how its all Sundquists fault, and Bates’s fault, and Slowik’s fault and the Janitors fault, and the guy selling hot dogs fault for the bad drafts and the bad coaching decisions that have led to this fanchise’s mediocrity.

  • Awesome, Austin

    Doom and Gloom Kerry, gezzzs. Name a better coach out there for hire then?

  • kerry

    and right on cue, one speaks! but lets not get things blown out of proportion here. i never said Shanahan needs to be fired. i simply implied as long as he makes front office decisions then we will be mediocre. a new GM, a new VP of personel, and new D-coordinator that Shanahan has no influence over (Mike Nolan) is what is needed. if Shanahan would just stick to coaching without sticking his nose in on the defensive side of the ball then this team would improve. Shanahan needs to stick to just coaching and nothing more. thats how this team will improve. Shanahan has his hands in way too many facets of the organization to improve. example: uh the last ten years with only one playoff win. nobody else to blame but Little Napolean…err i mean Shanahan.

  • kerry

    here is the conversation that would transpire between Bowlen and Shanahan if Bowlen tried to relieve Shanahan of his front office duties.

    Bowlen: good morning coach Shanahan

    “Coach Shanahan enters in full Napolean uniform complete with hat and sword”

    Shanahan: why are you bothering me? im too busy watching my players on hidden camera to make sure they dont say anything bad about my genius coaching skills. uh, i mean breaking down game film.

    Bowlen: its time to make a front office change Mike

    Shanahan: i dont agree with that. Elway got you 2 Super Bowl… I mean I got you 2 super bowl rings.

    Bowlen: but we have had no succees with you in the front office

    Shanahan: that is a gross oversimplification! i have won a playoff game since then! sure i have made some bad draft… i mean Ted Sundquist has made some bad draft picks but i feel after ten years of rebuilding, we are headed in the right direction.

    Bowlen: this years team is the worst it has looked in years.

    Shanahan: not true! its all lies! and Ted Sundquists fault!

    Bowlen: Ted no longer works for us Mike. you fired him.

    Shanahan: of course i fired him! how dumb do you think iam? we have won only one playoff game in ten years. who wants a GM that is that big of a moron?

    Bowlen: im sorry Mike. new personel will be interviewed immediately.

    At which point Shanahan, Napolean hat and all, storms out of Bowlen’s office furious and confused at how he is to blame for any of the failures of the Denver Broncos.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    This is a discussion about KGB and the pass rush. Please don’t derail it with the attacks on Shanahan. There’s enough of that on all the Denver area papers. It lowers the quality of the conversation here immeasurably.

  • robtink242

    Hey E.H.Miles the guy sounds good but haow much of a run stopper is he.

  • flbronc

    when we look at the pass rush, in a way that isnt measured in a stat- qb time in the pocket- we arent very strong. it seems to me that qb’s have a disproportionate amount of time to sit in the pocket, resulting in the passing yard problem that we have. i place the blame on our high per game avg partially on the db’s in coverage, but if the qb has time to cook their dinner and take a quick shower in the pocket some blame has to be put on the pass rush.

    part of this is based on the fact that we are trying to force a 3-4 at times and only sending three in the rush, but that crazy experiment is for another thread.

  • mikebirty

    dunno about kgb. Certainly would’ve signed him two or three years ago and would’ve said “grab him” if we were talking about a similar skill level safety (or dt) but i believe our ends are good enough, they just need better support play from the other 9 players on defense.

  • Garrett Barnes

    i dunno there is always room to be better at end and having him could be good.

  • Garrett Barnes

    My biggest concern though is Defensive Backs mainly Safeties.

  • dbroncos

    He might still have something but there is a reason that Green Bay cut him and there didnt seem to be any anger on either side. I think he knew it was coming and really couldnt be that angry.

  • Dan Myers

    Kerry, as usual you have it wrong. Mike does NOT interfer with D-Coordinators. Why do you think so many have went through in the last 7 years. Remember last year he did stick his nose in to stop the Bates debackle.
    Yes Mike Shanahan runs a tight ship, why do you think he is one of the best head coaches.
    My last point, GFE fans and doom and gloom fans are only bandwagon fans and more trolls then fans.
    Thanks for reading.

  • kerry

    yeah there is alot of Shanahan bashing in the Denver papers, and alot of sports papers across america. hmm. why is that? hmm……its gotta be a clue.

  • Truman

    Definitely worth a look. Simeon had injuries. No injuries to KGB that I know of. The pack just happens to be stacked at D-line. Might be a big help

  • Matt

    Agreed. The pack are pretty stacked at D-Line. Plus if he happens to work out for a year or two we dont have to waste another draft pick on a DE and it buys time to see if moss and crowder are for real. I would like us to snag a stud safety and MLB in the up coming draft. We will probably miss Laurinaitis and Maualuga in the first round so i say we target William Moore Rd 1 and Darry Beckwith Rd 2.