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Published on 10/29/2008 at Wed Oct 29 22:20.
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Michael Pittman

Good News: Running back Ryan Torain went through a full practice, marking a likely NFL debut for this Sunday. Michael Pittman, who sat out last week’s only practice with bruised ribs, also went through a full workout. WR Eddie Royal wasn’t listed at all, indicating his previous ankle concerns are a non-issue at this point.

Bad News: TE Tony Scheffler was limited in practice again, along with RB Selvin Young. Andre Hall was also limited with an ankle injury. How ironic is this – heading into Week 8, the Broncos’ healthiest running back just might be Ryan Torain.

‘I Don’t Know Where to File This’ News – WR Brandon Stokley was limited in practice, dealing with the concussion he suffered against Jacksonville in Week 6. I’m glad he’s seeing the field, but part of me was hopeful he’d be full steam after the bye.

Meanwhile, Miami has only one player listed on their injury report – their fullback. Oh, and he went through a full practice. We’ll be getting Miami’s best in Denver this weekend. I say bring it on.

  • Jordan

    Not sure where you got your news, but Stoke’s was full participation according to Shanny and if he doesn’t have a setback he is good to go.

  • Kyle

    Stokley practiced fully Monday, so word then was good. The team was off Tuesday. Then he was limited Wednesday. This info comes from the Denver Broncos PR dept’s weekly release.

  • T-Money

    It’s probably just precautionary. You don’t want to take any risks with head and neck any injuries. It seems like in the past they would take you out of practice if you have a migraine after a concussion.

  • flbronc

    i’m more worried about sheff than stokely. having royal in there makes up a little for not having our slot guy. but i cant take much more of daniel ‘hot potato’ graham.

  • precisiontint

    Graham isn’t hurt. He blocks like a lineman. He has scored in the last two games. And creates mismatches. Mix him in the playbook a little more. Maybe not. That would be too much like a checkdown for Jay-C. Has a little problem with that. Oh yes, bring all Joey & the boys have to offer. Please forgive me, I am frustrated. All Ready!

  • Triston27

    Any word on the kind of workload Torain might receive? I’m guessing it’ll probably be well under 10 carries.

  • MIAbronco

    i hope that with the possibility of having all of our weapons back, jay could could go an entire game without a pick

  • toney salva

    i would like to see a lot more rusing the passer its non exsisted

  • robtink242

    man i miss sheff. i pray we pound the ball against the phins to help our oline with that constant pressure from joey and the boys. Torain should get a carry in the first half and let go from there.

  • kerry

    i think the Andre Hall injury news shoulod have been filed under the good news portion of the post.

  • robtink242

    kerry i totally agree with you. its funny how life is, I thought hall would of edge out young in the preseason and pittman would of get the boot. But need get ready to be a TEXAN next season.

  • kerry

    yeah Hall is a bum. there is a reason why nobody actually drftaed him. same a Young. Shanahan needs to get over his ego that he can turn ANY RB into a star. he cant. we actually need TALENT at the RB position and need to quit relying on the zone blocking scheme. sure the zone blocking scheme is great. but limited in the red zone and at the goal line. seriously if Clady wasnt available i was drooling for Jonathan Stewart to be selected. if shanahan would have skipped on Maurice Clarett, Marion Barber and Brandon Jacobs were available. its a shame we dont have one of them. Jacobs and Barber with the ZBS would be monsters.