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Published on 10/29/2008 at Wed Oct 29 07:58.
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Marlon McCree
Marlon McCree

KOA sideline reporter Andy Lindahl is reporting on Jet 107.9 (10/27) that Marlon McCree is running with the first team defense once again and expects him to start in the Miami game.  After live blogging the Patriots game I don’t think any of our readers will be sad to see Calvin Lowry riding the bench.  Lindhahl also thinks that McCree or Manual would be a pretty good safety if not paired with the other guy, making the case that they’re both guys in their 30s with a similar playing style that could use fresh blood next to them.

Other topics on the table for discussion is the pickup of Chad Jackson, the former 1st round pick out of Florida by the Patriots.  Andy says he doesn’t understand the pickup and thinks it’s a mistake which I pretty much completely disagree on.  Trying to keep discussion on the positives rather than what our defense is going to look like without the Bailey company on the field they bring up the schedule.  That it’s very realistic that Denver could go 5-0 over this next stretch if they decide to show up.  Lindhahl also points out that the entire season could be put back on track if Ryan Torain starts to play this weekend and eventually becomes the player and starter that the Denver coaching staff and media thinks he can be.  “Look at the Patriots, as banged up as they are, they can still win games when they can run the ball.”

  • Kyle

    Good. I wasn’t a fan of the move to begin with.

    Thanks Josh!

  • TJ

    Wow. McRee back with first team! Repalcing a giant douche with a turd sandwich comes to mind.

  • precisiontint

    Just keep on mixing it up. Wow. Hope he learned a few things watching. Gotta tackle better. All ready!

  • Scott

    Mile High Report had an interview with Lee Rasizer from the Rocky Mountain News and in one part he mentioned this about Denvers Defense.

    MHR — Is the defense salvageable this season? Can they at least become serviceable?

    LR — Let me think about this for a second. … No. … OK, maybe serviceable. There just isn’t enough top-tier personnel among this group to be anything else but average, especially with Champ Bailey out of the lineup. D.J. Williams is good. Elvis Dumveril is a fine pass rusher. But beyond that, name one impact player. The team has tried to scheme through those deficiencies and failed. Now, Denver’s backing off a bit and just trying to be fundamentally sound in the short-term in order to try and gain some equilibrium. One person I know affiliated with the Broncos told me recently he thought if Denver could just be in the middle of the defensive pack, they had a chance to do some damage. But right now, that’s just wishful thinking, and the team is well aware of the work needed to be done personnel-wise. The four highest rushing totals have come in the last four games. The completion rates have been 81, 75, 72, 74 and 75 the last five contests. The only positive I see if the caliber of some of their upcoming opponents isn’t the strongest group in the NFL. And if they can at least tackle and cut down on missed assignments, they’ve got a chance to keep them in games if the offense produces at early-season levels.

    I found it interesting that Lee mentioned “But right now, that�s just wishful thinking, and the team is well aware of the work needed to be done personnel-wise.”

    We are in for some big off-season moves.

  • kerry

    yeah we could go 5-0 if they decide to show up. we could also go 0-5 if they decide to show up. and to say the Pats are banged up but still winning is a ridiculous comparison. the Pats have talent and depth on BOTH sides of the ball while we only have talent on the offensive side of the ball. and the Pats DONT have Mike Shanahan trying to be king and running every facet of the front office while trying to be D and O Coordinators and the head coach. and now McCree is back in. might as well have a piece of toast in the defensive backfield. we already have one piece of toast with Paymah. and the front seven are like swiss cheese with so many holes. is shanahan building a sandwich here??

  • OC Bronco

    McCree is a far better than Lowry. Lowry actually makes McCree look ok which is hard to do but I am truly looking forward to having him back out there.
    As for Chad Jackson I just don’t understand why anyone thinks he has a chance to help us. If he was a player he would be playing for the Pats. It’s not like they are deep at WR.
    Lastly, I am looking forward to Torain but again, how will he make some huge difference? Our YPC is awesome. Our only offensive issue is turnovers and if he doesn’t fumble great, but I don’t think we should anoint him the next TD just yet. Cutler just needs to make better choices and offensively we should be fine despite our injuries.

  • dee

    I want to see Torain run… I cant wait until Sunday …. is 100 yards on sunday only a fantasy… could it actually happen?

  • BroncoFan18

    I don’t think having McCree back will make that big of a difference, but certinaly having Torain back will give our offense the much needed spark to win some games. Our schedule is definitely not hard the next couple of weeks, so the Broncs need to take advantage. We need to kick the Chargers while they are down and put some distance between us and them for a little insurance heading into the stretch run.

    If we don’t TURN THE BALL OVER, we will win these games no question. It does make the defense’s job a little bit harder when we hand the other team the ball.