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Published on 10/24/2008 at Fri Oct 24 09:46.
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Boss and Champ Bailey (Denver Post)
Boss and Champ Bailey (Denver Post photo)

Your wittiest, most cleverest captions in the comments.

Yesterday’s winner – BrianBroncosFan:

Broncos fans (Denver Post)
“Last QB had a finger problem too”

Remember to leave your caption for the top photo. Happy captioning!

  • T-Money

    You think mom is cooking tonight Champ?

    God, I hope so.

  • Boisebroncoguy

    Can you believe that there are 2 Broncos fans up in the stands puking?

  • CommishCH

    Whatever you do Boss, don’t use the same doctor that Tom Brady used the first time

  • danstall

    Where’d you get that jacket all I have is this lousy sweatshirt, think I should cut off the sleeves?

  • bcfunk

    Boss: “Champ, I think I sprained my ankle just standing here. Go get the trainer.”

  • RHansen

    Well Boss, we got 7 games in together. Lasted longer than I thought. But I am sure the Raiders will sign you next year.

  • Brenton Metzler

    You know, Boss, Eventually teams stop paying you for sitting on the sidelines.

  • thomas

    that’s enough cheapshots on boss. it’s easy to make fun of him when we’re the ones sitting on our couches watching TV instead of actually playing this rough sport.

  • Roshon

    41 to 7! The defense can’t get much worse… oh wait I just sprained my ankle!

  • M-High Marauder

    Yo man, did you see that little AFLAC duck running around anywhere?

  • broncobobmeridian

    Boss: Hey Champ, I think I hurt my finger too when Jay slammed his hand into that guys helmet. Do you think mom could write me a note so I can go on IR?

  • Kyle

    Check out my 1337 coverage, yo.

  • Garrett Barnes

    Champ: I should have known that when you came I would get injured.

  • Awesome, Austin

    I can’t think of anything funny because the team sucked it up and they got hurt.

  • Kyle





  • Kawike

    Champ: “This is your fault… And wipe that stupid look off your face!

  • mikebirty

    “boss, is it true you’re made of ply wood?”
    “no, i bleed like any other person, this morning i got a paper cut and lost 6 pints of blood”

  • M-High Marauder

    We represent the lollipop guild, the lollipop guild, the lollipop guild….

  • jchase8410

    Champ- “wow, Boss, so this is how you feel every 3 plays, huh?”

    Boss- “yep”

  • T-Money

    Champ you look like you would pop if i poked you with one of my fingers.

  • Quicksilver

    Dude, at least we know we wont lose next week.

  • Green 1

    Champ- “I am still two games up on Madden” Boss- “Whatever, I get to be the Broncos this week”

  • Steve


  • E. Halsey Miles

    “I wonder if being on IR will suck as much as this score.”

  • Gary

    Champ thinking… Little bro, you’re gonna owe me for the rest of your life for putting my neck on the line for you with this team.

    Boss thinking… I just know what Champ is thinking.


    CHAMP: Momma said there would days like this.
    BOSS: Pastor said this too will pass.
    CHAMP: They too will pass and pass for over 400.


    BOSS: You said “They never pass in my direction why would they run in your direction. ” What happened?

  • Gary

    Boss, with a moment of clarity, in realizing that the particular moment in time (ten seconds before this photo was snapped) was probably not the right moment to remind Champ how happy he is to be teammates with his big bro.

  • stretch

    moma said there be days like this

  • BrianBroncosFan

    “You the Man Boss”….

    “You the Best Champ”…