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Published on 10/22/2008 at Wed Oct 22 18:29.
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Chad Jackson (Getty Images)
Chad Jackson in 2007. (Getty Images)

The Denver Broncos lost linebacker Boss Bailey (knee), backup quarterback Patrick Ramsey (elbow), and offensive tackle Eric Pears (appendectomy) for the season this week. On Monday, expect many of these vacant roster spots to be filled.

Multiple reports indicate that WR Chad Jackson, a 2006 2nd round draft choice of the New England Patriots, has agreed in principle with the Broncos to a deal to be signed Monday. Jackson had a great career at the University of Florida and a blazing 4.2 40-time at the combine, but struggled to see the field with the Patriots.

It has also been reported that practice squad QB Darrell Hackney will be signed to the active roster on Monday.

Additionally, the Broncos released DT Steven Harris from their practice squad.

I was watching Jackson closely before the 2006 draft and was hoping he would fall to us. We ended up with Javon Walker instead, and we all know how that turned out. While WR is low on the priority list in my book, this move has some upside. Darrell Jackson, you’ve been put on notice. Let’s get healthy, sign a defensive player (or two), and get this season back on track.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    Given that there is a probability that Stokley’s career is over, I believe CJ is being looked at as a possibility to replace him. I don’t know why he didn’t see the field at New England, though, maybe the inexperience just couldn’t compete against the likes of Wes Welker. But NE has struggled to find a good 3rd WR option and speed guys like CJ are often a good choice there.

    That said, a speed guy is a great choice for Cutler because he can really stretch the field and force a defense to play back because Cutler can air the ball out to him if he can get there and catch it.

  • dee

    Hey Kyle….you know who it is …lol

    I’m here with some things I believe the broncos must do to overcome the recent losses with players. First off Bailey gone for a month may not be as bad as thought as we are playing Miami at Home, Cleveland, Atlanta, and Raiders at home. If our offence can play perfect games…. I’m talking about getting up 14-0 or 21-0 on these lower teams the pressure on the defence is minimized. Also I believe Woodyard is a good option at LB as hes proved himself in ST. I say keep Lou Green as a backup. Jack Williams gets put in the fire at CB but I think he’ll be fine. Basically if our offence can carry us for the next month, we can ride this out….. because honestly what else can we believe in? the offence with all their fumbles is all we have right now.

  • J

    Wikipedia shows Jackson is already a Bronco signed Oct 21st :).
    Jackson seems like a decent WR that could not show what he is caplable of in NE. I hope he works out for us and stays for a long time as our slot WR.

  • broncofan

    i hope that rookie woodyard replace boss..he is a ball hawk…jamie winborn is terrible…im still heated over that dumb personal foul penalty he got on that 3rd down play…and then he celebrates after a sack in the 2nd half…and we were down by 20 something…..i would put that barret kid in to replace manuel….lowry isnt that bad…hes more of a coverage guy than a run stopper…..running backs shouldnt get to that level, where safeties have to make the tackle all the time, if the d-line gets more penetration and collasp the pocket, the linebackers will rack up on stuffin the run, the d-line is gettin pushed around

    we need a RUNNING BACK …im a pittman fan for the short yardage,but having 20 something carries thats not him…he cannot break the big run..he has power but no speed…the line has been blockin good for the run game lately but some of those 4, 5 yard pittman runs should have been 10, 15 yards..

    special teams
    one question… why is andre hall returning kickoffs?

    i am a HUGE bronco fan…its was just terrible watching that game monday night…as if they were playin with no heart

    they need a nasty attitude on the field …they have no swagger

  • MIAbronco

    i have a friend who is a talent evaluator and he said back in 07 that if chad had waited till his senior year to come out he would’ve been a high first round pick, but instead he came out early in 06 and that crop of receivers was considered less then favorable so he was cast into that group, then a year later moss was thrust into the equation and he never really saw the field

  • ryan

    Jackson could be good if he spends lots of time around Stokley and learns how to run routes. He could also be a good returner for Denver since Andre Hall has been subpar and fumble prone.

    Just one question; is Pears certainly out for the year? I thought it would just be a few weeks. And who will replace him?

  • BroncoFan18

    Ever wonder why the NFL even bothers with playing four meaningless pre-season games? This is it. Because taking those games to evaluate young talent is vital, especially when the injury bug hits. You want to have a lot of depth.

    Jackson seems like he could work out well. I agree with ryan that if he spends a lot of time around Stokely learning the game, he could be something special.

    I’m a little worried about our QB spot right now. If Cutler gets severely injured, I don’t feel confident with Hackney to step up and at least manage the game. Ramsey is a bigger loss than it may seem at first.

    As for RB, we are fine. Torain is coming back from his injury and Young should be back soon as well. Pittman is a little banged up but he’ll be fine. Even if he is out, I think Torain and Young can carry the load for awhile. Just please don’t give it to Hall, that’s all I ask.

  • Scott

    MIAbronco, Did he give any more details about Jackson? There must be something scaring teams off. I think he had workouts with 3 or 4 other teams and no one signed him but us. New England is not a foolish organization. They must not have seen enough pro smarts or something to release a second round pick so early.

  • Bobby

    Let me preface this by saying I am a HUGE Eddie Royal fan, but his body leads one to believe that he might be more suitable for the slot. Maybe not this year but perhaps next year we could see Chad Jackson at #2. I think this move will allow us to put Eddie back on returns, where he is electric. Furthermore, it will help his durability in the long run and not necessarily mean a huge drop off in production. Wes Welker had 112 catches last year as a #3 receiver.

    Honestly, though, I don’t know how good of a receiver Chad Jackson is. But if he can run good routes, and catch, it would be deadly to have him on the field with B Marsh, Eddie and Scheff. His speed allows him to stretch the field, Bmarsh always requires extra attention wherever he is on the field, Scheff dominates seam routes in the middle of the field, and Eddie would be impossible to cover in the slot.

    This may make a lot of people upset, all I’m saying is think about it.

  • Bobby

    And one more thing…give Barrett a chance on the field, he can’t be any worse at safety then the players we have back there now.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    Woodyard isn’t replacing Boss. Boss is a Strongside LB and Woodyard is a Weakside LB. Woodyard is a good LB but his position is taken by DJ, and he’s a little light to play the strong side.

  • mikebirty

    well this sums up the past off season. Rather than fixing the defense, we’ll just go out and grab a receiver.

    Is there any position that the Broncos don’t have questions marks over going into the bye? (I imagine once they re-sign Gandy, O-line will be the only one)

  • Kyle

    I disagree regarding Barrett. He’s practice squad guys. No matter how much we like where a guy is drafted… he’s practice squad.

    And I’ve always disliked the “he can’t do any worse” argument. Lowry just proved my point this weekend. Get McCree back in there asap… it might already be too late to mend that mess…

  • orangecrush74

    Barrett is big and fast. His athletisim can make up for rookie mistakes. What about R Colvin? He’s played in the 3-4. I feel the D-line is coming together. J. Moss really played well Monday. If only we had a good MLB.

  • flbronc

    i think that either stokely or jackson is done for the year. otherwise i dont see how this move makes any sense. we lost a qb, lb, cb to injury and a dt got cut…. we need to replace those spots, not add more recievers to the mix.

    mike- totally agree with your comments about fixing the defensive issues by signing a wr…. makes no sense.

  • robtink242

    Kyle i understand your point about not getting any worse. but i was never a fan of lowry i wanted barret in from day one.

    i think we should persue this 3-4 D because of the pressure it brings. I cant hold Slowik accountable for that effort Monday night. He put his guys in position they just cant wrapp it up and make tackles.

    I think we should pick up Cris Simms and resign Alvin Mickenly who cant play DE in the 3-4 Shceme.

    We should of traded Bly and get Ty Law to play onside of Champ. this would help Jack Williams growth.

  • MIAbronco

    as far as the knock on chad, it was just that he didnt have a huge year before he left, and although he did run a 4.2 40, i dont think that he had the greatest combine. in all honesty he just left too early and needed another year of development, but he did get to study uner randy moss, donte stallworth and wes welker last year, so that is something positive for him.

    josh barrett is not the answer right now, he needs more time and throwing him in there now may ruin him for the future. i dont know if any of you watched preseason games closely, but barrett was on the majority of special teams, and on almost every play he was right there to make the tackle and he just shyed away from contact, i mean come on, hes 6′ 2″ 230 lbs and he looked afraid to take a shot or deal one. barrett is not the answer now, dont forget that he lost his job his last year in college for the same reason

  • Person

    Hopefully this move is to take Hall out of the kick returns. Jackson could fill in nicely as a slot reciever as well.

  • MIAbronco

    so i just found out another knock on chad- he blew his knee out during the pats lose to the colts back in 07 and he really didnt play at all last year, so nice another injured star

  • kerry

    wow. just wow. id like to know exactly how this signing fixes our defense?? because last time i checked, the Pats just torched us for oevr 40 points, yet we go sign a wide receiver. Champ is out 4-6 weeks, but we sign a wide receiver. Boss is done for the year, but we sign a wide receiver. not a single one of our safeties can tackle or defend the pass, but we sign a wide receiver. all of the problems with this team and we sign a wide receiver. fire Shanahan please!!! get somebody in there that can build a team on BOTH sides of the ball. our defense is terrible and a wide receiver is brought in. yes im repeating myself, kind of like the repeated failures year in and year out since we won the super bowl.

  • Kyle

    I have to say kerry – your comment had me rolling on the floor. Hilarious when you think about it.

    The United States economy is falling apart… and we sign a wide receiver.

  • Person

    The offense has been sucking too, everyone needs to remember that.

  • Mark

    Well, well, well, I have to agree with the comments about the worthless combination of 11 guys we call our defense. But what aggravates me even more are the basement-bargain defensive signings that preceeded this season & seem to continue as we type. Yup, I’d sure like to see Dre Bly go bye for a solid safety or MLB or even see Barrett take his shot. Yet, who am I fooling? It’d be one thing if our coaches (some more basement bargains it would appear) could coach players into their potential (a la the Patriots), then we could sign/use the guys we have with results–maybe even amazing ones (like the Pats). But it would appear that ever since we posted that anomolistic stingy D of a few years ago it has been an excercise in frugality, fantastical high hopes, and futility. Don’t get me wrong, there are some diamonds-in-the-rough on our D, but most are cubic zirconium. In the end, we sign a WR. The only logic I can see in that is that Shanahan knows we don’t have any defensive answers so he plans to pull an ’07 Patriots & just overpower opposing D’s with the passing game. And perhaps in the meantime the D can show up once or twice a game & give us the one stop we’d need to win by a point, FG, or TD.

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