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Published on 10/21/2008 at Tue Oct 21 22:59.
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Champ and Boss Bailey (AP Photo)

Champ and Boss Bailey were both significantly injured in Monday’s loss to the Patriots. Boss will be out for the season as he needs microfracture surgery on his knee. Champ will be out 4-6 weeks with a groin pull, according to an ESPN story.

Losing Boss seems to happen every game these days. Losing Champ, though, that’s going to hurt. He was always a bright spot — when opposing quarterbacks actually threw the ball his way — and we only have Paymah and rookie Jack Williams to replace him. I think this will be a long November.

  • Kyle

    Terrible news. Champ’s loss particularly hurts…

    Our corner backs are now Dre Bly, Karl Paymah, and Jack Williams. And that’s it. Freaking horrible.

  • J

    Is Ty Law still available?

  • mikebirty


  • Kyle

    Jack Williams to start at left cornerback for Champ. Bly will stay at his right spot.

    Broncos are taking a close look at WR Chad Jackson. Right, because three cornerbacks is plenty…

  • CB123

    Ramsey is out for the season as well.

  • T-Money

    Look for this team to come out a tear it up. Even though our entire defense just got put on IR… I still think there are good things to come.

    Once we get the OFFENSE healthy (and hopfuly that includes Stokley) We’ll have fire power….

    You doubt me if you want…. I’m staying optimistic… The season is only half over.

    (just a side thougt… Champ seems to alway play better after he gets hurt… Shoulder injury… 10 picks…. we shall see)


  • flbronc

    sweet fancy moses. why is it so hard to keep our guys healthy? Our offense needs to get their act together and play like it did early in the year, otherwise this season is going to go south fast.

  • Barto51

    It’s never good when you lose your best defensive player and a captain. Champs injury will hurt an already limping D. I am sorry to see Boss get hurt again, but is anybody really that surprised. That was the biggest knock against him when he was playing for the Lions, always injured. With Boss going down I hope Denver decides to use some of the young talent like Wesley Woodyard. I could see this guy filling in the rest of the season and then taking the job next year. Another guy I think they should give a try is another young LB, Spencer Larsen. I like Nate Webster he has as they say a motor that never quiets. The only problem is he over pursues and he misses more tackles then he makes. I know Larsen is not as fast, but if he can make the tackles at the line of scrimmage between the tackles that helps are run D tremendously. We have the speed on the outside with D.J. and possible now Woodyard to stop the run on the outside.

  • ssc

    unfortunately barto51, they will probably start diarrhea-mouth winborn instead of woodyard at SLB. i agree with you that naysayers overdo it with the webster criticism — he may overpursue the occasional tackle, but he plays with passion and hits at full speed. at least boss going down puts an end to the 3-4 experiment (you would think). the other downside to all the injuries is that now slowik has an excuse for being wretched.

  • precisiontint

    Injuries are going to happen. Some of those early trades/releases are starting to haunt the Broncos. If the losses are going to come, let the young guys learn from them.

    Rats. This stinks. I hope the Broncos pick up some secondary help. Now. Even with all of this chaos happening, the team is almost right where I thought they would be.

    At least I am not a Raiders fan. All Ready!

  • Riverscanbl&wme

    I agree with you Barto51. They should have Woodyard and D.J. playing outside and put Spencer in the middle. Reinstate Engleberger on the line and focus on stoping the run. Bring Barrett in and use him coming up to the line like an Atwater or Lynch linebacking safety. These adjustments should help stop the run. Our best chance is to put teams in third and long and hope for the best.

  • andy b.

    The calls for Shanny’s head always seem premature, but let me put it this way: I don’t want him fired now (mid-season coaching changes are never a good idea), but I do want this to be his last year in Denver. I honestly think he’d probably go on to another team and do very well there– but he’s clearly been in town too long. His personnel decisions have left the team in a bit of a bind, but more important to me are two things: one, his inability to find someone who can run the defense effectively AND work underneath his giant ego; two, his incapacity to get this team psychologically ready for the sorts of challenges every team faces mid-season. We start strong (well, not even that last year) and then we start to fall apart. I agree, we’re all in for a long November…

  • Awesome, Austin

    Name a team in the NFL that has not “fallen apart” at some point this season? Besides one (the titans) their is no team that has put it together and if you fire Shanny then who would you replace him with Kiffen? Shanny is the best thing to ever happen to this team and as long as he wants to coach I think Bowlen is smart enough to keep him around.

  • Dakota Fan

    This idea of replacing Shanahan because he’s “too powerful” or that other coaches can’t see eye to eye with him because he demands that it’s done his way is a CROCK.

    He’s the HEAD COACH and the VP of football operations. The big boy who signs the checks has put him in complete charge of this team, and only Pat Bowlen and God are the people Shanahan must answer to. How many Super Bowls has Jeff Fisher won? He’s been in Tenessee longer than Shanahan’s been in Denver. How about Bill Cowher? One super bowl win, wasn’t it?

    We’re still holding one of the top football minds in the NFL as our head coach. If you want the head coach changed, be a Raider fan. Otherwise, shut your pie hole.

  • robtink242

    Riverscanbl&wme amen. agree with most of it. i like the 3-4 experiment and think dj wlb nate ilb spencerilb and woodyard and moss slb rotating. barret needs to be on the field along with jwill. and see if lynch will sign with us again.

  • robtink242

    Hey its wrong to want Shanny fired when his players cant exicute breathing properly. they fumble the ball, through lots of interceptions and they enjoy dumb a** penalties