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Published on 10/07/2008 at Tue Oct 07 06:40.
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Running back Travis Henry
Former Broncos RB Travis Henry.

Your wittiest, most cleverest captions in the comments.

Yesterday’s winner – Broncobobmeridian:

LT on the bench (Getty Images)
Man do I suck… I’m glad I didn’t start myself on my fantasy team.

Remember to leave your caption for the top photo. Happy captioning!

  • flbronc

    Henry cools off after his audition for the 2008 Federal Prision musical ‘The Longest Yard’

  • Boisebroncoguy

    oops……….I forgot I couldn’t drink it through my nose……… bad.

  • Person

    Hey… this isn’t cocaine!

  • Kyle

    Shortly thereafter the water boy reveals he is indeed a protected federal informant.

  • Boisebroncoguy

    We certainly have a theme going here, don’t we.

  • daveb

    I’m sooo thirsty! Now, where’s my bag of Dorito’s??

  • jibbons

    Gross… This is bong water!!!

  • Kurt

    I better get this “baby powder” off my face before the coach starts askin’ questions.

  • Cutty

    This one crosses the line. I thought this was about football not peoples personal issues. This guy has a serious problem that will affect his life and others. I am very disapointed.

  • brian

    are you sure this is bong water

  • Boisebroncoguy

    Cutty – I hear what you are saying and I agree to a certain extent. I also do not wish anything bad to happen to anyone. But, I know I am tired of millionaire athletes who continuously make bad decisions. Travis has been given many chances and the financial means to turn things around. I do not feel bad in this case.

  • Kyle

    Travis Henry is a freaking moron and will not be spared from create-a-captions. Sorry. I have no idea how this crosses any line. His actions are infinitely more insensitive than mocking them afterwards. He doesn’t have a problem/addiction, he’s made these choices and will be the subject of internet jokes for years into the future. Especially from Broncos fans who wasted cheers on him in 2007.

  • Denver Diehard

    Man, I hate when I get Cotton Mouth

  • Roy

    Little did Henry know, he was practicing for a different kind of splash in the face from a hose. The boys in jail can’t wait for his arrival.

  • andy b.

    C’mon, man, have to say I’m with Cutty here. I’m way too jaded to be deeply offended by this or anything. On the other hand, the picture bugged me less than your defense of the picture.
    “He doesn’t have a problem/addiction, he’s made these choices…”
    Every indication Henry has every given since his release from the Broncos is that yes, he does have a very serious illness– cocaine addiction. He’s clearly in the downward spiral of a horrific drug addict, which is always something to be at least a little empathetic with.
    I should say that neither of us can really be certain about his situation and perhaps I’m as guilty as you are of making assumptions, but I can say I do work around drugs and addicts all the time and what little is known of his situation says addict all over.
    As a fan, Henry sure dissappointed me. But as a human I just feel bad for the poor sick bastard. Hope he gets his butt some help, pronto.

  • Joe

    I TOTALLY agree with you. This guy had a $22 MILLION dollar deal with the Broncos, and threw it all away. All these people who are commenting on how bad they feel for Henry is a load of shit. He has been in the league for a while now, so WHY would you even consider getting into drugs if you are making that kind of money?? He makes more in a year than some people do in three. Its pathetic. What a waste of talent. I have no pitty for people who throw away their lives on something so stupid. Andy, do you feel bad for him to that he threatened to kill his own family if his drugs or $40k dollars worth of drugs didnt get back to him? HE’S A JOKE. And he can have the roughest time of his life, IN JAIL. Thats where he deserves to be. Think about it, Shannahan stands by his side, TO THE MEDIA, and says that he backs up Henry. Henry than avoids the suspenion, but then PULLS THE SAME CRAP AGAIN, and gets the one year suspension. Have fun in jail, Henry, and thanks for nothing but disappointement!!

  • Person

    Either everythings on the table, or nothing at all. Travis Henry you deserve this.

  • DaveMoore

    Andy, I have no empathy with horrific drug addicts, as I have no idea how they feel, never having been one myself. I do feel sympathy for those who have never had chances in life and have drifted into drugs with seemingly nowhere else to turn. It is VERY difficult for me to feel any sympathy for a guy who has been given millions of dollars to simply play a game and enjoy a lifestyle millions of people would love to have.

    In my opinion, the least of Travis Henry’s worries right now will be whether he is being mocked on a website, and as Kyle said, his crimes are a zillion times worse than these ‘crimes’.

    Now lets stop the social commentary and get back to Broncos football!

  • Kurt

    I think you guys are being a little too sensitive. I can’t say if he has a problem with addiction but it was his choice to try the illegal drug in the first place. His (potential) addiction was a result of his decisions. I would feel more pitty for him if I thought he felt remorse. Cutty, I think this is related to football. Travis’s choices have lead to him not playing football. He choose drugs over football (a great way to help support the umpteen kids he has, by the way). He blew a chance that most of us dream about and I’m sure as h*** going to take a few shots at him.

  • T-Money

    Damn i have the sniffles

  • andy b.

    Okay, my last social commentary bit– I agree with DaveMoore that it’s best for this to be about Bronco football, which we all agree on, of course. My last note would be to repeat what I heard once on the radio show Loveline, which I have then heard echoed by many non-celebrity doctors– as a culture we have to shift our thinking about addiction away from shaming those who supposedly make “bad choices” and into thinking of addiction like we think of cancer or other life-threatening illnesses. Addiction is fundamentally a biological disorder, mixed up in a bunch of socially-driven complications. But that’s why I feel sympathy (another point well taken, DaveMoore) for a guy like Henry; to my mind it’s more analogous to Lance Armstrong getting cancer than it is to O.J., etc.
    Okay, enough from me. Just football from here on out.

  • Broncobobmeridian

    Damn…. I cant get the taste of my cell mate out of my mouth….

  • Gary

    Just hand the trophy to Broncobobmeridian right now!

  • Gary

    Amen Boisebroncoguy, Cutty is off of his (obviously) liberal rocker on this one! We all pay their salaries indirectly or not, we have more than a right to be critical of such screw-ups!

  • Glenn S.

    Removed per BroncoTalk Comments Policy

  • daveb

    Andy: CHOSING to take drugs is like getting cancer? WHAT!?!?!?

  • andy b.

    daveb: Choosing to take drugs once, or very sporadically, is something that millions of people (regretably) do every day. Becoming an addict (being driven to take drugs in the face of continuing adverse consequences)– that’s another story. That’s biology, and people who don’t have the biological makeup for it don’t do it. People who do– well, they become the Travis Henrys of the world. In that sense it is a biological disease as much as anything else.

    Sorry for another social commentary post. To make this related to the purpose of the post, here is an admittedly lame caption entry:
    Travis Henry proves that his real talent lies in “water sports.”

  • jibbons

    Drug addicts are pitiful, drug dealers are scum-bags, and marijuana is not a drug, have you ever s***** d*** for marijuana.

    As far as I can see Henry smoked too much pot to get away with in the NFL, so then tried to replace his big NFL $ with big cocain $, something he was far from being a professional at. If you can’t see the humor in that situation, then maybe the create-a-caption is not for you.

    Is this too long for the captions?

  • jibbons

    ‘I haven’t s***** d*** for marijuana, but I’m about to for cocain, and then I’m going to wish I had this hose to get the taste out of my mouth.’

    That is more of a captiony way of making my point.

  • constantkeg

    Travis Henry studying for his whiz quiz.

  • Linmoo

    Damn, chasing 9 illegitimate children is hard work!

    (See…there’s plenty of Travis Henry issues to make fun of. Happy now? )

  • GreasyQtip

    Damn Cutler this thing is huge!

  • Jonathan

    AHHHHH The Coke is burning my nose.

  • GreasyQtip

    I deffinately think Cutty won this caption contest

  • Garrett Barnes

    Mike?! Mike?! You said if I rushed for 100 yards there would be cocaine in the red water cooler! Where is it?!!!!!

  • dersh72

    Wow for so many reasons this whole bit just turned out way wrong. The bickering and pretty awful comments…like a “colored fountain”… and gay prison innuendo. I would expect this from Raider fans. I have to admit I’ve laughed quit a bit and would probably appreciate all this if it were a conversation…but the fact that its posted and archived online, and there is a written record of us Bronco fans thinking less than PC thoughts makes me a little embarassed…but not that embarassed.

  • T-Money

    Dude, it’s a picture. The whole point is to make fun of the people in the picture to make other people laugh. Way to be a buz kill

  • Person

    Stupid buzz kills…

  • Kyle

    Caption: Travis Henry tries to drown out the buzz kills.

  • mikebirty

    maybe splashing this water in my face will wake me up and this whole nightmare caption competition will be over.