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Published on 10/01/2008 at Wed Oct 01 13:50.
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Henry We interrupt your LOLRaiders marathon to bring you news of someone possibly even more inept. Former Denver Broncos running back Travis Henry has been arrested on federal cocaine charges, the Denver Post reports.

Henry reportedly told neighbors he and his family were all “dead” if he didn’t come up with $40,000 in drugs stolen from his house. Yikes.

There’s really not much else to say.  Scary, sad, stupid, it all fits. Good luck to you, T-Hen, and good riddance.

Thanks to multiple readers via email for the tip.

  • terry
  • Roy

    It is really tragic when someone is given an opprotunity to make such a good life for himself and this is how he ends up. I think that all college players looking to go pro shouuld take a class in the history of the NFL. It would highlight some of its players collapses, such as this, and success stories, like what Darrent Williams did with his life. Maybe then these guys would understand what a monumental gift they are being given.

  • A Plus

    I feel so bad for his kids. He can screw up his own life if he wants, but his “nobody can judge me” attitude in regards to his having fathered nine children with nine different women doesn’t work anymore. His children deserve a better male role model than a man who impregnated nine women and proceeded to throw away his life in exchange for some short lived highs. He is going away for a long time, I hope his children find better examples to look up to than their father, who had everything and let it all go to waste.