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Published on 10/01/2008 at Wed Oct 01 11:37.
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Tom Cable and Al Davis (Getty Images)
Tom Cable and Al Davis. A new era begins. (Getty Images)

Your wittiest, most cleverest captions in the comments.

Yesterday’s winner – Big Vaughn:

Lane Kiffin (AP Photo)
“Hey camera man! Make sure you get a good shot of my ass as i run out of this hell hole! I want Al to see what he can kiss!”

Remember to leave your caption for the top photo. Happy captioning!

  • hercules rockefeller

    Only Al Davis would think John Goodman was a viable head coaching candidate

  • Neuty

    Not included in his letter to interim coach Tom Cable was the fact that the press conference was also to be a “black out.”

  • Boisebroncoguy

    “And now in the great tradition of the raiduhz, I would like to introduce the nest poor slob I will have to fire this year, please welcome NORM FROM CHEERS.”

  • andy b.

    As a bonus, I have assured Mr. Cable that he will lose at least 25 pounds just by letting me consume his soul. Of course, there is no way to back out of this agreement now that it’s done, no, certainly not… (Insert best evil cackle here.)

  • andy b.

    Alternate entry:
    If only Rod Serling were still around to warn “Coach” Cable.

  • Person

    “This Tom my new puppet, I will fire him soon. Say hi to the people Tom.”

  • flbronc

    i’d like to introduce our newest coach for the day, coach cable… line please?? oh yea Just Win Baby… uh line… kiffins a liar… uh screw it bear with me while i read this three page letter…. its cold in here, i only have on a turtle neck and a vintage 1983 jacket someone turn up the heat… no dont worry cable your not on the hot seat… yet.

  • jibbons

    Whoa, Whoa, Whoa,… The application said McDonald’s Management Position, I don’t want to coach the raiders…. Pleeeease don’t make me coach the raiders.

  • jibbons

    Sorry I had to sit so far away Al, I think someone needs to change you.

  • Chris

    “Uh sir….you forgot your dentures…”

  • C-Tucky

    …”Whats more, coach Cable has promised pledged free premium channels, such as HBO, during his tenure as coach here.
    With that, it should be easy to see why we hired the cable guy to carry on the radar tradition of excellence. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go back to my hyperbolic chamber.” -AD

  • Danish Denver-fan!

    I feel like thirty pirates staring my neck….

  • Mark

    Al: “Yes, Tom will be the interim coach-”
    Tom interrupts: “WHAT!?! Oh hell no! Hey, who tied me to this chair!?! HELP!!!”

  • RyPy

    Commitment to homosexuality!

  • C-Tucky

    “The final straw was when Kiffen disguised my clostomy bag, causing me to mistake it for my coveted set of bagpipes. I managed to squeeze out a tune anyway. It shows my resilience, in the Raider tradition. Anyways, Tom was loyal enough to wipe me down with bleach and stuff. I still reek, but it coulda been worse.”

  • Johnny Leatherhead

    I’d like to introduce two-thirds of the cast of “Weekend at Bernies: Just Wince Baby!”

  • Awesome, Austin

    Hi I am Tom Cable I only took this job because I just figured that Al has only a matter of days left to live and then we can actually get something done around here.

  • Josh Temple

    “No we didn’t dye Art Shell’s skin pigment white and try pass him off as a new coach! psst… I think they’re on to us.”

  • Boisebroncoguy

    If one listens closely, you can actually hear Mike Shanahan giggling.

  • Linmoo

    “I told Al, ‘Nobody knows who I am and I don’t know anything about coaching’. Then Al said, ‘Perfect! You’re hired!'”

  • BradenM

    Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh. i change head coaches as much as i have to change my diaper.

  • BradenM

    I mean..haha..with expectations sooo low how could i say no?

  • Gary

    Look closely and you can see the strings!

  • Garrett Barnes

    Person lol!!!! I cracked up at that!

    Cable: Hey Al, you figure we can get another popular photo shot like this one:

    Al: No this time it’s the coaches turn.

  • Nativefan76

    Al Davis shares his future vision of the Raiders wile wearing his 1986 starter jacket and star trek convention sweater. Meanwhile he introduces Norm from cheers as his new Head Coach.

  • Boisebroncoguy

    Hey, I like that last line about Norm :)

  • BC FUNK 77

    Mr. Davis, can you please remove your hand from my ass, I’m not a sock puppet!