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Published on 09/30/2008 at Tue Sep 30 09:00.
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Video of Denver Broncos rookie fullback/linebacker Spencer Larsen deliver the massive hit that knocked Kansas City Chiefs kick returner Dontrell Savage‘s helmet off. Enjoy!

  • Lon

    Kyle – any truth to the rumor that Shanny is trying to get Leonard Little from the Rams? Dude is trouble but if he can stay out of jail for the rest of the year, he’s a monster! Can you imagine Little on one side and Doom on the other?

  • Jordan

    Another crazy thought: Denver doesn’t need a new DE. Denver needs a nose tackle.

    I commented on yesterday’s post that Denver’s personnel doesn’t add up to a full time 3-4. But, if the Broncos brought is a nose tackle, they might be able to pull it off. I think that neither Marcus Thomas nor Dwayne Robertson could play the NT position well, but they are both talented enough that they could easily switch from the A gap to the B gap, essentially becoming defensive ends. Then for LBs you could have Bailey, Webster (or Larson), Williams, and Dumervil.

    Dumervil and Moss are pure pass rushers and could be just that in this system. They would each be less of a liability against the run, also.

    Engelberger and Ekuban could still rotate in at DE because of their versatility.

    Even Crowder, Winborn, and Woodyard might find more rotation time on the field since the 3-4 package adds flexibility.

    What do you all think?

  • flbronc

    i think we need a time machine and bring back the old orange crush defense… what, our offense only needed about 10 points to win a game? good times.

    in reality, and in response to jordan, i think that we need to find a scheme and stick to it. we had the croyer system then the bates system now the slowik system and now slowik is changing his system in the middle of the year…. i heard a commentator make the comment about auburn changing to the spread offense last weekend. he said you can’t like the spread you have to marry it. i feel the same way about our defense- we’re dating a bunch of systems and never stick around with one long enough.

    we cant play mad scientist with personel and systems every year and expect to be any good.

  • Lon

    I agree that shifting Moss to OLB and playing 3-4 makes some sense. Obviously, he is not strong / big enough to take on stud OTs.

  • merc22

    i think larsen should play the 3-4 set, and maybe get a look @ 1st string, becuz hes a hard hitter

  • kerry

    i think we need to stop with all this 3-4 bullshit and focus on building a strong 4-3. the first time we employed the 3-4 against the Chiefs we got toasted for a long run. our front linemen are way too small to run the 3-4. if Denver was seriousl about a NT, they would have drafted the 340 pound DT Red Bryant this year instead of a 300 pound Carlton Powell. face it everybody. the 3-4 doesnt work when we dont have the personel. and we are FAR from having the correct players for that.

  • Jon Krause

    merc22, lol doing that does not earn him a starting job-Niko, and Jamie should play ahead of him…
    but I do agree he’s a great hitter…