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Published on 09/29/2008 at Mon Sep 29 11:00.
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The story of the game, in pictures… trying something new. As always, click the pic to enlarge. Let me know what you think…

The Broncos came into the game plenty confident they would come away with a win.

Elvis Dumervil (Getty)
Getty Images

The Chiefs came in with one of the worst offenses and defenses in the league.

Damon Huard

So they decided to hand it off to Larry Johnson. Good idea.

Larry Johnson (AP Photo)
AP Photo

Then they handed it off some more.

Larry Johnson (REUTERS)
Reuters Photo

And some more.

Larry Johnson Pileup
Getty Images

Eddie Royal lost a crucial fumble.

Eddie Royal Fumble
AP Photo

Before you know it, the Chiefs are up 6-0.

Herm Edwards and Larry Johnson
Getty Images

Broncos strike back. 7-6. For a moment, normalcy prevails.

Boss Bailey on Larry Johnson (Reuters)

Then the offense starts struggling. Jay Cutler was hurried and even sacked.

Jay Cutler Sack vs. Chiefs (AP)
AP Photo
Jay Cutler Sack vs. Chiefs (Reuters)

Then he threw a pair of interceptions.

Jay Cutler vs. Chiefs (Reuters)

The Beast fumbles one away, too.

Brandon Marshall Fumble (AP)
AP Photo

Maybe that gigantic freaking slice on his arm had something to do with it.

Brandon Marshall

Touchdown to Tony Gonzalez, and the Chiefs are pulling away.

Tony Gonzalez (Reuters)
Reuters Photo
Tony Gonzalez vs. Broncos (Getty)
Getty Images

The Broncos can’t get the ground game going.

Selvin Young vs. Chiefs (Reuters Photo)
Reuters Photo

The Chiefs give us some more Larry Johnson.

Larry Johnson vs. Broncos (Getty)
Getty Images

And some more.

Larry Johnson and Marlon McCree

And some more.

Larry Johnson vs. Broncos

Meanwhile, the Broncos offense is sputtering. They can’t quite get it in the end zone.

Chris Kuper and Selvin Young (Getty Images)
Getty Images

Matt Prater is called for field goal after field goal. He makes 4 of 5, nailing two from over 50 yards.

Matt Prater vs. Chiefs (AP)
AP Photo

Spencer Larsen had the hit of the game.

Spencer Larsen celebration (Getty)
AP Photo

Despite it all, the Broncos are still IN THIS GAME. All they need is the onside kick.

Spencer Larsen onside kick (AP)
AP Photo

D’oh. Mike Shanahan can’t believe it.

Mike Shanahan (Getty Images)
Getty Images

Jay Cutler can’t believe it.

Jay Cutler (AP Photo)
AP Photo

Arrowhead Stadium can’t believe it.

Arrowhead Stadium and Chiefs (Getty)
Getty Images

I don’t even think Herm Edwards can believe it.

Herm Edwards and Mike Shanahan (Reuters)
Reuters Photo

Tough game, very tough loss – let’s get ’em next week Broncos!

  • Boisebroncoguy

    It’s kind of a cool idea. I just wish it was a more joyous week to start it.

  • Kyle

    Me too.

    I’ve been wanting to do a photo gallery but I think this is better. Hopefully next week’s is much more joyous.

  • Aerobroncos

    Very neat idea here kyle. good work as usual.

  • Kyle


    I was so busy at work last week I feel like I let all you guys (and the team) down. I’m making it up for this week and from now on, I tell ya…

    Yeah, I like this and think it’ll be something I do regularly.

  • sutoazul

    “Maybe that gigantic freaking slice on his arm had something to do with it.”

    The fumble by “the beast” was with his left arm, so it had nothing to do with his gigantic slice on his RIGHT arm.

  • Darren

    Anyone know where we can see a replay of Spencer Larsen’s hit?

  • Kyle

    Darren – Stay tuned, we’ll have it here shortly.