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Published on 09/25/2008 at Thu Sep 25 23:06.
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Just a bit late, but as promised here is the Brandon Marshall press conference transcript:

On QB Jay Cutler’s play

“We have been getting a lot of questions about Jay lately. He is the man. Jay is a guy that is frivolous and he is going to go out there and make as many plays as he can. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like he even cares about the outcome, and that is the type of guy I want to take in my fox hole.”

On his numbers

“That is what I work hard for. I want to be the guy not just in a single game but throughout my whole career. That is what we work hard for, and all we can do is continue to push and remember that every Sunday could be any given Sunday in this league.”

On having Cutler as his quarterback and how the feed off of each other

“I talked to Rod Smith yesterday, and he just wanted to remind me what a good situation I am in. He said that he probably caught passes from 14 different quarterbacks. He told me that if everything continued to go well, Jay could end up being the guy from my whole career. I can’t ask for a better opportunity. If you look at Cris Carter, the things he did put him close to Jerry (Rice). If he had a quarterback, all of us sitting here probably can name one quarterback he had…Warren Moon? I am in a good situation.”

On his relationship with Cutler

“It is like a relationship—communication is definitely key. When I am out there, Jay has a lot of freedom to change some things up. We are out there trying to make plays and keep those sticks moving. If I make a mistake, he is there to make it up and keep those chains moving. For example, there was a key third down and there was a pass weak (side), I converted my route to a go and I didn’t beat the guy so the play was pretty much dead but Jay knows that with the leverage that I have, he could put the ball on my back shoulder. Jay and I just being on the same page is a good thing, and I am happy to grow with him.”

On what he has gotten better at as a wide receiver

“I thought that if I was able to incorporate the deep ball and beat press coverage that I would be unstoppable, and that is what I did. Early on, I am beating press coverage and I am catching deep balls. Right now, we just have to stay healthy and continue to push.”

On overcoming his offseason arm injury

“It is a mindset with any injury, and I am a guy who never really got hurt growing up, in Pop Warner and all the way through college. Not knowing how to deal with it and be professional about it, I had to rely on my teammates and the guys around me. It worked. I kept faith and I continue to push. It was definitely something that was scary. All I can do is continue to control what I can control. It was a scary accident and a scary cut, but I am healthy and I am out there catching the ball. I am feeling good out there while I am doing it.”

On the Chiefs’ defense

“To tell you the truth, Kansas City is a defense that I hate going against and that is because they play together, they run to the ball and they play smash-mouth defense. When you look at their defense, they are ranked fourth on third downs. On defense, all they have to do is continue to play as a team and they will gel. I think things will get turned around for them sooner or later. Those corners, you look at an 0-3 team and you wonder if guys are going to lay down but they are not because this is the National Football League. If you look at the matchup me and Eddie Royal have, we are going against two rookies and those guys are out there trying to prove themselves. We are going to get their best shot and we are going into K.C., which is hostile. We are going to have to play together and play hard all four quarters.”

More on his individual improvement from last season

“I have always been a finesse type of guy, always trying to make it look good and sometimes that is not always the best way. Sometimes you just have to get dirty a little bit and get physical. I think being able to mix it up a bit with the finesse game and the physical game has really helped me a lot this year.”

On if the Broncos are lucky and if he holds a grudge from being drafted in the fourth round

“They can say what they want to say. That is critics. They can say this past weekend, ‘They missed a field goal,’ but we probably have one of the best offenses in the league and when you give us two minutes and all we are asked for is just a field goal. We have a kicker that can kick a 66 yarder. I wouldn’t say it is lucky because we are in the ball game. That is all we ask for is to just be in the ball game in the fourth quarter. As far as the fourth-round thing, a lot of guys take that personal and use it as a grudge but for me what keeps me going, keeps me motivated, is just to be the best as an individual and as a team. That is what I work for when I step on the practice field and on the game field.”

On being told he could be moved to tight end coming into the NFL

“I have been hearing that since I stepped foot on campus down at Central Florida. I have a good relationship with Head Coach George O’Leary down there, but he was a guy that told me on my pro day when I was stretching getting ready to run routes for the scouts that I didn’t have the ability to play receiver in the league because I couldn’t get separation. Again, with (former Broncos Assistant Head Coach) (Mike) Heimerdinger, I had a great relationship with him but after a practice my rookie year he pulled me a side in the training room and said, ‘I think you have the ability to be a number two but I don’t think you have the ability to be a number one receiver in this league but you could definitely be a number two.’ That is what keeps me going. Success kills and I am always trying to prove people wrong.”

On going up against CBs Champ Bailey and Dre’ Bly in practice

“I cant ask for a better situation. A lot of people look at that and say, ‘But you have Jay Cutler,’ but it is not just because of Jay Cutler. Like you said, its also because I am going up against Champ Bailey. When I get the chance to go on practice squad and work against Champ… During the season we don’t do a lot of one on ones as far as first offense against first defense. I try to do my best to get as many reps as I can against Dre and Champ and use it to my advantage. When I get out there on Sundays, it is just like practice to me. My work is already done throughout the week going against the best. There is no better DB than Champ, and there is no better on the other side than going against Dre Bly.”

On getting advice from Champ Bailey

“Champ is a quiet guy. When I get a chance to go against Champ, it is key and I have to continue to take advantage of the opportunity. Every day I have the opportunity to go against the best, so that is what I am going to do. If I am feeling good, feeling healthy and it is not going to jeopardize my play, I am going to go against Champ every time I can. Champ is not going to say too much. When I did the late hands thing in camp going against Champ, I caught a deep ball on him but he was right on me. He said, ‘Man, that is great that you do that.’ A lot of receivers are not aware of that move there so continue to keep that in your repertoire and you will make a lot more plays down field.’ Just those things, the feedback that he gives me. He is not going to just pull me to the side but the things that I try on him, he is always going to give me feedback.”

  • T-Money

    Does anybody else recall people thinking this kid was going to be bad because he cut up his arm? I think i read alot of things like that.

  • Jack

    Bailey sometimes gets knocked because despite being a star, he’s not a leader on defense. But I think it’s interesting that *both* of our very talented young receivers have talked about how much he helped them improve their play.
    Their performance speaks for itself.