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Published on 09/24/2008 at Wed Sep 24 17:47.
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Damon Huard gets sacked by Elvis Dumervil (AP Photo)

Have you ever had to choose between scratching chalkboards or a root canal? The Chiefs’ quarterback situation is sort of like that.

The Kansas City Chiefs are a mess. Their coach claims that their 0-3 start is Part One of a grand rebuilding mode, and he’s announced that they’ll be starting a new quarterback under center for the fourth consecutive week. Damon Huard gets the nod, and he’ll start against a Denver Broncos squad that’s undefeated and hungry for their first consecutive win in Arrowhead in 29 years.

Last week’s starter, Tyler Thigpen… well, let’s just call him “ineffective” and leave it at that. Regular starter (if you can call him that) Brodie Croyle has been sidelined with a separated shoulder he suffered in Week One vs. New England, hoping to return in time for the Chiefs’ matchup against also-undefeated Tennessee in mid-October. As a matter of fact, Huard is the only quarterback on the Chiefs’ roster who has actually won a game!

Meanwhile, the Broncos employ Jay Cutler at quarterback, an early frontrunner in League MVP conversation. To say this should be a slaughter is an understatement. The Chiefs have scored 32 points total this year. The Broncos are averaging 38 points per game.

No matter who’s behind center – ‘Tweedle Dee,’ ‘Tweedle Dumb,’ or ‘Tweedle Dammit-I’m-Injured-Again’ – the Chiefs won’t get far this season playing musical chairs with three ineffective quarterbacks. They certainly won’t beat the Broncos without a whole lot of magic in Arrowhead.

  • Kyle

    This article is now the top story on… be sure to go there and vote everybody!

  • jchase8410

    Dude, I laughed for like 10 minutes when I read tweedle damn-im-injured-again. This week should prove to be a bloodbath. I just hope Denver stays on the throttle and puts this team to bed early without supper. I hate the defensive game plan play not to lose…we need to play to win and not give our opponents life

  • Richard

    The crux of this situation is A: who cares, and B: it won’t make any difference. They go down big at ErrorHead.

    Roses are red
    petunias are pink
    the Broncs win in KC
    ’cause the Chefs really stink

  • TJ

    If the Broncos D has any trouble keeping K.C. from scoring then it will be time to hit the panick button in Denver.