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Published on 09/21/2008 at Sun Sep 21 10:27.
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 courtesy: John Leyba - The Denver Post  

courtesy: John Leyba – The Denver Post

This is not meant to offend the subject, nor fans of the player, but Karl Paymah and Domonique Foxworth have more in common than their draft class. The two came via a trio of corners from the 2005 draft class, of which Darrent Williams also belonged. Now of the three, only Paymah remains. 

With Foxworth it seemed there was hardly ever a time he actually prevented the ball from getting to the receiver. Once the ball got there, he was most likely to get the tackle, but the ball shouldn’t have gotten there in the first place. Now, I’ve never felt this way about Paymah, but last week I got nostalgia in his effort against the San Diego Chargers. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

“There’s always a weakness in every defense,” Champ Bailey said. “The thing about [Sunday] was Philip Rivers found every little weakness that we had and took advantage of it. He’s a great quarterback. He’s playing better than most quarterbacks in the league this year. My hat goes off to them because they exploited a lot of our weakness. We know what they are. We can improve on that, and we’ll play better than what we did.”

That cringe hasn’t left my body yet, you know the one where an opposing offense is in the redzone and the Broncos are in nickle or worse dime-coverage. It seems as if Paymah was always in the wrong position to make a play, whether it be behind the receiver or with his back turned to the play. Granted, this may be due to a lot of factors, not just his natural ability. He is very fast, a 4.32 40 at the combine, he was drafted specifically with the idea of coming in as the nickel back. Two-weeks into his new roll though, I’m not sure if this guy can hack it. 

Enter rookie Jack Williams, where has this guy been? He killed in preseason and throughout training camp, has he not put in the effort since to get a crack at nickle back? Williams has yet to log a single stat in the season thus far. It’s time for action, either Paymah steps up or we should see Williams in today.

  • McCaffrey#1

    I would like to see j williams. I am high on this guy and paymah did not impress. Lets see what the rookie can do.

  • Roy

    I want Williams too. The little of the game I was able to see (they black it out up here in WA if the Seacocks are playing) Jack FAR outplayed Paymah. In fact, I was a flag football game the other day in which th CB out played Paymah. The point is, Paymah is not the answer. Time for Shanny to bite the bullet and admit it to himself.

  • mikebirty

    you know, i think that’s a perfect description of fox. He always did epitomise the bend but don’t break defense.

    I’d like to see some of williams too but i think no matter who is playing there – the third reciever be it a slot reciever or a tight end is going to be where the opposition attacks until we prove we can stop them no matter who is playing there.

  • Ian Henson

    Roy- “I was at a flag football game the other day in which the CB out played Paymah.” That one made me laugh.

    mikebirty- It’s a consistent problem isn’t it? I feel like it’s time to give Williams a shot. He did have those two impressive picks and run backs in preseason… Just not sure why he hasn’t got his shot yet during the season. Hopefully we get to see a little of him today.

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