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Published on 09/18/2008 at Thu Sep 18 10:00.
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Reggie Bush
Surprise! Bush goes #2 in the 2006 draft.

Your wittiest, most cleverest captions in the comments.

Yesterday’s winner – Boisebroncoguy:

Jay Cutler and Eddie Royal Chargers post game
“Hide your eyes kid, you’re too young to watch the cheerleaders walk by.”

Remember to leave your caption for the top photo. Happy captioning!

  • Danish Denver-fan!

    Mario who?

  • flbronc

    at least this jersey stills says #1

  • Boisebroncoguy

    This is how many good seasons I will have in the NFL. Then I will use my signing bonus to buy a bunch of car dealerships and retire to Aruba.

  • mikebirty

    thank god you lot drafted me, i was worried i was going to oakland.

  • mikebirty

    when the fans see me returning punts they’ll blow the roof off the superdome.

  • SivNiz

    Yeah, my girlfriend has the number 1 biggest badonkadonk.

  • DaveMoore

    When did they start giving out Wonderlic scores on a jersey?

  • Boisebroncoguy

    (singing)…One is the lonliest number…………

  • T-Money

    Yes this is my IQ. Please stop asking questions

  • robtink242

    yes! i’m not being drafted by oakland.

  • andy b.

    Reggie’s disappointment at going #2 is what English teachers call “ironic foreshadowing” for how friggin’ disappointed the Saints fans later turn out to be with their draft pick!

  • danstall

    “I just don’t think this jersey will fit Mario Williams, do you?”

  • Braden M

    Haha! being paid millions and wont even have to score till November. I love being overrated.

  • Garrett Barnes

    “And It Was All Downhill From There…” An old retired Reggie Bush said.

  • broncosfaninphilly

    wow man they must expect me to carry the ball with one arm judging by the looks of this jersey.

  • Linmoo

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