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Published on 09/16/2008 at Tue Sep 16 15:47.
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Colbert Denver Broncos wide receiver Keary Colbert has been traded to the Seattle Seahawks for an undisclosed 2009 late round draft pick, reports. The Seahawks employ a decimated receivers corps and are desperate to add talent to their unit. Seattle also signed former ‘Hawk Koren Robinson, most famous for his off-field issues, on Tuesday.

This moves makes sense. I had a feeling they would go after one of the Broncos’ guys, although my money was on Darrell Jackson. The Broncos move most of Colbert’s overloaded contract and get lucky to escape a bad free agent signing. The Seahawks will give Colbert a much better chance to resurrect his career. -Thanks to Kerry for the tip in the comments.

UPDATE: ESPN’s Bill Williamson reports that a source close to the situation indicates that the Broncos are looking to bring back WR Clifford Russell to fill the roster spot.

  • Josh Temple

    Nice trade, and a good possible pickup in my deep fantasy league, hmmm.

  • Dario

    Well, it’s only bad because Royal is so freeking good if you ask me. If Royal is like most rookies and just does the special teams thing then I think Colbert is getting the playing time as a possession reciever. Jackson is more of a deep threat, post route kind of reciever and I’m not sure if that meshes as well with Marshall on the other side.

    Speaking of special teams we need Green and Abdula back in a big way for the coverage. Hall and Scheffler making big special teams plays just doesn’t seem right. I still don’t know what’s up with the Chargers getting 6 to 1 touchbacks to the Broncos. I thought Prater was supposed to solve that?

  • E. Halsey Miles

    Hmm. The Denver Broncos blog claims a ‘conditional 2009 draft pick’. But doesn’t say what the range or conditions are, unfortunately. I am really curious what we get for this. In a way, it’s like we paid 2 million for a late round draft pick.

    Also that means we’ll re-sign some player we cut. I’m wondering who. Almost certainly not a receiver, there’s not likely to be many useful guys available right now.

  • Kyle

    I actually think it will certainly be a receiver. We have four guys who could start in half the NFL, but that’s it. No one else.

    Is Glenn Martinez still floating around?

  • ryan k

    Question for anyone who might know. Do we have to eat that 2.5 million dollar signing bonus, or does that get traded with him? If Seattle has to take it on I consider that enough compensation for Seattle taking him.

  • Roy

    It will probably someone off of our practice squad.

  • kerry

    NFL network says the trade is for a conditional 5th round pick. it will become a 4th if he hits certain playing time.

  • Kyle

    Wow, that’s actually incredible value! The Seahawks are desperate.

  • ryan k

    Sorry ignore previous comment, should have read post better.


    BroncoTalk – Can you provide some information on the number of draft pics they have the next year or two as a standing information and update it from time to time as the transactions go through? I have observed this in avalanche db blog and i thought its a cool feature to add to this website

  • Richard

    I know this sounds nuts, but how about finding some practice squad DT or DE on another roster? Maybe we find a contributor.

  • Kyle

    Bill Williamson is citing a source who claims that WR Clifford Russell will be brought back.


    Kyle – Where do you see the clifford russell mentioning by BW?

  • Kyle

    I updated the post, IKONOS. Check the link, it’s at the bottom.

  • BroncoFan18

    Wow, thats actually really good value. I thought we’d get a 6th or 7th.

    A 4th or 5th round pick can really help us out next year. Everyone knows how Shanny can find gold in the late rounds.

    I hope we fill his spot with a DT or DE. We don’t need another reciever. We need help on the defensive line.

  • Jeff

    With all the draft picks the broncos seem to be trading for, it makes me wonder if they might try to trade some of them for a pass rusher (or Paymah replacement if Williams isnt ready) before the trade deadline in a couple weeks… the defense sure could use the help

  • Ian Henson

    I like the Clifford Russell idea, he was my dark horse candidate to make the team. Yet, it became clear that Keary Colbert’s signing bonus would likely add him to the roster, amidst heavy off-season criticism towards Denver’s recent signings, draft picks and dead money.

    Keary Colbert was on special teams and Clifford Russell was good on special teams. It looks like this could come to fruition.

  • ryan k

    Its wild that Foxworth would only garner a 7th round pick, and Colbert would get a possible 4th rounder! I guess supply and demand says it all.

  • BroncoFan18

    Ya I still can’t believe Foxworth went for a 7th. I thought he was worth much more than that. (I still don’t like the trade by the way. Why did we do that?)

    I agree with Jeff this might be a move to trade those draft picks for a pass rusher in the next couple weeks. It certainly would be smart.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    Ok, here’s a tally of our 2009 draft trades so far:

    We traded a conditional pick for D-Rob, anywhere from 5th to 2nd rounder.

    We have Atlanta’s 7th rounder for Dominique Foxworth.

    We have Houston’s 2010 (not 2009) 5th rounder for Montrae Holland.

    That’s all I can find right now. I should start keeping notes on this stuff.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Ian, I agree with you on Russell. I liked him in the preseason over Colbert…. and Jackson actually.

  • ryan k

    Russell was clearly better than Colbert during the preseason. I am speculating, but I bet the only reason Colbert beat out Russell to begin with was Colbert’s big contract and signing bonus.

  • merc22

    i think denver is setting up a big trade for either sheldon brown or a MLB

  • E. Halsey Miles

    merc22: As awesome as that would be I rather doubt it.

  • Kyle

    Nate Webster pissed me off last game so much. He quit on that Darren Sproles TD. Quit. 10 yards from the end zone. Sproles slowed down too, if Webster had kept up his pursuit he could have made a play.

  • jcampb72

    its a conditional 5th round pick….im pretty sure

  • McCaffrey#1

    I like russell. These late rd picks can help beef up a ST unit for next year. If we can get more young players like woodyard/larsen on ST it will help alot.

  • mikebirty

    I think merc could be on to something. I’m not sure the trade is going to be for a player mid-season but stock piling all those draft choices will certainly give us some room to move forward from 32nd in the first round ;)

  • flbronc

    easy there birty… our offense looks good buts lets not annoint us sb champs in week 2.5.

    does anyone remember the deal for Robertson, what will qualify him for what pick? that’s one pick gone, are any others spoken for?

    This would make the eighth pick for us in the 09 draft right? I like it. All defense and st please.

  • rcsodak

    Now if they can find a team to trade for Crowder…..

    I’d like to see DT Mallard back. In the little time he was with the team last year, he made his name heard.