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Published on 09/05/2008 at Fri Sep 05 14:25.
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The Denver Broncos elected team captains after practice Friday, and a mix of old and new will be donning the ‘C’ patch. Quarterback Jay Cutler and cornerback Champ Bailey were elected captains again, joining newcomers tight end Daniel Graham and linebacker D.J. Williams.

Longsnapper Mike Leach was elected as the special teams captain, which Head Coach Mike Shanahan indicated will change week-to-week.

What? No Tom Nalen? It’s more silent-player-bias, I tell ya. All #66 has to do is stare at you and you’ll shape up right quick.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    I don’t think Nalen can really be a captain if he’s not playing, and we’re pretty sure he’s out for game 1, at least.

  • Kyle

    It was tongue in check, my friend, but thanks. :)

  • kerry

    Rod smith was a co-captain last year and wasnt playing. and seriously if it isnt Naken then it should be Ben Hamilton. not a TE who has only played one year in Denver.

  • Truman

    Is it cause for concern that Dre Bly wasn’t elected? He is one of the bigger names the Broncos have.

  • OC Bronco

    All are class guys but I admit I am a bit surprised by Daniel Graham. Maybe he will step up that much more this season….. I can’t f’ing wait!

  • Kyle

    Broncos linemen aren’t captains and don’t want to be captains. I was just messing around.

    Graham is a good fit. How many guys on offense do we have that have been in the league even 4 years? Of those, how many have been a Bronco even a single year?

    DG is a big part of our offense and I’m happy he’s a captain. I really can’t think of another choice other than BMarsh, but obviously having your captain suspended week one doesn’t make much sense.

  • Kyle

    Truman – Nah. D.J.’s earned it, plus, he’s wearing the defensive headset. DJ’s a better football player at this point than Bly anyway.

    Elvis has a bigger case for defensive captain than Bly, in my opinion.