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Published on 09/03/2008 at Wed Sep 03 07:54.
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  • Domonique Foxworth on leaving Denver: “I just wanted to get out from behind Champ Bailey and Dre Bly, so I got out of there before they had a chance to change their mind.”  Classy, indeed. [Denver Post]
  • Darrell Jackson is still feeling pain in his ankle.  [Colorado Springs Gazette]
  • Jay Cutler and Jeremy Bates have a unique working relationship.  [Rocky Mountain News]
  • Only four players remain from the 2005 AFC Championship team.  [DPO]
  • Look for Wesley Woodyard to make an immediate impact on special teams.  [DPO]
  • The Turk visited these three Broncos, who share their stories.  []
  • The Raiders are seriously talking Super Bowl.  Seriously.  Wow.  [Contra Costa Times]
  • Even if Tom Brady‘s foot is broken, and he can’t play, I’ll still take the Pats over the Chiefs.  [PFT]
  • dbroncos

    I tried to read the second to last article, about the Raiders and Superbowl talk but it said it was trying to load a webpage that was:

    I dont know why this occurred but i figured i should point it out. Everything seems normal, the URL which usually shows up at the bottom of firefox showed up as the Contra Costa Times but the page didnt go there.

  • Kyle

    That’s odd, d. I tried it and it worked for me. Anyone else have this problem?

    You can copy and paste the URL. In Firefox, right click and select “Copy Link Location.” In IE, it’s “Copy shortcut.” Then paste in the address bar.

  • kerry

    yeah i have a problem and it says” unable to display webpage” i tried to refresh the screen but that didnt work either. because seriously i have to read this fairy tale involving the raiders and the super bowl

  • Kyle

    Try it now, I removed the query string from the URL, which might speed it up. It’s nothing on our end though, the link is solid. Looks like something from the Contra Costa Times web site.

  • dbroncos

    Works now, thanks. I tried copying the URL after i posted that reply and i got another secure page. I dont remember the URL now but it works now.