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Published on 09/02/2008 at Tue Sep 02 21:24.
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A little bit more gossip, a little flat out scandal in this our second edition of Denver BroncosPage 6

First a blind item:

  • Although it has been reported at another outlet, which former member of the Denver Broncos allegedly stole a recently signed free agent’s luggage? Then took it to a girlfriend’s house and asked her to, “Hold on to it for a little while?” After being cut.

Onto the rest:

  • Did Denver make an offer for Lito Sheppard involving Domonique Foxworth? It’s possible as the Philadelphia Eagles are now admitting that they turned down an offer on their star second-string corner within the last few days.
  • What is taking news on Tom Nalen so long, is he delaying the inevitable or is he actually returning? Given the fact that he has not been cut or placed on injured reserve, he is actually returning.
  • Broncos worse off at safety than expected? Yes, they signed three in two days. With Marquand Manuel’s thumb injury, a day-to-day Hamza Abdullah and the trade of Domonique Foxworth; the Broncos could be in trouble quick at a shallow position.
  • Last week we reported that Keary Colbert would lose his depth chart position to Clifford Russell and then Colbert became the third leading receiver on the Broncos preseason roster- all in one play.
  • Was the Denver Broncos newest signing in retaliation to the Oakland Raiders most recent signing? Of course not, but we would like to point out that imitation is the highest form of flattery- thanks Al!
  • Recently cut Broncos receiver Glenn Martinez is drawing interest from the Tennessee Titans where he could very easily walk into third on the depth chart. Mike Heimerdinger, former Broncos assistant head coach, current Titans offensive coordinator brought Martinez in and was one of sthe reasons Martinez stayed so long in Denver.

As always, we welcome comments from everyone on all of our posts, but we’re betting that someone is going to guess the blind item right off the bat in the comment section.

  • flbronc

    hope glenn does get the gig at tenn. he was a guy that i always appreciated the effort from- he was never great but always seemed to appreciate where he was and put forth the effort you wanted to see. good luck to him.

  • Triston27

    I think we all guessed Nalen would return. But I’m suprised to see him #1 on the depth chart.