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Published on 09/01/2008 at Mon Sep 01 21:58.
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Speculation was only able to run wild for several hours as the Denver Broncos have re-signed, recently waived, Roderick Rogers to their practice squad.

Rogers held a similar position most of last season, as he spent all but the final two games of the season on the Broncos practice squad. In preseason Rogers tied for fifth on the Broncos squad with nine tackles.

The Denver Broncos eight-man practice squad is now complete and looks like this:

Quarterback Darrell Hackney

Running Back P.J. Pope

Wide Receiver Travis Wilson

Guard Mitch Erickson

Defensive Tackle Steven Harris

Defensive Tackle Ryan McBean

Safety Josh Barrett

Safety Roderick Rogers

What do you think Nation? We need another safety? What would you have done? Where have the Broncos gone right and where have they gone wrong?

  • http://no olen

    Raiders will count on deceit. The Broncos are known to come right at ya.

  • http://no olen

    Say it ain’t so Foxworth being shopped around. Let’s see throw the ball to a tall receiver. Well at least he can tackle the guy then let him spike the ball in the end zone.

  • Ian Henson

    Earlier, prior to preseason I had predicted that with Oakland Raiders coach Lane Kiffin basically fighting for his job; the Raiders may have a legitimate chance against Denver. However, given all of the public shots that Kiffin is taking at the Raiders General Management (Al Davis) it looks like the only thing Kiffin is fighting against is Davis.

    The best thing about the game against Oakland is that Denver will get to face two very tough backs in Justin Fargas and Darrent McFadden.