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Published on 09/01/2008 at Mon Sep 01 13:47.
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Domonique Foxworth
(Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

Bill Williamson of ESPN reports that Denver Broncos nickel CB Domonique Foxworth is expecting to hear from the team regarding a trade in the near future.  While no information involving potential suitors or compensation is available, the 2005 third round pick is taking the news in stride.

Foxworth said the Broncos are handling the situation with class.

“They didn’t have to give me a warning,” Foxworth said. “They are being classy about it. I’m not upset about it at all.”

Williamson goes on to speculate that the Patriots, Redskins, Saints, Rams and Browns could be interested in the services of a cornerback.

A Foxworth trade has been rumored since three days after we drafted him – okay, not that long, but it feels like it. The only thing surprising about this news is the timing – we’re not exactly stacked at depth at cornerback, with only Karl Paymah and rookie Jack Williams filling the depth chart behind starters Bailey and Bly. We’ll keep you posted as this story develops.

  • Roy

    While not all that surprised given his talent, I hope we don’t trade Foxworth. I would rather see Paymah get traded. The only reason I can think of trading him is if the Broncos think that they cannot afford to resign him next season. If that is the case, fairwell and good luck. I am sure he will do great things and be just as loved wherever he goes.

  • Ian Henson

    Patriots signed former Bronco Deltha O’Neil today… Maybe Williamson got his lines crossed =)

  • mikebirty

    This sucks. If there was some Foxworth news today I was expecting him to jump above Bly. I thought he had it. Spose its better to get a player or a pick for him now than lose him for nothing at the end of the year.

    The curse of the Broncos Bloggers strikes again. Mason, Torrain, Fox, Sundquvist. FFS – Doom should stop blogging NOW!

  • kerry

    how is this trade “Imminent” when there is no info about suitors? that doesnt even make sense

  • Kyle

    The Broncos told Foxworth, “Stay home today, get ready for news of a trade.” Don’t come to practice, don’t come to meetings (if they have them on labor day). Yeah, it sounds pretty imminent.

  • Ian Henson

    Yeah, I was just going to point that part out. My first thought was uh-oh, look at what we got for Holland and imagine what we’re going to get for Foxworth? A 7th Rounder or a third string guard?

  • Quicksilver

    I dont know if this is as bad as all that, at least from what i saw this summer Foxy is improving but pretty much anyone that wanted to picked on him, and with a good amount of success.

  • kerry

    well everybody remember we put in a third round claim on him as a restricted free agent. so if we trade him then we have to get a thrid round pick back for him because he is under his restricted free agent contract. so its a third rounder at least

  • James

    Fox gets lit more than a Xmas tree. Goodbye weak link.

  • flbronc

    my brother was over and showed me the news, i dont like losing the best depth option that we have. i agree we may not be able to sign him next year, so we might as well trade him to houston for a dozen footballs and a box of envelopes.

  • Danish Denver-fan!

    Rumors going ’round downtown that he’s bieng traded for 7th (6th i resigned) rounder to Atlanta… That would be heartbreaking..

  • Danish Denver-fan!

    meaning if ATL resigns him, it would be for the price of a 6th rounder..