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Published on 08/31/2008 at Sun Aug 31 20:32.
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Better late than never…

Good news came to fans of quarterback Darrell Hackney, safety Josh Barrett, guard/tackle Mitch Erickson and defensive tackle Steven Harris, the Denver Broncos signed the four to their practice squad.

In other news, the Denver Broncos have also signed safety Calvin Lowry who was waived yesterday from the Tennessee Titans. Lowry is a bruising safety who last year in 16 games for the titans had 58 tackles (43 solo), two interceptions and ten knockdowns. He started 11 games last season with the Titans. Lowry will likely play in Denver as a free safety; he specializes in run support and can also play on special teams.

The Broncos will have to cut one more player to make room for Lowry.

In other news, that you may have heard by now John Lynch was cut today by the New England Patriots.

Nation, who goes? What about Lynch, would you welcome him back? Bang it below and let’s battle it out.

  • T-Money

    I would take Lynch back…. It would be awkward, but at the same time you can’t really deny his talent. Maybe it’s just a personal preference. Who knows what’s going through his head. I’m pleased to know that Barrett didn’t go anywhere.

  • andy b.

    I’m saying no to Lynch. Love the guy but his head is clearly not right; in order to contribute to a team from the bench you have to really want to be there, and I just can’t imagine that’s the case with Lynch.

  • Boisebroncoguy

    I am very happy about the practice squad guys, especially Hackney and Barrett. I don’t know much about Lowry but it sounds like a good pick-up. As far as Lynch goes, he made his feelings about Denver clear and he talks about how much he respects Bellicheat and the patriots. I say good riddance to him. We are younger and faster now anyway. Also, all indications are he will go back to the Patsies after the first game.

  • GreasyQtip

    No thanx to lynch, and clearly our signing of Lowry is a hint towards our non-interest in aquiring Lynch again, Not to mention he would pretty much be seen as crawling back to us tail tucked between legs. I do find it a little settling that he was cut considering the bad spin the media put on the broncos when he was released.

  • Kawike

    In my opinion, Lynch got what he deserved. The Broncos were very willing to give him a shot at staying on the team, and probably would have kept him on just because of loyalty, but then he leaves for the patriots who couldn’t care less about him. I don’t want him back because he seems like a traitor to all of Bronco Nation.

  • Ryan

    John Lynch was a great Bronco and left it out there everytime he stepped on the field. He is not a traitor to anyone. I wish him well and hope he gets on the field this year for the Pats because he is a pleasure to watch when the lights go on. That being said, I love our youth movement and believe we should move on from Lynch for good. I don’t foresee the Broncos having interest in him anyways.

  • Roy

    Lynch will eventually be remembered as a great Bronce vet. Do I think we take him back? Not a chance. Who gets cut? IMO Pittman, Rogers, or Ekuban. Don’t forget, two guys have to be cut so we can have BMarsh back in the lineup.

  • Matt

    Lynch getting cut only ensures the fact that the broncos made the right decision. JL was an amazing player and i wish the best but he does not fit on our squad. I love barrett on the PS. Great Move! I think lowry will help on depth.

  • AKscott

    Roderick Rogers would be my guess.. anyone know if he is PS eligible??

  • flbronc

    lowry sounds pretty productive… i wonder what the story on him is?

    glad lynch got cut. loved him in tampa, then again in denver. but when you leave and say you want to go somewhere to start- then sign with the super bowl favorites to be a backup.. that doesnt sit well for me. we talked you out of retirement, and asked you to be a veteran backup and mentor to our young players- you said yes then bailed and went to new england. smell ya later.

  • Ian Henson


    Similar to how I feel about Lynch as well. I felt it was a slap in the face of Denver fans, last season, jump on the team with the highest possibility of making the super bowl. I blogged about it several weeks ago, asking what would happen to his legacy if Denver were to make it to the super bowl. Would he become Tiki Barber?

    Then again, I can’t blame him, there’s not a person in this country that wouldn’t sign with the Patriots at this very moment. Maybe with a few exceptions from those who are already in the NFL right now…

  • HogBlog

    Ok here goes…

    1. Lowry in, Roderick Roger is OUT (Phenomenal pick up)
    2. Lynch may return a a coach to help Barrett. Playing days over!
    3. PJ Pope signing was decent.
    4. Still must find a few valuable pieces like Lowry. We’re very close!

    On Lynch;

    He shouldnt have picked up his toys and gone home. He should of continued to be the man we thought he was, but ultimately proved not to be. Is anyone really surprised he didnt fit in NE either? It’s not about talent!!! It’s about age! And guess what John? You’re old in NFL years. Heart it there, but skills are vastly diminshed. You were told that you have a best a backup role with us, and you split. Well, those are the breaks big guy. But I regret you left us like a thief in the night. I wish you hadnt done that. You’ve tarnished your reputation and place with Denver. And the end, your role at best will be in run support of bacup to the starters. I feel sad for you in a way.

  • Richard

    I have no bad feelings toward John Lynch. He isn’t the first jock who didn’t know when to hang ’em up. People often make questionable decisions when confronted with life and career altering situations. After 15+ years of pro football, he has just been told by Shanahan and now Belichek that he’s done. Hes got to be confused , angry, depressed, and insecure. We just went through this with Rod Smith, can’t we just say Thanks John, you gave us 3 solid years after Tampa threw you out with a neck injury.

    On the other question, Roderick Rogers goes to the practice squad. He’s eligible and the coaching staff like him.

  • Lon

    It just shows you how much Shanny respected Lynch. He knew his ability was dimished but was willing to pay him to stay and play (at least part-time) and for his leadership ability. Too bad Lynch overvalued his own ability but I can’t say I feel sorry for him.

  • rcsodak

    SDSU represented!!! Way to go Erickson! The Old NCC Div II (now IAA) has been decent for Denver. Kuper, Erickson, Mustard and a crafty old db, Tyrone Braxton.

  • rcsodak

    Lynch was never promised playing time, by Shanny. He simply was told he’d be given equal opportunity to make the team. He could have been one of the hardest cuts for Shanny, next to the GOAT.

  • bilrob

    With referance to Lowry. I am sure that there was quite a bit of conversation between Shanny and his old friend Fisher with the Titans in signing this guy. Lowry will be a great pickup. A hard hitter etc.

  • broncorip

    I’m really happy that Barret gets a longer look. With his size and speed he could become something very special! Wouldn’t it ne nice to have Lynch around to show him the ropes.