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Published on 08/30/2008 at Sat Aug 30 17:03.
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The official list is in among them coming courtesy of Adam Zinser at the official site

The following players were waived:

Quarterback Darrell Hackney
Wide receivers Glenn Martinez, Marquay McDaniel and Clifford Russell
Tight ends Chad Mustard
Offensive linemen P.J. Alexander, Dylan Gandy and Mitch Erickson
Defensive ends Larry Birdine and Paul Carrington
Defensive tackle Steven Harris
Linebacker Jordan Beck
Cornerbacks Wale Dada and Tyrone Poole
Safeties Josh Barrett and Vickiel Vaughn
Punter Sam Paulescu

On the waived/injured list:

Tight end Brett Pierce

On the reserve/injured list:

Fullback Cecil Sapp, with a left quad injury
Running back Anthony Alridge, with a left foot injury

No real surprises here to the people that have been plugged in here at all day. Among the most surprising would have to be Steven Harris, Josh Barrett and Dylan Gandy.

I predicted almost all of those, but I was way off on the offensive line and Keary Colbert must have saved himself with last nights touchdown catch.

Likely, Josh Barrett will be retained on the Broncos practice squad, as will P.J. Alexander and Mitch Erickson. Also, if Steven Harris isn’t picked up by anyone and Jordan Beck.

Onto the suspect reserve/injured list, starring Anthony Alridge and Cecil Sapp. What does that mean exactly? Did Aldridge and Sapp get placed on the injured reserve? Yes, and under the current Collective Bargaining Agreement that would mean neither player could play the entire season. I think this is just the Broncos way of getting a little more roster spots without actually cutting someone.

For Sapp and Alridge it means they’ll still be getting paid, as long as they stay on that list. For the Broncos it means two players, whom they don’t have to give roster spots to. Depending on which source, Sapp is either negotiating a severance package or being placed on IR.

  • ryan k

    Is Aldridge actually injured or are they just storing him there?

  • kerry

    if Aldridge wasnt injured then they wouldnt put him on the injured reserve list. he tore a ligament in his foot and it said in the RMN that he was seen leaving Broncos headquarters on crutches.

  • Garret Barnes

    I’m going to miss Glenn Martinez. Too bad…

  • Joe

    I wont miss Glenn, I think he sucked. He didnt do shit for Denver, and i’m glad he’s gone, lol.

  • Ian Henson


    It’s hard to tell right now, I’m trying to get in touch with the media person in Denver. However, holiday weekend Saturday at 5:00 PM…

    I think he might get a spot on the PS… I liked him last year when he was forced to step up.

  • Ian Henson

    Sorry for the delay by the way guys. I went rock climbing and was literally on the rock when I started getting the texts. No one in Florida seemed to care that I had to get back to blogging =P

  • Joe

    I bet he is actually injured. Denver cant force him to be on the IR just cause they want him and make him sit out the entire season rather than cutting someone else to give him the roster spot. And i doubt that Alridge would actually go onto IR, if not hurt, and stay on the Broncos and sit the entire year instead of just being cut and making another team and getting that shot at the starting position. The guy is quicker than hell. He will be a big threat. So he’s actually hurt, or Denver would be using him this season…

  • robtink242

    i hope we keep barret

  • Ian Henson

    Yeah, Aldridge is done for the season apparentlly. There’s two different sources, thus two different stories for Cecil Sapp. However, no one seems to care too much for the former Ram. For Aldridge to sit out on IR for the season is probably best, he’ll get a year of rehab and a year’s salary.

  • ryan k

    I bet Aldridge would be more than happy to sit on IR all year and get paid rather than get cut and be looking for a job. To me it just seems like they might be taking advantage of a minor injury to stash him on the IR. If that is the case great, if not than I think it sucks we lost another really talented guy to injury.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    Alridge! His name has only one d!

    Seems like very few people get his name right. =)

    Anyway, my surprises: We kept one fewer WR than I expected. One more OL than I expected. But it matches what I eventually decided after realizing K-Lich probably wouldn’t make it through waivers.

    We kept one more LB than I expected, as well, and I thought we’d keep Beck over Green, though after his performance last night, Green deserved to stay on the team.

    Thedepth chart over at has been updated to remove the cut players, though I suspect there will be some reorganization come Monday.

    I feel pretty good about the predictions. I wonder what would’ve happened if Sapp hadn’t gotten injured; I feel like they got a freebie. Put Sapp on IR for a year, play Hillis and see how things look next year.

    I feel bad for Alridge, and I would not be surprised if we start bringing in RBs from the market to look for one more to carry us until Torain’s back.

  • Ian Henson

    Sorry about the double D- I was channeling a guy that I played pop warner with. He was quick six too, but we were six then.

  • hercules rockefeller

    martinez is not PS eligible.

  • merc22

    so its marshall,royal,Djack,stokley,and Colbert?

  • Ian Henson

    Yeah, Herc, you’re right…

  • Ian Henson


    Yes and only Jackson, Royal, Stokley and Colbert vs. Oakland.

  • Ian Henson

    Also, following the cuts, this means Hall and Royal on Kickoffs and Royal on Punts…

  • hercules rockefeller

    That’s all you need.

  • Ian Henson

    Also, Ashley Lelie was cut from San Francisco… Just saying =)

  • Ian Henson

    There’s also still one more cut coming, the Denver Broncos will not have to cut that person until Brandon Marshall’s suspension ends September 9th…

  • ryan k

    I bet the last cut will be whichever linebacker shows the poorest in the next week during practice.

  • Garret Barnes

    why is Martinez not eligible?

  • Ian Henson

    Practice squad-

    A team may establish a practice squad of no more than eight players who do not have an accrued season of free agency credit or who were on the 45-player active list for less than nine regular season games during their only accrued season. A player cannot participate on the practice squad for more than two seasons.

    Read section 4 for the official rule:

    Martinez started as soon as Hixon left, can’t remember off the top of my head, but I think that gave him 10 games…

    Also means that P.J. Alexander is out of Denver, I think he’s been on the P.S. for two seasons in a row.

  • hercules rockefeller

    pj alexander was like a five year vet wasn’t he?

  • Ian Henson


    LOL, yeah, he must have spent some time outside of the NFL. I don’t know how we swung that, the guy’s 30 this year. He played for New Orleans in 2002.

  • maver

    I always like martinez
    he could make the catch and take one helluva shot and end up with the ball…o well

  • flbronc

    i hope barrett clears waivers and gets to the ps. i really thought pittman would get the axe, maybe he would have if alridge (note, no second d) wouldnt have been gotten injured. i’m also suprised at cutting russel over colbert- it seems russel was better and costs less…

  • http://Youareoffyourrockerhomeboy!! boydy2669

    Thanks for all the work on this man. I know we all appreciate it!
    Josh Barrett is my biggest surprise. I think Shanny is taking a clculated gamble that he clears waivers and makes our PS. Once there, watch them bring him into the team after the bye. We may see us release a O Lineman to fit him in, assuming Nails is back. Or they could do a straight swap for Rodgers.
    Apart from that, everythiong wass pretty good.
    I think we may go after Jermoe McDougle and Ryan Moats from Philly is my only wold card in this.