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Published on 08/26/2008 at Tue Aug 26 16:15.
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[Marshall]Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall was excused from practice on Tuesday to visit New York for his appeal hearing. Marshall has been suspended 2-3 games by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for violation of the league’s Personal Conduct Policy.

Perhaps most promising to Marshall’s appeal is that Goodell will not be ruling over the decision himself, as originally thought. A group of NFL officials will examine Marshall’s case and make a decision regarding his status.

You all know I how I feel about this – his suspension should be reduced to at most one game, if that. Let’s see what this independent board decides.

  • Jaiu

    i agree with you. if i’m not mistaken, Marshall has not been found guilty of anything [yet] and he received 3 more days of suspension than Marshawn Lynch – WHO RAN A PERSON OVER, FLED THE SCENE, AND PLEADED GUILTY!!! Brandon’s just guilty of having bad taste in Women and driving like most Coloradans.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Now, come on Jaiu. Let’s NOT down-play DUI. My father was almost killed when I was in High School by some drunk idiot on the road and I know many other friends that have lost love ones from this deadly crime that’s too often dismissed as ‘driving like most people’.

    I’m not saying Marshall is guilty (I don’t know the case facts), but I would NEVER say that someone guilty of driving a 2 ton lethal weapon while drunk is anything but a menace to society and should be dealt with in the most severe way possible.

    I HATE missing Marshall for even one game, but if he’s found guilty the dude should be severely punished by the State. It’s time we took a zero tolerance approach to DUI – it’s just inexcusable behavior.

  • robtink242

    just MAYBE is he was a certain BILLS back he wouldn’t be in any suspension talk.

  • Roy

    Having a DUI and/or drinving drunk is something stupid that a lot of people, unfortunatly, do. While I do not condone the behavour, if it was just a DUI I doubt any of the disciplinary actions would have happened.

  • Jaiu

    Thank you for bringing that to my attention, JD. By no means was i trying to disrespect and/or dumb down the issue of drunk driving. i had 1 eye open while i posted, and that was my “Football fan eye”. i agree with you 100%. Pace.

  • flbronc

    nobody thinks drunk driving is ok. except the nflpa- they negotiated it into the current cba that a player cannot be suspended for his first infraction. i’ve seen that reported several times.

    in my non expert, non lawyer opinion- i dont see what grounds they are suspending him on… sheer volume of police visits i guess… certainly not charges, since the only one that has stuck is the dui which the league cant suspend him for it.

    maybe an independent panel will look at this objectively and see the same thing. does he need to watch his step, of course. does he need a three game suspension, i dont think so.

  • CommishCH

    Marshall needs to go in there and show some big time contrition. That and programs and following the law. Two games for sure, maybe one.

  • Joe

    Is there anyway that at this appeal, the officials will come to a conclusion that there is no point in suspending Marshall, who has not had any charges against him, and let him walk out of there without a suspension? Or is the best possible outcome of this appeal is to win a one gamer?

  • Ahsan

    I am glad someone other than Roger Goodell is looking at this. I am actually a Dallas Cowboys fan, but I think this suspension is ridiculous. The multiple arrests stem from an estranged girlfriend’s complaints and apparently the police have not even filed charges. Give me a beak. You can’t suspend someone for pissing off the wrong girl.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    No problem, Jaiu. That’s one of those ‘hot’ issues with me that sets me off faster than most. :)

    flbronc, yeah, I’d read that too. I guess it will remain that way until some NFL player kills a kid while driving drunk. Unfortunately, it will have to impact the league’s image before they will bother with it. :(

    I think the major issue in this situation is not about the DUI. It’s that Marshall is being treated harsher than others… I’m still on the side of zero games missed (one at the most) in regards to the league.

    As for his court case…. If he’s guilty of DUI, he needs the book thrown at him.

    By the way, I’m a big fan of the NY law — drive drunk, lose the car. Their police have had no problems funding their D.A.R.E. program by seizing cars driven in DUI cases! And not just YOUR car… if your friend lets you borrow his/her car and you get caught driving drunk – they lose their car. Now THAT’S incentive to deny your drunkard friends from borrowing your car! :)

  • E. Halsey Miles

    Jonathan: And if I let my friend borrow my car and I had no idea he was going to be drunk later that day and I lose my car? Man, I’d call that theft.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    I have to say… none of my friends (people I would loan my car to) would ever step foot in a vehicle drunk. Of course, they all know my issue on this point. :)

  • dui

    My mom got hit by a drunk driver head on and her head hit the windshield (wear seatbelts guys). She got awarded a good settlement. Seemed fine years afterwards but long term about 15 years later she’s having dementia. Not sure if it’s related but down the line it’s a lot more costly caring for her than the settlement money.