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Published on 08/25/2008 at Mon Aug 25 14:29.
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Samie Parker

The Denver Broncos announced that they have released veteran wide receiver Samie Parker, defensive tackle Josh Mallard and wide receiver Lorne Sam.

Samie Parker came to Denver as a free agent via the Kansas City Chiefs, this was two days prior to the team signing another veteran receiver Darrell Jackson (April 16, 2008). Jackson is expected to start the season opposite rookie Eddie Royal and then Brandon Marshall; once Marshall has returned from his suspension.

Josh Mallard is a bit of a surprise as he finished last season very strongly, playing in only four games but accumulating three and a half sacks as a defensive tackle. During training camp and into preseason Mallard saw time with the first-team defense in passing situations mostly. The Broncos did say that if Mallard were to pass through waivers, they’d be willing to give him another look.

These, along with adding rookie defensive tackle Carlton Powell to the injured reserve brings the Broncos down to 76 players; they must be at 75 by tomorrow. So expect news of one more player very soon.

What are the thoughts Bronco fans? Good cuts, bad cuts? Someone you would have like to have seen on this list that wasn’t here?

(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

  • Roy

    Not too many surprises. Parker and Lorne failed to establish themselves in a crowded WR stable. I think that this is the first real mention on Mallard this season. Not exactly what you expect after last year, but hey, it looks like someone else wanted it more.

  • TJ

    No suprises at all.

  • Steve

    Patrick Ramsey…. Should be kicked out of the NFL…. He Sucks

  • Ian Henson

    Seeing Josh Mallard on the list really was a surprise to me, I was hyped for him, especially when Denver had him in there with Dumervil, Robertson and Moss early on in camp.

    Hope these guys find a place soon or maybe stick around if we need them later in the season.

  • Steve

    Patrick Ramsey Should Be on this cut list….

  • TJ

    Samie Parker will be in a Raiders uniform by the start of the season. You read it here first.

  • Ian Henson

    TJ –

    I think that you might be right…

  • merc22

    i like hackney alot as a back-up, but i dont want him to be 2nd lol, and i want ramsey off the team, but he has more exp. than hackney soooo who knows, and i think sapp will be cut tomrrow!

  • flbronc

    i dont know if oakland has another 55 million to pay another bronco cast off…..

  • Ian Henson

    I don’t know about Sapp being the next cut… I would think maybe a certain lesser known safety or corner… Teams carry “Camp arms,” (extra quarterbacks just for camp) however, in Denver they seem to carry “Camp hands,” so now with the exit of two receivers; the next to go may be a corner.

  • Roy

    Good call TJ. If not Oakland, than a 1 year deal in San Diego. Both could use a reciever/ kick returner. Especially one with knowlage of TWO division rivals.

  • merc22

    lol samie parker is a spy! lol…sapp will be cut,not today but he wont be the 53 man roster, because hillis is younger than him and just as good maybe better, and then pittman can be the goaline FB

  • E. Halsey Miles

    TJ: Panthers. Not only outside the division, outside the conference. =)

  • TJ

    Thanks Halsey. Foot inserted firmly in mouth.