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Published on 08/19/2008 at Tue Aug 19 09:19.
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Did John Lynch betray the Broncos by signing with the New England Patriots?  Check out Lynch’s video interview above, then take the poll and dish it out in the comments.

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  • Sinjem

    So now I’m even more confused than ever. What did Lynch get in New England that he wouldn’t have gotten here in Denver? If the team owner tells you he wants you what more do you need to hear? Can someone please explain to me the true motivation behind John Lynch’s departure?

  • Patrick

    What gets me is he’s saying he’ll do whatever the Patriots ask but he wouldn’t do that for us. He’s been gay for the Patriots cheating tactics for years. As I said before I hope Cutler exposes him in coverage. He’s sucked in coverage for years now he’s just gotten to Pro Bowls off of his reputation as a hard hitting media friendly white guy. I loved him when he was with us so forgive me if I sound bitter, but as soon as you leave that door you’re either with us or against us. Leaving for the Chargers, Raiders, Chiefs, Patriots or Colts and I’m really, really, against you.

  • daveb

    True motivation = Chance to win a Super bowl. He just can’t admit it. Lost a lot of respect for him this last month…great guy who couldn’t man up to his real intentions.

  • Brian

    John Lynch is the 2008 version of Eddie Kennison. The guy, simply stated, quit on the team. I guess the grass is always greener but it still doesn’t change the fact he quit on the Broncos.

  • Jason

    I think he looked a little less pleased with himself than in times past. I believe he has, in fact, left his moral high ground, so-to-speak, and he knows it. It is too bad he sold out for him and us.
    Coaches shouldn’t need to tell veterans they are wanted, young guys perhaps, but not old guys. John just looked insecure in that interview.

  • Jesse

    Patrick already stole what I was going to say. Sounds a little fishy that he’ll do whatever the Pats want him to do, but won’t do that for the Broncs. I was really pumped when we picked him up and was sad when I heard he was leaving. I’m not as sad now as I watch this clip and how that really stood out to me. We’ve owned those CHEATERS in the past and I hope this year won’t be any different. Eat him up Cutler and B-Marsh.

  • jibbons

    I don’t think he quit the broncos any more than they quit on him. And they should have quit on him, because he was ancient, and couldn’t cover the elite TE’s in our division. He was a liability on the field. I also think that he is a much better fit for the pats, expecially if they can rotate him in with the LB’s, depending how he plays from a straight up LB position. I am much happier with Mcree back there for us though.

  • Matt

    Im with patrick. I have been a fan of lynch for years and was very excited when we signed him. But his coverage skills have diminished in the last couple of years and i felt like it was time for him to go anyway. He is too slow for the safety position which is evolving into quick cover guys not hard hitters. Him leaving only helps our D. I dont see him being a productive LB either.

  • Jon

    Oh come on!! It’s like this: Broncos won’t start him Pats will…he wants to start! Duh! Anybody would.
    Here is a post from, about Lynch and everything:

  • jkupperdeck

    Lynch didn’t have a problem with Shanahan or Bowen, but with Slowik who wants to go with speed. That’s who wasn’t asking him to come back. When he left the Broncos, Lynch didn’t know NE would pick him up, so this is more about leaving someplace vs. going somewhere else.

  • daveb

    Jon: The Pats are going to “start” him as much as Denver was going to…this is about the ring man.

  • joe

    I don’t understand why all the hurt feelings in Broncoland, he was never a true Bronco , he’s a ;uckeneer . He can’t even be listed as a top four Bronco safety of all time. Glad to see him go and we get safeties that cover and play the run like the position was designed to be.

  • joe

    top four Atwater, Dennis Smith,Mike Harden,Steve Foley

  • Tyson

    John was a smart player… He knew where he needed to be – I just don’t think he could physically get there. He’s too slow and hasn’t hit the same since his injury. He’s known as a hard hitting safety, and now he doesn’t even hit hard! So… WHAT GOOD WOULD HE BE TO DENVER OTHER THAN A LIABILITY. All I know is, when Denver plays New England, I’m glad he’ll be on the other side of the ball. Marshall can smoke him all day long!

  • hercules rockefeller

    Who cares?

  • Garret Barnes

    I hate to say it, but Herc is right. What is done is done. I loved John Lynch and he was my favorite player. He did what he thought he had to do. The NFL is a business people. He did not mean any angst toward the team or the fans. It is just business and there is no reason to grieve about him.

  • broncfanstuckinsd

    I agree with Herc

  • E. Halsey Miles

    Same here. Good for Lynch. We’ll miss him; he was a Fan’s player and that was great, but at the end of the day, he wants to finish his career on a high note, and that’s great. The Pats have a much more solid defense and he’ll probably contribute more usefully for them than he will for us, and that’s just fine.

    Remember, there was talk that people in the defensive organization wanted him out. Who wants to play with that hanging on your head? It was uncomfortable for everyone and Lynch is a good man. Don’t take anything away from him for this. It’s his last year, and next year we’ll see a lot more of him on TV.

  • bronco blood

    If you think Lynch is a sellout, you’re a moron and an uneducated fan. John Lynch is a player with incredible character and heart. He represented the Broncos in a positive light every year he played here. He was a defensive CAPTAIN and led that Defense with everything he had. But the Broncos knew they had to get younger and healthier. With a number of players (Rod Smith, Tom Nalen, John Lynch, Jason Elam, Matt Lepsis, etc.) getting older and getting injured, the Broncos knew they couldn’t compete with backup players in starting roles once the starters got injured. The Broncos weren’t ready to commit to Lynch, and I’m sure Lynch saw the writing on the wall with the exit of some older players. Be grateful for what he gave us and wish him luck. He’s a class act, and in the NFL, that’s a rare thing these days.

  • Jon

    Bronco Blood, GO YOU!! So Right! I totally agree.