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Published on 08/14/2008 at Thu Aug 14 08:54.
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Lynch is reporting that former Denver Broncos safety John Lynch has signed with the New England Patriots. The nine-time Pro Bowler visited with the team on Wednesday.

I love John Lynch and can’t thank him enough for his years in Denver. He was a stand up guy and a leader on this team, both physically and vocally. Those types of guys are hard to find. I wish him the best in New England.

  • myerda00

    As I stated when John Lynch asked for his release, “he quit on the Broncos because he was not able to play every down. Now he takes a ‘part-time’ job with the Pats. This just goes to show that it always about John only. I have lost all respect for John Lynch.

  • Kyle

    I still harbor some bitterness. This is just a theory, but it’s been a week. I’m guessing Lynch went out and looked for a full-time gig somewhere. Once he didn’t find that, he probably had to make another decision – do I want to still play football in some fashion? He decided that yes, he did, and so went out looking for a job somewhere.

    I’m not happy, I just don’t have the energy to go on that type of rant. So I wish you nothing but the best John, good luck, I’m focusing on Broncos now – people who want to be here.

  • Jason

    I’m sure he’s looking for another ring. I can’t blame him, I just hope he’s all day in coverage on October 20th.

  • Sam

    This makes me sick. I loved Lynch. And for him to sign with a team like the Pats… I just threw up a bit in my mouth.

  • Danish Denver-fan!

    My fandom of Lynch takes a serious hit…

    Guess he wants to be on a SB-caliber team..

  • Kyle

    I know that’s what a lot of people are thinking Danish. I’m not buying it. It’s the easy answer but I’m guessing he feels like he has a better chance to play more in New England. He might very well have it there.

    But the Broncos are playoff bound and anything can happen in January. So far the report is unconfirmed, but if it turns out to be true, and he even MUTTERS anything about “Super Bowl,” I’ll be pissed.

  • Person

    It’s all about John. Myerda is 100% right. We can beat around the bush and pretend that it’s other circumstances that brough Lynch to the Patriots but it isn’t. Lynch cares about winning and playing. I guess he’s willing to sacrifce playing if he’s winning but not so at Denver. What a true Bronco.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    I think what you’re missing is that John Lynch isn’t a Bronco. I’m not pissed or even disappointed because I’ve always understood that John Lynch is a professional that was playing for Denver, not a ‘Rod Smith’ like Bronco-4-Life.

    If John Lynch has any career ties to a team it’s Tampa Bay and he WILL enter the HOF as such.

    When he was going to lose his position in Tampa due to concerns about his neck, he became a professional safety in the NFL… not tied to any team. The Broncos paid him – he played for them. New England pays him – he will play for them. But don’t doubt that when they begin talking about what team he enters the HOF under, it will be the Bucs.

    I’m also was not upset with Jerry Rice who came into Denver, attempted to make the team and decided to retire. Jerry Rice wasn’t going to be a life-long Bronco… he was a legendary 49er that was playing out his last years where he could. Same with Lynch.

    No hard feelings. Thanks for the years of professional service, John.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    P.S. We will attempt to burn you in Oct… but you’d expect nothing less from your former professional counterparts. :)

  • Lon

    I just wish he would’ve been honest about his reasons for leaving Denver. It obviously was NOT because of playing time.

  • Patrick

    I can’t wait til Cutler exposes Lynch.

  • Person

    Im on the same page as Lon, playing time was his excuse and that didnt seem to affect his decision to play for the Patriots.

  • adam

    I’m with the “John looks out for John sentiment.” Ever since this went down everyone seemed to work really hard to avoid the elephant, that is, the famous “team orientated leader” suddenly acted out of character. I can’t blame him on the professional safety in the NFL level, but why did he play such a sentimental “I love the Broncos” card for the last few years? I’ll respect him as a professional, but don’t ask me to go singing his “character” praises…

  • Todd

    Listen, you can say all you want about John Lynch and his character. The bottom line is that Denver is BETTER WITHOUT John Lynch. This is a guy that can’t cover anyone, he was not the future of the Denver Broncos, and now we have players back there that are much more versatile. The media has made Lynch out to be more than he is…the fact that he made the Pro Bowl last year was an absolute fiasco! He was taken out of the game on obvious passing situations, his own team didn’t want him in the game when they knew the opponent was going to throw. Good riddance.

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