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Published on 08/12/2008 at Tue Aug 12 07:51.
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As with all Training Camps, after the first game position battles are re-evaluated and that means players will be moving up and down the depth chart. Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting ones…


And we’ll start with defensive tackle Nic Clemons? Wait… Nic who?

Nic Clemons (6’6″ 300lbs) is a converted defensive end who played in eight games back in 2005 for the Redskins. Last year we picked him up off the Atlanta Falcon’s practice squad. So, why would a converted DE get a shot at first team reps at DT? I mean he’s recorded a career total of 2 tackles in the NFL. Well, that’s simple… He impressed the coaches. He actually played with the first team versus Houston in the nickel packages. And his pass rush was good enough to earn him first team reps on Monday ahead of veterans Alvin McKinley and Kenny Peterson.

“It gives me a lot of confidence, but at the same time, we’ve still got three more preseason games. I’m not thinking about making the team, just thinking about getting my job down.” — Nic Clemons


Welcome to training camp, Holland.

Finally, our starting RG from last year got to participate in regular training camp practices yesterday. This is very good news as Montrae Holland has been working off the 25 extra pounds he brought to camp this year rather than getting out on the field with his teammates.

Monday he ran with the second team O-line (as Chris Kuper is currently holding Hollands spot from last year on the first team). Holland will need to work extra hard this week and impress the coaches in the next few preseason games to gain back his starting job. Holland knows it will be an uphill battle for him.

“Any time you miss two weeks of camp, that’s development, and timing, and right now mine is a little off. But you know, we’re practicing, so all I can do is get better.” — Montrae Holland


Louis Green is hoping to get cleared to return to the field early next week, but while he and Boss Bailey are sidelined Jamie Winborn will get the first-team strongside LB reps. Jamie usually plays the weakside spot, but he did very well on Saturday and this move actually brings Wesley Woodyard up to the second team defense this week.

Woodyard had a fantastic game versus Houston’s 3rd and 4th stringers, and this weekend he could easily be playing against the Cowboy’s 2nd teamers. I don’t think he has a chance in Hades to pass DJ Williams on the weakside, but it makes me feel good that we have this kind of talent pool at LB this year.

And speaking of talented LB’s, this week we’ll continue to see Niko and Webster swapping first unit roles. I think Webster proved Saturday that he deserves to start again vs Dallas, but Shanahan might want to see what Niko can do against a good first team offense…. so, anything’s possible.


And, finally, in the category of “I would have LOVED to see that!”… According to the official Denver Broncos blog, Jay Cutler lined up at Safety on the scout team as they ran drills versus Patrick Ramsey‘s second team. Jay played both QB and Safety in High School, but even with John Lynch gone and Hamza Abdullah sidelined with an injury I won’t expect to see Jay running out onto the field to fill in at Safety anytime soon.

  • Kyle

    I guess Jay Cutler’s out of excuses then. He can’t pull the whole Peyton Manning-ism: “Well, I don’t play both sides of the ball.” :)

  • mikebirty

    the big question is – did he pick ramsey off? If he didn’t then he’d probably be the only person in camp who hasn’t.

    When someone suggested to Shanahan that the Broncos should invest in some protection in case jay gets injured – he went out and bought some cotton wool to wrap jay in.

  • Jason

    After last weekend I am a Woodyard fan and will be, most heartily, looking to examine his performance against the second team Cowboys. He’s a bit small to be the SLB but then again he’s a bit small to be any LB.

  • HogBlog

    Too small? He’s 230lbs. He’s bigger than Gold was in his glorydays. Boss Bailey’s only 235. You dont need to be big @ LB, UNLESS, your playing the “Mike” or ILB.

    I’ve watched him @ Kent for years. All he did was lead the SEC in tackles, and make “All SEC” his final 2 years. If you know anything about the SEC, you know it’s the closest thing to the NFL you can at the collegiate level. Ask Peyton Hillis, another SEC, high skill, low draft pick. Damn, we are lucky to get these guys. Im pumped!