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Published on 08/07/2008 at Thu Aug 07 15:44.
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Running late today folks, sorry. Back to back to back meetings at my place of employment – what’s a blogger to do?

  • An MRI revealed further damage to his elbow than first thought, requiring surgery, and Ryan Torain is now expected to miss three months.  [CBS 4]
  • And in the second post of his new blog, Torain discusses how the injury went down.  Yummy.  []
  • Marlon McCree feels right at home in Denver as the new starter.  [Rocky Mountain News]
  • Anthony Alridge had his sights on the Broncos, too.  [Denver Post]
  • Jay Cutler will take over the CBS show John Lynch has hosted the past few years.  [BizJournal]
  • Can the Broncos trust Brandon Marshall when the time comes to renew his contract?  [DPO]


Yesterday’s winner: Person – Marshall: “Don’t worry I’ll be your Rod Smith” Royal: “Damn it…” Honorable Mention: GreasyQtip, Danish Denver-fan.

Jay Cutler
Jay Cutler approves of something.

Your wittiest, most cleverest captions in the comments…

  • CommishCH

    now, ya see, if I flatten the Silly Puttty like this, then smash it on the playbook, then I have the plays right there on the Silly Putty! No need for the wrist band thing.

  • scotto

    Denver Bronco’s QB Jay Cutler reacts to his first viewing of a copy of the 2008 regular season schedule.

  • Trent

    God that was funny…I just saw brandon running around naked after Eddie Royal…

  • Arden

    Jay Cutler: He even grows facial hair better than Jake Plummer.

  • AKscott

    Jay’s reaction after reading the 32 posts about Phyllis Rivers two days ago..

  • Ian Henson

    Cutler’s reaction upon learning that manager Bus Cook had actually arranged for him to be traded to the Jets instead of Brett Favre.

    “I’ve said it before, Bus is from Mississippi you can’t understand a thing he says…” Cutler went on, “He’s not my favorite person in the world right now.”

  • mikebirty

    “Wow, well done to everyone!!!! I can’t believe you all went an entire press conference without mentioning my Diabetes.”

  • Jon

    “Yeah Brandon!! Did you guys see what he did you Philips ballons? It was great!” -Jay Cutler

  • Pat

    Jay cutler’s reaction to a doctor who can successfully give him a chin

  • Lynn

    Yea! Jake Plummer really is retired and I really am the starter! Brette Farve had me sweating!

  • CourtneyBrown98