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Published on 08/02/2008 at Sat Aug 02 21:34.
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Matt Prater

The word out of training camp Saturday morning is that kicker Matt Prater killed it in practice. Killed it. He reportedly went a perfect 11-for-11, including three kicks from beyond 50 yards – a 59 yarder, a simulated “for the game” kick at 54 yards out, and a whopping 68-yard field goal, which went through the uprights to uproarious applause from the crowd.

Jason Elam who?

Of course, it doesn’t mean a thing once the stadium is filled and the scoreboard lights are on. Prater was the first to acknowledge this:

“It felt good to just show the team that I can do it and give them some confidence in me so in the game when I do have a chance to have a game winner. I still have to do it in the game, there will still be some questions but hopefully I’ll get the opportunity and do well in the game.”

I was hoping to get a serviceable kicker out of training camp… but a potential stud? Talk about a bonus. Let’s see how he does in preseason games and we’ll give the final verdict, but for now, it’s a best case scenario in replacing Elam.

  • myerda00

    Remember, when Elam said good-bye he stated “that Matt has a very strong leg and only needs consistency and confidence. Broncos will be just fine with Matt”.

  • rcsodak

    How many punters have “killed it” in practice/camp, only to suck in a live game?
    ….nuff said.

  • Richard

    How many have killed it in practice and also killed it in games?

    How about the glass half full!

  • kerry

    im glad to hear the kid has a good leg. now kickoffs will be sailing into the end zone. but when it comes to field goals, lets see how he does when he has a bunch of linemen barrelling down on him.

  • HogBlog

    We ALL have to be positive and optimistic about Matt Prater. He’s going to need support, especially as he is now the ONE who will be counted on to nail those FGs.

    With his “Big” leg, it’s going to be a huge upgrade from the ST’s aspect. Sauerbrun was OK kicking off, but this guy can kick them out of the endzone, much like janakowski did for the raiders. Having our opponents start on the 20, instead of the 32, will be huge advantage.

    So, let’s give him props for learning from Elam prior to his departure. He has tremendous upside. He’s needs our support and confidence.

    Is it anymore difficult trying to come behind Elam, than all the QB’s have had to endure trying to become the next Elway?

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