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Published on 08/01/2008 at Fri Aug 01 14:34.
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Brandon Marshall

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told reporters in Canton, OH today that he has been reviewing the case around Denver Broncos WR Brandon Marshall and will make a decision regarding any disciplinary action soon. Marshall met with Goodell in New York last week to discuss several off field incidents that could be interpreted to be in violation of the League’s Personal Conduct Policy.

“But we are in the final stages of that,” Goodell said. “We’ve had a hearing, we’ve had discussions. We’ve got a little more work to do — which was actually done (Friday) morning — and we should be making a ruling very shortly.”

Goodell then went on to describe how he makes these types of decisions.

“First is to understand all the facts, to understand all the perspective,” Goodell said. “So we clearly understand the circumstances in which an incident or incidents occurred. Then we also look at the individual player and how they view the incident and how they view their behavior and how they understand that there are consequences with the kind of action they may have been involved with.

“They also understand what I expect of them and I communicate with them what I expect of them as an NFL player.”

Expect the ruling to come Monday or Tuesday. This thing is dragging on way too long and I’m just ready to learn the decision already. My guess is 4 games, Marshall appeals, and gets dropped to 2 games. Personally I’ve convinced myself he shouldn’t be suspended, period.

NFL commish: Decision on Marshall’s fate coming soon [Rocky Mountain News]

  • Jon

    hey, i just noticed…8 days till the Broncos play!!! YES!

  • myerda00

    If Marshal is NOT suspended then do you think he will learn a lessen?
    Maybe a 4 game suspension without pay will get his attention.

  • Kyle

    myerda – If every criminal who ever served a 4-week jail sentence came out clean on the other side, we’d be a very different country.

    By most accounts, Marshall has already been cleaning up his act, and has given time to the community this offseason. How many of us have done that?

  • rcsodak

    To say he won’t learn a lesson without a suspension is bunk. These people aren’t kids. Timeouts don’t work with them. By everything I’ve read, it looks to me like he’s trying his best to get his life straightened out. It’s something that has to come from WITHIN. I doubt putting Manson in jail and then releasing him would have kept him from his mass murders.
    It’s up to Brandon, and all we can do is support him and his individual effort.

  • JC

    None of us actually know Brandon as a person. Speculation is all we have to go on. So he f’d up, he had some personal problems…who reading this hasn’t? I don’t think we should be crucifying him for messing up. He is only 24 years old, give him a break, and let him prove himself. If Rod Smith believes in him, I will too