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Published on 07/31/2008 at Thu Jul 31 21:14.
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John Lynch held an impromptu press conference this afternoon, announcing that he and the Broncos have amicably agreed to part ways.

“I want to thank [Head Coach] Mike [Shanahan], [President and Chief Executive Officer] Pat Bowlen and the Broncos’ organization. The last four years here have been wonderful. As I told Mike, I only have one regret. When I came here I looked him in the eye and told him we were going to win a championship. We didn’t get that done, and I’m sorry for that. But I also looked him in the eye and said I gave him everything I could in terms of trying to do that.”

Thanks John, you were a wonderful player for the Broncos. On the field you may have had a lesser role, but off the field you’re irreplaceable.

(H/T Guru over at MHR for the video, I can only assume he’s the one behind the camera).

  • TheSportsGuru

    LOL…You can’t tell by the shaky hands?? It’s me, and yes, I was that close!

    Thanks for the H/T Kyle!

  • Josh Temple

    It sounded like Reggie Rivers could whisper sweet nothings in your ear if he wanted to.

  • TheSportsGuru

    He could, and did!