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Published on 07/31/2008 at Thu Jul 31 13:11.
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Tom Nalen

Veteran center Tom Nalen will undergo an MRI on his left knee this afternoon, the Rocky Mountain News reports. The Broncos are calling it a precautionary measure as Nalen is still feeling pain in his bursa sac, the area just below the kneecap.

Nalen underwent knee surgery in early June, a procedure that was only supposed to keep him out for 2-3 weeks. The Broncos first held Nalen out of practice on Tuesday morning, saying it was a scheduled break to give him rest after his surgery. He has yet to see the field since.

DL Ebenezer Ekuban, who is making the surprising move from defensive end to defensive tackle, was also given the day off in attempts to keep him healthy after he tore his Achilles tendon last year.

I’m crossing my fingers it’s nothing. If Nalen has another procedure this close to the season, he could miss some valuable time.

  • Josh Temple

    Interesting on the Ekuban move. Hopefully this brings good depth.

  • myerda00

    Lynch is gone. Nalen is having health issues. If Nalen calls it quits then the coaches where VERY smart in getting Wiegmann. Kory L. would be pressed into backup quickly.
    I do not see much differance between Nalen and Wiegmann so the production should not hinder the OL.
    Ekuban to DT tells me that the young DE’s are doing just fine. IMO the DL rotation would have Thomas, Robertson, Ekuban, and Mckinley with Dumervil, Crowder, Moss, and Engelberger. I do not know where that leaves Mallard and Peterson.

  • Kyle

    I’m glad we have Wiegmann too, although he’s not at the same level of Nalen. No hyperbole, no bull, Nalen is the best center I’ve ever seen.

  • HogBlog

    Do you mean the best bronco center you’ve ever seen? If so, I couldnt agree more. He deserves to be in the ring of fame for sure!

    Secondly to the comment about Peterson/Mallard…have you not been reading all the news scoops, and verbatims? He’s probably having one of, if not the best training camp so far. There is about “0” chance he gets cut. Maybe your thinking of Nic Clemons? Ekuban, Mckinley are both getting long in the tooth. Peterson could be a stud in the DL rotation, because Ekuban’s achilles will likely not make it through the entire season at his age. That, along w/Robertson’s chronci knee issues, should leave the door wide open for him to shine. I wouldnt bet against this kid. Maybe Clemons too.

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