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Published on 07/25/2008 at Fri Jul 25 07:30.
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Brandon Marshall

MarshallAdam Schefter of the NFL Network still has his finger on the pulse of Broncos football as well as any of the local reporters, even years after relocating. When he has the scoop on anything Denver Broncos, I sit up and listen, and listen well.

That’s why his latest report that Brandon Marshall is facing a four to eight game suspension has me concerned. Marshall met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell last Friday involving his off-field incidents, and it is believed that the Commish will make a ruling on the matter next week.

Up to this point, the consensus was that Marshall’s lack of ever being convicted, combined with the fact that the majority of those incidents stem from his relationship with the same woman, would result in a suspension of at most a few games, if any at all. This is the first I’ve heard of any potential suspension larger than 4 games.

It’s worth noting that it’s unclear if Schefter is citing a source in his report or merely expressing his opinion. This quote seems to indicate this is just his own speculation: “The league now is weighing whether it should suspend Marshall, and how long the suspension would be.” Even so, personal speculation or not, Schefter’s is an opinion I’ll listen to every time.

Losing Marshall for anything more than 2 games would be a huge blow to the team. Losing him for 8 games is difficult to fathom. We have a tough opening portion of the season, and need Marshall’s presence to help shore up one side of the field while the #2 WR position settles itself.

  • fischdog

    This would be devastating beyond belief for the season! Hopefully his new buddy 1st ballot HOF Rod Smith will convince Darth Goodell to change his mind. Please Lordy Lord!!

  • Kyle

    Anything will hurt the team, but an 8-game suspension will be incredibly difficult. He’s our best weapon on offense, hands down.

  • Josh Temple

    Am I the only one who thinks Goodell has been a bit ham fisted with his first few seasons as NFL commish? I can understand that he wants to clean up the league’s players, but his method has been uneven at best. On Marshall’s case specifically I don’t see how you can throw down a ruling that large before he has ever been convicted of anything. That along with shoving international games down the rest of the league’s throat and the mis-handling of spygate, he’s had more controversy in this short period that I ever remember with Taglibou’s entire run.

  • Kyle

    Yeah I thought the way he handled the Spygate tapes was particularly bad.

    I like the Player Conduct policy, I’d just like some solid ground rules/consistency, not just the whim of one man.

  • Garret Barnes

    Goodell wants to clean up the league. Nothing wrong with that. But if he is not convicted this is completely unreasonable. What if he didn’t do this? I am not saying he didn’t but one day he is going to suspend someone completely innocent and it will put his job in jeopardy when he is cleared.

    I hate to say I told you so about the 4 games but I did.

  • andy b.

    I have to say, from the perspective of getting Marshall on the straight-and-narrow long term, I think 4-5 games is about right. I’m speaking strictly from the long-term perspective– obviously, this season, the team needs him on the field ASAP. But it makes sense to me to try to send a message and give the guy a chance to focus on turning it around. On the other hand, if you get into 6+ games, it becomes counter-productive even from the long-term perspective; if it’s such a long suspension it leaves the guy feeling like he’s been singled out, etc., it’ll take his focus off of where it needs to be: get his s*** together, because there are real consequences for failing to do so, and it could compeltely ruin his career. Travis Henry, anybody?

  • jvill

    Kyle: I like the Player Conduct policy, I’d just like some solid ground rules/consistency, not just the whim of one man.

    That’s exactly right.

  • Danish Denver-fan!

    Brutal… And Shefter is usually well-informed – sadly in this case…

  • Person

    Thank the lord we loaded up on receivers in the offseason. It’s like Shanahan has spider senses.

  • Garret Barnes

    really person. it some times scares me.

  • merc22

    he wont get suspended, he had a few DUI’s and most of his arrest are from his GF, and im sure smith will make sure he keeps a close eye on marshall and tell goodell that, so it would be like carter keeping moss out of trouble

  • bob

    could this be good for signing marshall to a long term deal -money wise?

  • Rick

    COME ON!. Maybe a suspension like this will keep him from ANOTHER DUI before he kills you or some one you love. Football is not the important issue here. Getting this guy straight is. Stop with the hopeing for a paddy cake resolution. He needs a stiff setence b-4 he changes.

  • http://Broncotalk Mike

    I like Schefter, always have, but having said that, I listenedto his comments on the retirement of Ian Gold. Adam did not seem to be aware of the club haviing already parted ways with the speedy, if undersized linebacker, instead stating the Broncos would be losing a very good football player.
    I think we should wait and see as regards Marshalls suspension and it’s length/severity. My guess is it will be two or three games. He has not been convicted and the last time I looked at our judicial system, there was still the presumption of innocence, regardless of the court of poular opinion.

  • http://Broncotalk Mike

    Sorry about the multiple post.

  • Person

    Yeah but Goodell relies more on the Boy Scout Handbook than the American legal system, so Marshall is definitely getting a suspension; the only question is how long. Marshall needs a good smack in the face for a wake up call. I think personally he’s a great kid who makes extremely stupid mistakes. Hopefully if he misses a game or two he’ll realize where his stupid mistakes land him.