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Published on 07/21/2008 at Mon Jul 21 16:21.
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Garrett Hartley

It appears the Denver Broncos have come to a decision on a kicker for 2008. Undrafted rookie Garrett Hartley was released by the club Monday, CBS4 Denver reports. The Broncos also released Mike Bell on Monday.

This leaves Matt Prater as the only kicker on the roster, meaning we won’t see the kicker competition in training camp and preseason many fans were looking forward to.

With the release of these two players, the Broncos now have enough space on their roster to sign their four remaining draft picks.

Hartley was my favorite to win the job; I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised. They must have seen enough to know he wouldn’t be the guy. Expect rookie signings to come soon now.

  • Garret Barnes

    This guy was the future of our Special Teams. He was soooo much better than Prater and I thought he could start. This makes me livid!

  • Richard

    I think we should start looking at what free agent kickers are available, because Prater isn’t the guy.

  • broncosmang

    Umm, I’m sorry Garret, but Hartley’s history at OU was inconsistent at best. I really hope you’re being sarcastic because if you really think you can evaluate two unknown kickers better than a former special teams coach of the year then you need your head checked.

  • Kyle

    I was feeling a lot better about Hartley than Prater myself. Hartley went 32 of 35 in his last two years. True, they didn’t kick often, but when they did, he was money.

  • broncosmang

    He missed five extra points last year.

  • rcsodak

    broncosmang { 07.21.08 at Mon Jul 21 20:01 })

    He missed five extra points last year.

    Yes…with a college long snapper and a college holder.

    I didn’t have much faith in Hartley making it. I’ve seen too many FA kickers come/go under shanny. But at least I’ve seen him kick and make them, under pressure, in front of large crowds. Prater???? ummm…not so much.

    Unless Hartley gets picked up by another team, I expect Prater to be on a short leash. With the rosters being limited to only 80 players, now, it’s too difficult for coaches to keep competition players in the fold. Because of this, I fully expect to see a player carousel this year, much like what we saw last year with the TE’s.

  • Josh Temple

    Is Joe Nedney still around? Best Elam insurance we’ve ever had.

  • myerda00

    Remember, Elam, who REALLY loves the Broncos, said Prater will be fine with a great leg. IMO Elam went to Atlanta (ya home and extra $$) because Broncos were in fine shape with Prater.
    I think Garret and Richard have to have faith in coaches who know football and not be male ego armchair analyst.

  • broncosmang

    If you only miss two field goals and then miss five extra points then I would have to say it’s more a concentration issue than holder/snapper etc.

  • OC Bronco

    I think the best part of the article is Kyle’s quote that we will be looking forward to a position battle at Kicker. That shows what die-hards we are for anything Broncos.
    However, that is one battle I will never look forward to. No team wants to have a battle at kicker. You can’t name 1 team with a good kicker that has comp at that position. The coaches made their decision because confidence is as important as anything else and Prater had better be ready (not saying I wasn’t surprised by the cut).

  • Garret M.

    True, they didn’t seem to have a lot of confidence in him, but that doesn’t mean he can’t kick. I’ve personally stood and watch the guy drill 50-65 yard kicks as well as a 70 yarder during warm-ups. The potential of his leg strength alone makes this a bad cut. Hartley should’ve won the Groza. Prater hasn’t shown me anything to be excited about. Surprising and disappointing cut IMO.

  • Saints

    Thanks Broncos!!! WHO DAT