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Published on 07/21/2008 at Mon Jul 21 13:19.
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Updated 4:06 PMMike Bell wasn’t feeling too god about his job security earlier today. We first reported that Bell told CBS4 Denver’s Gary Miller that he expected to be released when he met with Head Coach Mike Shanahan today; those fears were confirmed today. The Denver Broncos have released Mike Bell after two seasons.

Playing fullback last year after some success at tailback in 2006, Bell rarely saw the field and even fumbled the ball on one of his few carries in 2007. The re-signing of Cecil Sapp and the use of a 7th round draft choice on Peyton Hillis all but guaranteed Bell would have a difficult time making the team.

Including rookies, the Broncos now have 81 players on their roster; one more player will have to be released before they can sign all of their draft picks.

No surprise here, I didn’t think Bell had much of a chance to make the team in the long run either way. At least this gives him time to try to latch onto another team, although the crop of free agent running backs out there will make it difficult. The Texans would likely give him a look, but who knows.

  • Person

    It sucks to see him go, but there is no room for him. Peyton is hopefully the new way to go.

  • sirsam

    Welp, Jim Goodman has confirmed that Bell has indeed been cut.

  • Danish Denver-fan!

    A true bronco that couldn’t make it – sad.

    But this allmost guarantees Torain on the roster, wouldn’t you say?

  • broncfanstuckinsd

    I think the writing was on the wall. Especially when he could not even get the ball last year. Plus when he did he fumbled it. He had a nice rookie season though. Go TORIAN!!

  • Riverscanbl&wme

    This is too bad, I always liked Mike Bell. He had great leaping ability for goal line situations and a big heart. I always that Shanny should have given him more chances considering Tatum couldn’t run through a wet paper bag. Good Luck in the future Mike!

  • Garret Barnes

    I about lost it when I saw Hartley cut!!!!!!! He was the best Kicker we had on the team. Now we have Matt Prater. Uggg!!!!

  • Quicksilver

    I liked the guys heart but it always made me nervous to see him with the ball, it could be good, but it was always a high risk for fumbles, in the end he just wasn’t reliable.

  • TJ

    This just goes to prove that not just any running back can thrive in Denver’s system. I’m quite tired of hearing that from the so called “experts”.

  • Richard Schaeffer

    that fukr sucked! im glad

  • bilrob

    I am quite disapointed to see Hartley go. Hopefully, he will be around should Prater stumble

  • rcsodak