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Published on 07/16/2008 at Wed Jul 16 08:00.
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  • Taking a long, hard look at Denver Broncos wide receivers and tight ends.  []
  • What to expect from rookie DT Carlton Powell.  [Thin Air]
  • This list ranks Jay Cutler 13th in quarterbacks.  [Sporting News]
  • Broncos wide receiver Brandon Stokley discusses his former team’s situation without Peyton Manning.  [Hashmarks]
  • AFC West: Shocker.  Chargers fan comes to the conclusion that Philip Rivers is better than Cutler, despite basically arguing the other way the whole time.  [Bolt Hype]
  • AFC West: More interesting conclusions drawn from thin air (this time from the Chiefs).  [Arrowhead Addict]
  • Josh Temple

    That Charger link was lame. I liked your comment on their site Kyle, I just posted there as well.

  • Josh Temple

    Right after I posted that I read the Chiefs article. Those fans really are delusional if they think we’re finishing lower in the standings then they are.

  • HogBlog

    OMG…After reading the blogs on both sites, I wonder if they’re sampling some of Travis Henry’s stash? How do you take overall higher #’s in every category created, add to that the comparative lack of talent and experience. Mix in a year where Culter lost 30lbs to Diabetes, and still come up with Rivers as a leader or better QB? Geez

    BTW…the KC blogs are even more insane! They’re not on weed, those idiots are “On the Pipe”. Do you think they remember that last year we beat them down twice, and that was WITH Jared Allen? Oh well, let’s strap’em on and get it on!