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Published on 07/14/2008 at Mon Jul 14 13:09.
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Samie ParkerPro Football Weekly has a blip up on their AFC West Rumor mill section about the possibility of Samie Parker not making the team due to the logjam at receiver.

Sources in Denver say Broncos WR Samie Parker needs to carve out a role in the passing game fairly quickly if he wants to make the team. With Brandon Marshall, Keary Colbert, Darrell Jackson, Eddie Royal and Brandon Stokley appearing to be roster locks, Parker could very well be the odd man out by the end of training camp.

As we saw in the daily links, Glenn Martinez may also have trouble securing a roster spot.  I think that could be an even greater shame; to cut a player who showed a good bit of improvement last season and was productive on the field in key situations.  If you factor in how well Royal is supposedly geling with the Broncos it becomes a tough battle to make the receiving corp this season.

  • Kyle

    He’s actually a dark horse I’m cheering for. He had a decent amount of success in Kansas City before Herm Edwards came in and turned conservative.

    Like the article says, he’ll need to “carve a role” – meaning he’ll need to show that, as the fastest person on the team, he can spread the field and still make an impact.

    I think he makes the team.

  • Garret Barnes

    I would hate to see Glenn leave. I am a huge fan and though he is not key I would love to see him on the team.

  • Richard

    I’m cheering for Parker also. If he can stretch the field with his speed, think how much that opens the underneath stuff for Sheffler, Graham, Stokely, and the running game.

  • Kyle

    That’s a great point Richard. I think this offense could really use a deep threat – both Marshall and Jackson have that ability, but they’re more short-pass, after the catch playmakers.

  • Richard Schaeffer

    parker and mat need to go, cuz scheffler can fit in the WR role, if one of our WRs go down and maybe selvin

  • Person

    Scheffler as WR? Do you notice the influx of WR we have right now? Selvin as a WR? I don’t think so. I think it may be too late for Sammie Parker and Im not exactly sad about it. I believe having a player such as Darrell Jackson who has been in high stakes games such as the Super Bowl is more important. I don’t think Parker will make the time and mainly due to the amount of receivers we have to sort through.

  • Richard

    To Richard Schaeffer: I’m sorry but Sheffler is a TE. Of course under your theory, since champ is our best athlete we should put him on the D line. Clady is our first round draft choice so he should be our returner, and we can send Niko out for the Gyros and Souvlaki. I’m not trying to insult you, I’m only pointing out the Parker was brought here to play a role. And if he performs well in his role, he will help the entire offense.

  • HogBlog

    We NEED Samie Parker! He makes this offense much better because of that one intangible he has , that no other reciever (Aldridge not included) dont have; SPEED. Opposing DB’s/S’s will have to give him much greater pad when he’s on the line of scrimmage. I would give up Martinez in a flash (put on practice squad) and let these experienced/skillful recievers give us the high powered scoring threat we desperately want, but have not had since Elway. Royal’s getting all the press, and I believe he could be great. But you cant coach speed, and it doesnt go into slumps…

    When Herm Edwards coaches, everything tends to get watered down, misused, or underappreciated? With that, I give you Samie Parker!!!!!

  • rcsodak

    Correcto me if I’m wrong, but we’re talking about the same samie parker that couldn’t make the loooooowwwwly chefs, right? *scratches head*

    And puhlease, quit with this “but he could stretch the defense” crap! Does the name Asshley Lelie ring a bell to ya’ll? Or how about Watts? Denver has had enough of these “one trick ponies” over the years. It’s about time they had some REAL WR’s that can get open, stretch the field, run the correct routes AND catch the ball. Get my drift?

    The best thing to do, is play the HELL out of Parker in practice and the game against the Cowboys, and then hope like hell Shanny can get a draft pick from them. I’m sure his ability to “stretch the field” will make up for when they lose TGlenn.

  • Kyle

    Fair enough sodak, but you have to consider the Herm Edwards factor. I’m not just talking about him being an ineffective coach (which he is), but everything Parker does well is against Edwards’ conservative offensive philosophy. They ran LJ into the ground two years ago, refusing to pass the ball. Parker never had a shot.

  • mark

    Glenn Martinez is so slow you have to time him with a calendar. Cut’em…

    Marshall, D. Jackson and Stokley – those are your starters. Eddie Royal can hopefully make a huge impact on special teams, god knows the Broncos could use that, and eventually Royal could take some reps at WR.

    I think the Broncs are fine at the wide out position. Just need to give Cutler some time.

  • Josh Temple

    If it was all about speed Tim Dwight would be the greatest receiver the NFL has ever seen. There is a big jump to what receivers can do in practice and how they produce on the field. Martinez came out of nowhere last year and made plays as a 3rd wideout. I think that is worthy of keeping him over an equalish guy.

  • Richard

    I don’t think anyone would mistake Sammie Parker for the second coming, but Kyle has it right when he points out that Herm Edwards doesn’t know how to use him. Shanny had to sign him for a reason, and if he works out: SUPER! If not , oh well. At least nobody is going to mistake him for Ashley Lelie, who’s CONCEIT overshadowed any talent he may or may not have had.

  • Person

    Mark… timing him with a calendar… that was hillarious. I’m excited to see how this plays out, no matter what I believe the broncos are in a win-win situation. We have a ton of great receivers with a great QB to throw to them, so at least we can be thankful for that.

    P.S. – Richard, not to forget you. Gryos and Souvlaki… damn funny.

  • HogBlog

    Comparing Samie Parker to Lelie/Watts is ridiculous. Lelie became a contract casualty, and he was an arrogant idiot. Lelie had speed, but his ego got in his way. And saying Tim Dwight should be all pro because he has SPEED is just about as bad. Speed can mask some areas but fortunately, catching the ball is not one of them.

    Parker CAN catch and run. Please reference the Herm Edwards comments… Hell, if Elway had played for Herm Edwards, he would have likely played WR? Or been shipped to the Royals as a 3rd baseman.

  • Person

    Herm Edwards only coached Parker for 2 years. His best year was Edward’s first year coaching at KC. What’s Parker’s excuse for his first two? I can understand a few excuses perhaps being a rookie, bad QB, etc. Parker had Trent Green who was pretty damn good and Green was slinging around 4,000 yards a year. Sammie Parker has never caught over 600 yards in a season. Why couldn’t he cut into that? I know they have Tony Gonzalez but in 2005 Green threw for 4,014 yards and Tony only got 905 of that. Do the math. I don’t trust that Parker has what it takes, if he proves me wrong then the better for the Broncos.

  • Josh Temple

    @HogBlog I wasn’t saying that Tim Dwight should be an all pro, I was using him as an example that speed isn’t everything. That basically if speed was everything, Tim Dwight would have been better than Jerry Rice.