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Published on 07/11/2008 at Fri Jul 11 08:00.
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Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall

The 2008 offseason saga of Brandon Marshall has been one for the ages.

A March arrest goes unreported for nearly four months. Later in March, Marshall severely injures his right forearm in a freak accident in Florida, requiring surgery and months of recovery. The injury doesn’t slow his spirits – Marshall still predicts a 100-catch season, and begins catching passes ahead of schedule.

Later on, the extent of his rap sheet is detailed, and rumors of a possible suspension begin to mount. His DUI trial (stemming from an incident last season) is continually postponed. The aggressive investigations of the Denver Post don’t help his case, especially when a mere traffic ticket is treated as front page news.

Despite it all, Denver Broncos Head Coach Mike Shanahan stands by his wide receiver, saying he still believes in Marshall as both a player and a person.

“Brandon has a good upside and he’s a real good kid. I feel very good where Brandon’s at. I think he’ll be fine.”

Marshall’s best defense for his actions is that the vast majority of his run-ins with the law are directly related to his ex-girlfriend, Rasheedah Watley. He claims he never laid a hand on her, and that he’s the victim in the entire situation. Watley and her lawyers vehemently deny Marshall’s story.

“He’s had problems with one person over and over again,” Shanahan said, “and hopefully he’s smart enough to stay away from her.”

Quarterback Jay Cutler also showed his support for Marshall. Both teammate and coach were participating in the American Century Championship at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course this week.

“I just hope he gets his act together, cause it’d be a shame for him to waste all that talent,” Cutler said Thursday. “Brandon’s a great guy. I’d do anything for him, but he’s running into some trouble in the past, and hopefully we’ll move past this and get things straightened out and have a good season.”

Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall

Marshall has pledged to do better and not get into any more trouble with the law, but his recent incident (where he allegedly passed two cars by using the shoulder on I-25), while certainly not front page news, is still a sign of immaturity and unwillingness to change. He’s showed improvement in other areas, though: Marshall has been generous with his time, giving to fans and participating in community service in the Denver area.

The question remains – the same question we ask you in the poll on the main page – will Brandon Marshall be suspended? Should he be?

Facing a twisted game of He Said, She Said, it’s unlikely that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell can make a decision regarding a suspension either way without a deeper investigation of those incidents.  The nature of the complaints make that nearly impossible, so the latest rumor currently making the rounds in NFL circles is that Goodell will wait for the results of Marshall’s DUI trial in September before deciding his football fate. If found guilty, sources close to the situation expect Goodell to suspend Marshall for “at least one game.” If found innocent, Marshall could walk scot-free – at least, until the next load hits the fan.

In the end it all comes down to the DUI trial in September. Assuming the rumors are true, this means two things: 1. Marshall will definitely be suiting up for our week one matchup against the Raiders. 2. If cleared, Marshall will likely dodge all league-imposed penalties. It’s a lucky break for Broncos fans, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I mentioned before I thought it might do Marshall good to sit out a few games and think about his actions. If he dodges this bullet, I just hope he still learns his lesson and doesn’t mess up ever again.

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  • Josh Temple

    Nice summary Kyle. With this all wrapped up can we just put the issue to rest now? Oh that’s right, we have the Denver Post as the paper, probably not then.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    At least the Post isn’t reporting incessantly about Favre…oh wait.

  • Ian Henson

    I heard they’re preparing an exclusive of him picking his nose on I-25… You didn’t hear it from me and you don’t have my permission to use me as a source though =P

  • Rick

    What else can Shannie do but stand by his troubled receiver. Until another Javon Walker like mishap. “Bad Boys bad boys watcha gonna do” COPS on lacation in Denver

  • Rick

    Oh yea btw Ian, domestic violence isn’t like picking yoose. Come on don’t minimize these knuckle heads actions….

  • andy b.

    I’m concerned the track record smacks of addict behavior. Which means it doesn’t change, no matter what, unless the guy hits bottom. Hopefully I’m dead wrong about that and it’s just been some bad luck and some immature behavior, some anger issues, etc. If he is dealing with addict issues (and athletes can be prone to this like anybody else) than I doubt this is anywhere near the bottom. But again, I’d be very, very happy to be totally wrong about that.

  • Kyle

    What concerns me is that Marshall is beginning to tally off-field incidents that DONT have to do with his ex-gf. The altercation with his dad, the DUI, the latest traffic incident – he’s getting into trouble other ways too.

  • Rick

    Andy some with addictive nature can be more suceptable to drugs and alchol especially if the have huge ego’s, 10 or 20 million dollars and alot of freedom in the off season.

  • Ian Henson

    Hi Rick, if you’ve seen my blog, I haven’t been easy on him, but I’m not hell bent on bringing down the man’s career either. There’s no place in society for domestic violence or even driving while intoxicated.

    I also think that he should be suspended four or even five games- and not just for recent incidents. Give him some time to reevaluate those in his life and separate himself from college, he’s not a kid and his actions have real consequences. To me it just seems as if he’s screaming for a role model, someone to tell him all of that and be there to reinforce when he may feel like drifting.

    He’s not making 10 or 20 million, I don’t have his contract info in front of me, but he’s still on his rookie contract meaning that Colbert, Stokley and maybe even Darrell Jackson are making more money than him this season. Eddie Royal probably will be too, when he signs his contract. So you’re looking at a “multi-thousandaire,” who’s facing a possible multiple game suspension. Could hurt him enough to keep him sane for awhile.

  • broncfanstuckinsd

    I am tired of all this. But correct me if I am wrong. On the DV isnt it a he said/she said. And wasnt he not arrested? Sure the DUI is a serious lack of judgement. The passing on the shoulder is stupid, but it does not deserve all the attention its getting.

  • andy b.

    I think the concern is, like Rick said, the stuff piling up; if you’re in control you don’t find yourself passing two people on the right shoulder AFTER your name is plastered all over the media for a DUI, which came AFTER a string of DV problems. Again, it smacks of out-of-control addict behavior, in which case it probably is best for Broncos fans if he DOES get slammed with a serious suspension; the bigger the consequences, the more likely he gets his stuff together right away and the Broncos get him back for real, not just for however long it takes for him to screw up again.
    Rick, you’re right that having that kind of money and time must make it a lot harder.

  • Kyle

    Howdy stuckinsd, hardly hear from you anymore. :)

    We pretty much agree on a lot of points, except I think it is a big deal and it’s costing Broncos fans. He also had the altercation with his dad where he allegedly fired a gun.

    Pacman wasn’t charged or arrested all that much. He was just “involved” with police about 10 times. It was the sum of all the problems that got him suspended for a year. Until Marshall truly shapes up, it’s the same road I feel he’s heading down.

  • Rick

    An athlete in control and sober goes out to dinner with his girl friend and go’s home. Puts on a game, movie etc. A person out of control gets DUI’s (being caught 1 time, gettin away with it many times) Its all alcohol or drug related. The fights with family were all while intoxicated. Like my reference to COPs. Have you ever seen police at a domestic disturbance where the parties were not drunk?

    We fans should not enable him. People shoud stop enabling him. To say its his word against hers is ridiculas because the police did get called which means its at best a big brohaha. When’s the last time you had cops at your house because of a domestic dispute? He needs to hit rock bottom to realize he is not superman. He needs to have the privladge taken away. He needs to NOT be able to afford a lawyer and feel the feeling of really being in Deep do do. He hasn’t got that feeling yet. Let him go…sink to the bottom and then its up to him to change his behavior. He’s still young enough to change but he has to feel humility

    Google Warren Wells WR Oakland Raiders 1980s for a peek at what maybe in store for him.