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Published on 07/08/2008 at Tue Jul 08 12:42.
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Greetings, folks.  I just returned from vacation in the beautiful mountains of Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.  I want to say a quick thanks to Josh and the rest of the gang for keeping up with the site in my absence. They did a phenomenal job keeping up with posts and comments, and this site didn’t even miss a beat.

Waiting at my doorstep upon my return (thankfully no one here knows where I live) was a FedEx package with A Few Second of Panic, the much-anticipated book by Stefan Fatsis that covers the Broncos 2006 training camp and season.  He and his publisher were nice enough to send me a copy, and I’ll be doing a nice Q&A with the author and full book review in the days to come.

I arrived pretty late last night but still cracked open the book and got in a few chapters.  I plan on thoroughly exploring those pages when I get home (in fact, I pretty much can’t get it off my mind).

In the first few chapters and Prologue of the book, Fatsis starts out by giving us a glimpse of the feel of an NFL locker room, as he’s hazed and expected to (what else but) dance for his new teammates.  Pretty funny stuff, but the quotes from former Broncos like Jake Plummer and Al Wilson make this worth every penny for Broncos fans already. (Note: As expected, Plummer is indeed one badass mother f-er).

He also talked about finding an NFL team, and was surprised that Denver finally allowed him to join (he initially scratched Denver off his list, before asking, because he figured Mike Shanahan was the type of control freak who wouldn’t have anything of it.  Nearly 20 teams declined his invite before he reevaluated his list and talked to Owner Pat Bowlen).

I’m at the point in his story where he’s preparing to join his new team, taking lessons from a great kicking coach in the area, and learning to transform his soccer-experienced kick into a field goal drilling machine. So far it’s simply fascinating stuff and I can’t wait to get the full scoop on his life inside the Broncos locker room.

The guys over at KSK have a hilarious review (with quotes), so check it out if you’re not already sold. It’s available now, click on the link at the top of this post to order it from Amazon, and we’d love to set up a little comments chat among those who are reading, book club style.

  • ryanbroncos

    I finished it yesterday in like 5 hours, just couldn’t put it down. I loved the book and the view it gave us on our Broncos, but as a Bronco fan it was kind of depressing realizing that every player in the locker room doesn’t really give a damn about anything except getting paid.

  • Kyle

    I’ll almost certainly read it all today (I opened it up at like 12 AM after about 15 hours of traveling… if only I had the book on the plane!).

  • Josh Temple

    On caring only about the paycheck: from what I’ve read of the book (haven’t snagged a copy yet) it sounds like this might have been misconstrued a bit. With all due respect to Mr. Fatsis, I think that things can get blown out of proportion and reported a bit over zealously. Who enjoys going to practice? Even in high school football we hated practice. You’re there for desire to play the game on Sunday, not go through the motions on the practice field. I have trouble believing a lot of guys are just there to earn their cash, but I’ll have to give it a read and get back to you. Another good example of this is watch the Costas Now episode where they talk about how little trust there is for the media in sports now.

    This isn’t the right segment, but it is the same episode:

  • Kyle

    Anybody else reading yet?

  • mikebirty

    It’s available in the UK too!!! I’ll be picking it up on the weekend.

  • Kyle

    Highly recommend it. I’m about 2/3 in after reading last night.

    Jake Plummer is just a character. No other way to put it. I love the guy (“no homo”).