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Published on 07/07/2008 at Mon Jul 07 10:17.
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  • Woody Paige details the history of Pat Bowlen, and says he is worthy of the top three owners title, bestowed by the ESPN poll.  [Denver Post]
  • By the way, did anyone know that Pat owned a restaurant with Tom Selleck?  [Honolulu Star Bulletin]
  • That other owner, Al Davis turned 79 this weekend.  Wonder how long that is in Mummra years?  [Hashmarks]
  • Ted Sundquist is hoping to resurface in the NFL, but knows it would mean another GM losing his job.  [Hashmarks]
  • Obama is moving his nomination speech to Mile High.  Apparently this is going to put a strain on the tv networks.   [Denver Post, tvnewser]
  • Reggie Rivers gives a tour of the visitors locker room at our stadium.  [CBS4]
  • The Crush fell 64-51 to the San Jose Saber Cats in this weekend’s AFL playoffs.  Mark Grieb’s 7 touchdown passes proved to be too much for Colorado.  [Boulder Daily Camera]
  • Richard

    Happy birthday Al. Put on your black leather diaper and show us your commitment to excrement!

  • hercules rockefeller

    I think you forgot to type the 1 in front of Davis’ age there, Josh.

  • Ian Henson

    It was nice of Woody to give everyone a condensed version of the Broncos Media Kit’s Bowlen biography. Oh and ESPN contributed to his article as well…

    He must have missed the KSK review of A Few Seconds of Panic:

    Jake Plummer (to Pat Bowlen): “Hey, Mr. Bowlen, those are sweet boots. Where’d you get ‘em?”

    Pat Bowlen (to Jake Plummer): “Aw, these are some ****in’ ostrich skin. You got to get yourself a pair of these, you little ****er.”

    That would have fit right in…