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Published on 07/02/2008 at Wed Jul 02 14:43.
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Has anyone else been curious as to where Travis Henry disappeared to since the Broncos cut him back on June 2nd?  Even the NFL insiders such as Schefter, Clayton,  Mortenson, etc. haven’t heard a peep out of the running back.  You would at least think that the guy would be out trying to earn a job by doing workouts or something similar to what Kevin Jones has been up to.  But nothing, not even a blip on the NFL Free agency radar.

This gives credit to a statement that Bill Williamson made after Henry was cut.  After Travis was released by the Broncos, Williamson stated that he thought Henry was done in the NFL.  End of career.  After scraping the interwebs trying to find a trace of our former halfback, the only real evidence popped up in an article by Adam Schefter.  He proposes that the Titans could possibly end up fronting some salary to bring him back to Tennessee being that they “know Henry and could better control him.” Yeah, good luck with that guys, you can have him.

You have to wonder if Williamson is right.  Did Henry’s desire for football just give out?  Maybe he figured having to divide up his portion of that NFL salary between himself and his nine different child support checks wasn’t worth the effort.  He also has an uphill battle ahead to re-enter the NFL on a squad.  First he has the stigma of completely giving up on his team after they made efforts left and right to accommodate him over the past season.

The team was unhappy with Henry all spring. The final straw came in the last week when Henry stopped attending the team’s organized activities. Although Henry had suffered a hamstring injury, he was required to attend workouts. (KFFL)

He also has to contend with a crowded free agent HB group right now.  One that contains the likes of Shaun Alexander, Cedric Benson, Ron Dayne, LaMont Jordan, and the above mentioned Kevin Jones.  If I were a GM or coach in the NFL right now, I sure as hell would take Jones or Alexander (even if he is over the hill) before wasting my time with Henry.  But look on the bright side Travis, Jeff Fisher used you as an example of what not to do during his rookie symposium speech.

  • Kyle

    It’s weird with Henry. We all knew we had two priors with marijuana, but they were some two years old or so. No report of the 9 babies with 9 mamas. Kinda feel like we got thrown for a loop with him.

    Maybe Henry will land on a roster somewhere after a training camp injury or two. I can’t imagine he doesn’t want the million-dollar paycheck. Good luck, and frankly, good riddance.

  • Richard

    The man has another thing coming if he think that giving up on the NFL will end his responsibilities to his “litter”. Maybe he should get used to the phrase ” would you like me to supersize that , sir?” to his lexicon. If nothing else his behavior is consistent, if erratic.

  • Patrick

    Where in the world in Travis Henry?

    Why, having sex out of wedlock of course!

  • Ian Henson

    The Denver media kind of knows how to dig up the dirt. No one mentioned Henry’s kids until it came out through a court case the Denver media was covering (because he was a Bronco). Marshall has all those run ins no one knew about until The Denver Post started “investigating”.

    Onto the running pool talent, can you imagine last year, having Shaun Alexander, Kevin Jones, Travis Henry and Cedric Benson available in July through Free Agency? A team with a running issue, could sign two or three of the four (only two have sketchy pasts and only one recent). If Madden is up to date people are going to have a field day signing and trading these guys for early draft picks =P.

  • Garret Barnes

    Yeah…I think that he may be done for good.

  • mikebirty

    I just assumed he was spending some more time with his families.

  • Josh Temple

    Love the plural.