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Published on 06/27/2008 at Fri Jun 27 12:00.
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Lane Kiffin and Al Davis

Smack Talk Week on BroncoTalk continues, celebrating the inefficiencies and inferior qualities of everything non-Broncos in the AFC West. Remember it’s all in the name of good, clean fun, and you can dish it in the comments.

Of course we saved the most bitter of rivals for last. We’ve already ripped into the Chiefs this week, a mere day after leaving the Chargers black and blue. Now it’s time to switch our focus to the Bastards by the Bay, the Oakland Raiders.

Hatred between the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders is as pure and white hot as it gets in the NFL. Here are five reasons the Raiders suck, in case you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the past 40 years.

The Crypt Keeper – How old, old, old man Al Davis still manages to run a successful NFL franchise is beyond me. Wait, did I just say successful?

So Close to Twenty – Over the past five years, the Raiders have gone under an unprecedented struggle for their franchise. During that time span, they have won a grand total of 19 games. If it wasn’t for those pesky four other years, the Raiders would have had a perfect season!

Coach Em Up – First, it was Mike Shanahan‘s departure that ultimately led to him wiping the floor with the Raiders as Broncos Head Coach for 13 years now. Then it was John Gruden being traded for a plethora of picks, then going on the very next year to beat the Raiders in the Super Bowl. Both vocalized their concern with the ownership having too much control. No wonder nobody wants to be their coach.

Get Me Outta Here – The recent exodus of Raiders has led to a bit of dirty laundry airing, with former players such as Warren Sapp and Dominic Rhodes voicing their concerns in different public forums. Much like the previously mentioned coaches Shanahan and Gruden, it’s apparent most people can’t wait to escape the jaws of this franchise. Who can blame them?

Can’t Buy Championships – $250 million in one offseason. The Raiders must have forgotten that they already sucked the life out of one incredible player in the NFL. Has anything reeked more of desperation?

  • 2o9Raider

    Donkeyz ha if it wuznt for elway and his last stand in his NFL career wat would tha donkeys have? people luv to bash tha Raiders but its koo cuz most peoples teams really cant say anything cuz they never won anything. and people say o wat have they done lately well unless ur team won tha superbowl lately which is highly unlikely ur in tha same boat its jus funny to see all tha people and how dumb they sound when they try to talk but its all in fun it makes it interesting Raider4Life wat!!!

  • azraider37

    WOW! That’s all you got?
    1. Our owner is old? Good one, that obviously means we suck. That was lame bro.
    2.Yes the 19 wins does mean we sucked the last 5 years, that was comming off an AFC championship, don’t forget. Every team has their down times, were comming back….SOON.
    3.We suck cause we fired Shanarat. Come on, he couldn’t coach his way out of a bag the year and a half he was with us. Not to mention he alienated himself from half the team the first week he was there. Gruden was leaving anyway. He couldn’t wait to get to Tampa Bay and his family, so we got what we could for him. Our bigger mistake was promoting Callahan. Again very LAME reason.
    4.Rhodes was disgruntled because he was beat out and never given much of a chance to start. Then restructures his contract, only to watch McFadden get drafted. He was bitter. Sapp never had anything but decent thing to say about the new regime in Oakland. So that one was pretty lame, as well
    5. We spend too much, we’re signing too many players? Come on dude, that is by far the dumbest reason yet. We don’t even know the outcome of this off season. Probably not a championship, but a very good start. I am positive we will be there before Denver will be. So just keep being mediocre and you will be looking up at us in the standings very soon, maybe even next season, what kind of talent resides on the Denver roster? Not much from where I’m standing. Can’t wait till the first week. We’ll have a better idea of whats up then.

  • Jason

    I see Al’s got his Rum and Coke and Metamucil drink in front of him. That he has yet to get the fiber down would explain the look on his face. Honestly, I bit worried about his health. If he dies the Raiders may once again be fairly decent.

  • broncfanstuckinsd

    Man, this is too easy. Just say faders suck and you get all the fader fans coming out of the woorwork. You really didnt even have to have a reason. But do you expect from Alice and company. I didnt realize the prisons had internet access for the fader fans

  • kerry

    yeah and obviously those raiders fans in prison arent getting any education on grammar. just look at the first comment posted here. lol lol lol. but thats a raiders fan for you. seriously what the hell is 209raider talking about? lol. sorry raiders fans but you have no room to talk. you guys have sucked for years and will continue to do so. you have a QB who would rather attend an all you can eat buffet then play football, a busted ass receiver, and RB who cant take a hit and will go down on first contact everytime. then Alice Davis pays 55 million to Javon walker, 50 million to Tommy Kelly (Who is he anyway?) overpaid Deangelo hall who cant even carry champ baileys jock strap if he had a suitcase. and you raiders fans have been saying that you are getting better every year, yet every year you guys cant win more then 4 games. hmmm…. thats not getting better. thats sucking!!! yeah you guys and the Chiefs will compete for the cellar in the AFC west.

  • Raider Blues

    Like Kobe Bryant just found out, I suspect you guys are just smart enough to realize you can’t win without Elway and you had better get your digs in now because we’re getting back on track.

  • Garret Barnes

    I could give you 40 reasons they suck. What was that with the whole successful franchise thing? This was way too easy.

  • OC Bronco

    You guys need to ease up on Al and the Raiders. They are my second favorite team behind the Broncs in the Shanahan era…… I mean come on, 2 easy wins every year! You have to love them for that!

  • Garret Barnes

    How are you a Broncos fan and a Raiders fan?! You don’t deserve to be one for that!

  • orangecrush74

    Raiders enough said. No need to mention why they suck, its the Raiders! Can’t wait for week 1

  • T-Money

    I hope the raiders have fun next year with all that cap space you’ll have. Should be fun to watch.

  • raiderblaze

    man you bronco fans are pathetic,how bout instead of trying to find reasons to hate the raiders you try and find reasons not to hate your own team!!! broncos suck hardcore since old donkey face elway left!!!YOU GUYS GOT NOTHING NOW!!!!bailey sucks he had his day and its long gone now…..raiders well they just happen to have the best cb tandem in the league now……oh yeah but you guys have a good running game right……oh actually no you dont you let go of your best runner without having an adequate backup….well the raider running game has improved….it was already better then your donkey asses as they were 6th in the league but this year it will be better.i mean just take a good hard look at your team and then youll realize that you guys are living a dream if you think your going to be above the raiders this year……seriously the raiders sucked last year and you guys still only barely won….come on it just makes me laugh cause you bronco fans really think in your little heads that you are better but hey most of you bronco fans also think its ok to date your sister so its no surprise to me!!!!!

    GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!

  • Josh Temple


    With evidence like this, I wouldn’t be one to talk…

  • http://broncotalk kyle

    At least the broncos have people that have proved they can hang in the nfl, especially when you playin with the worst type diabetes. None of the raiders have proved they can play for the exception of a few defensive players . Listen, no matter how much raiders talk shit, broncos and chargers are gonna battle for first. Lets just be real. And whoever is responsible of player personnel, like signing, resigning, and drafting players, has to be one of the worst in the league. Go broncos and keep dreamin raiders!

  • Raider Dan

    2 easy wins a year, Bronco Fans? Not Quite. I remember we beat you soundly the last time we played you guys. What did we beat you, like 34-20 or something like that? You guys got STOMPED!!! Since you guys got even worse over the offeason, I say we should beat you 34-10 on Monday Night Football just like we did in 2002! Seriously, you have no wide receivers to speak of, a mediocre QB, a poor offesive line, a bad defensive line and no DB’s to speak of other than Chump Baily. Oh, and who is you guys starting running back? Seriously, I don’t know.

  • B-wilder

    I have been a Raiders fan all my life and I honestly am on the verge of giving up. What is GODS name were they thinking with this draft???We dont even have but ONE of the players we spent 250 MIL on last year and he rodw the bench all season (Javon). We will never be good again until Al davis dies or retires. Seriously, look at all of the talent we passed on in the past few drafts. It hurts to say this but Im over it….who would pick Heyward-Bay? That was AWFUL! Crabtree and Maclin available and they pick him????WTF???please somebody say something that makes sense…

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Sorry Wilder… I’ve lived in the bay and have some serious football fiends (friends) who love the Raiders… Until Al dies…. you’re in for it. The way it looks now consider yourself lucky… Bowlen’s beginning to show the same signs except he’s not due to die anytime soon….

    BTW Marcus Allen and down from there.

    BTW2 My only Al Davis Happy moment…
    When the bad-ass ol gangsta mutherfucker walkered himself up to the podium in his old school pin-stripes to introduce Madden to the HOF. Awesome.

    Live on that moment for a while Raiders… It’ll take awhile to fix your present operation!

    Did ya hear the one about your new QB taking home the DVD’s to watch from his coach? …said he watched em ….it was a set up, they were blank! True story.

    Oh yeah Gerret… OC was being SARCASTIC… look it up.


  • http://FiveReasonstheRaidersSUCK-BroncoTalk Raiders Suck

    Raiders ccan suck my fuzzies.

    RAIDERS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ted Benko

    The Raiders got their ass handed to them by Tebow and the Broncos yesterday! HA HA HA!!!