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Published on 06/24/2008 at Tue Jun 24 15:17.
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Herm Edwards

Smack Talk Week continues on BroncoTalk, celebrating the inefficiencies and inferior qualities of everythiing non-Broncos in the AFC West.  Remember it’s all in the name of good, clean fun, no personal attacks, and you can dish it in the comments.

Today we’re exploring why the Kansas City Chiefs suck, and there’s just oh-so many reasons.  It was hard to narrow it down to five, but I did my best.  Enjoy.

One trophy forty years ago aint so hot, either – Yesterday I made sure to rub it in to Chargers fans that their team is the only Lombardi trophy-less squad in the division.  Well, the Chiefs aren’t doing too much better, winning their only trophy in Super Bowl IV in 1969.  They haven’t even returned to the Super Bowl since.  Just shy of forty years without a Super Bowl berth… that’s a long, proud history of mediocrity right there.

You Play To Win The Playoffs – Super Bowls aside, the Chiefs are a proud franchise. This brave organization must have at least a few playoff victories to show for its merits, right? Wrong. Since winning Super Bowl Numero Quatro, the Chiefs have a won a grand total of three playoff games. In 38 years. All three occurred during the three year span of 1991-1993. The Chiefs have been one-and-done in the playoffs in their five playoff berths since.

Herm Edwards

Embrace the Rebuilding – I still have no idea how any coach, player, or fan can really appreciate the fact that this team has decided to rebuild. They’ve gone public with it. They’ve told the media, “This is a rebuilding team.” TRANSLATION: We suck. Seriously. I’m sure there a few football coaches out there. I was a volunteer assistant coach for a few years. How do you go up to a football player of any age and say, “Try really hard, but if we don’t win, aw shucks, it’s okay, we’re just rebuilding.” ??? Please fill me in here people. I cannot possibly understand how the Chiefs coaching staff expects their players to give anything near 100%. Once word got out that the team needed to rebuild last year, they packed it in, losing 9 straight to close the season! Brilliant move, fellas.

OMG Our Draft Ruled!!1! – You guys keep celebrating your April victory, which wasn’t the good anyway. Meanwhile we’ll focus on winning something during the only part of the year that means something: September through February.

Shrewd Lessons in Quarterbackery – When your division rival’s quarterback has won more games in your home stadium than your quarterback has (Jay Cutler 1, Brodie Croyle 0), you know you’re in trouble. What’s even funnier? You’re giving him another chance! It seems in their hurry to rebuild the team, they forgot about the most important position, and will go another season with Croyle and backup Damon Huard duking it out. Should be fun.

  • Josh Temple

    LOL @ the Croyle/Cutler stat.

  • Kyle

    For the record, Croyle hasn’t won a single game yet anywhere. It’s just more fun to point out the Arrowhead bit.

  • kerry

    i cant even name all the reasons why the Chiefs suck. seriously. their draft wasnt that good to begin with.
    Herm Edwards-need i say more?
    i cant name one starter in their secondary.
    seriously next to the dolphins and raiders, the chiefs are a laughingstock of the NFL

  • Garret Barnes

    Exactly!!!!! Their draft was not the best. The Falcons had the best. Herm Edwards is basically saying they suck. Which by the way could not be more true. I can’t believe that Croyle hasn’t won period. (Actually I can believe it, it is just surprising that he has never won a game when pretty much every QB from his draft class has). This is too rich.

  • hercules rockefeller

    Too easy. This is like making fun of a down syndrome kid.

  • Kyle

    Gee, why don’t you just suck the life right out of the party, why don’t you? :)

  • Arden

    You wouldn’t even take a sniff at John David Booty or Matt Flynn in the later rounds? REALLY? ‘Nah, we’re all set at QB, yessir.’ Ooooooookay.

  • hercules rockefeller

    What’s terrible for these clowns is that the chiefs glory years are either 40 years ago or years that we beat them on our way to SB triumphs. They haven’t really been able to compete with us since the mid seventies.

    It’s sad for them

  • Richard

    R.I.P. Lamar Hunt. You were able to keep them competitive for decades, but not great. Now after your passing, the Chefs are a rudderless ship. Peterson and Edwards are completely clueless. I don’t understand how Edwards record as Jets H.C. would merit his employment with anyone? They are now so bad they can’t even win a coin toss with the Faiders. Their Oline is awful. Larry Johnson is their offense. They traded a proven Dlineman for a ROOKIE, who may work out, or not. Certainly won’t be any better than our last year’s Dline rookies. They have no DBs that can play. This team is going to be so bad that Silver and Blachhk fans will think their team is improving by comparing themselves to the Chefs. How humilitiating.

  • Ian Henson

    The one redeeming quality I see in the Chiefs (blasphemous on a Denver board, I know) is that they do seem to pull it off at least once against the Chargers, even in bad seasons. With that said, why don’t you guys make a run at Brett Favre?

  • Patrick

    6. Marty Schottenheimer used to see ghosts ghosts ghosts….

  • CHIEF G!

    How was everyone’s thanksgiving in 2006!!!! And New year’s eve when KC was playoff bound after your F***ing Donkeys blew it to the sh**ty niners!!!!b

    I can’t wait when this season starts so all of you donkey d!ck fans will shout your mouths!! Since when is the last time your team went to the playoffs?????

  • CHIEF G!

    Kyle, I believe our draft will be the difference!! Dorsey will eat that Donkey line up alive!!! Good luck running against this sick ass D! and oh yea, Cutler sucked in his first year. Last year was Croyle’s first year, but once we get him a line, L.J. in the backfield, and more weapons around him (see 2008 draft), he will outperform Cutler’s numbers GUARANTEED!!!


  • Chris Potter

    Now here is proof there is nothing to get excited about in Denver. Slamming the Chiefs for rebuilding when you don’t have anything going on. So much for that great secondary. Who do you have on offense? An unproven quarter back, ???? to catch the ball. Right now the definition of mediocrity is the Denver Broncos. Oh yeah hasn’t the “Rat” been given to much rope?

  • Aerobroncos

    I like KC this year. Why you might ask? Well simply because there the team we need worry about the least. It’s a vicious fight for 3rd place in our devision between KC and Oakland! lol

  • Steve

    DENVER Sucks! We will beat you guys like always (not to mentioned we kicked your a””ssss”ss last year IN DENVER! We had a great draft, how can you say it wasn’t. Everyone, including ESPN says we had the best draft. we got strong on both sides of the bakll and filled our weak positions. Croyle is good, no one could of succeeded behind our O-Line last year, inclding a guy named brady or Manning. Mark my words, we will have a better record then sorry ass Denver! San Diego will win the division, but I see KC going 8-8 and Denver 7-9.

  • Jon

    well in the West the Chiefs are actually the team that i have the least problem with, Smash the Chargers, KILL the Raiders…but the Chiefs, never really had a problem with, I like(d) Trent Green he’s a classy guy…is he still playing??? I think the Fins cut him

  • kerry

    wow. they draft Dorsey and now all of a sudden the chiefs have a sick ass defense? LOL LOL LOL LOL. yeah ok. one man sure isnt gonna make a difference. if that was the case Jared Allen would have made your team better. what weapons does Brodie Croyle have? Larry Johnson and Dewayne Bowe? he had them last year and still sucked. Brodie Croyle doesnt have a chance at being better then Cutler. more KC fans with their delusions. i seem to remember last year Cutler tearing up the chiefs. especially in Denver. you guys remember right? over 300 yards and 4 TDs. Croyle hasnt done that and never will. all the chefs have is LJ, and he isnt even that good. take away willie roaf and will shields and LJ becomes nothing. and most of all chefs fans, you have Herm Edwards as your coach. and that alone is enough to say your season is already doomed. LOL LOL.

  • Steve G

    Well Donkey fans. Who is going to catch the ball for you,it is now reported that your clumsy WR might be suspended for his third legal f… up in one year. And as for your special teams….more like special ed teams. And what idiot coach lets the guy(see Jason Elam) that won four games for you last year leave. Without him you suck worse than you did last year! can you say 3-13..And please try to admit to yourself that your o and D lines are really not that good. You picked up Casey Wiegman from the Chiefs…you think there is a reason that the O line in KC sucked..good luck getting him to play any better. And Chumps brother? please, even in donkey land they admit that he is not that good. The only decent Lb you have is Dj, and he can’t make all the tackles. All any team has to do is to run on you…remember last year. Cutler will have no chance at repeating the very minimal success he had, but he will be on the field a lot since your ole’ defense will let anybody score!

  • kerry

    yeah Cutler sure made the Chiefs his bitch last year. and Boss is sure better the any LB the chiefs have. so is DJ. you chiefs fans have no room to talk when it comes to bad D-line and O-line play. and Cutler had better numbers last year then all the Chiefs QB’s COMBINED!! and we had injuries on our O-line last year yet still finished higher then the Chiefs in the running game. Chiefs have no secondary to speak of. no LB’s, Derrick Johnson is a first round bust and Donnie Edwards is getting old. Tamba Hali is a bust and Jared Allen is gone. you guys traded Allen for a rookie in Brandon Albert!! LOL LOL LOL. yeah good trade there. you guys dont draft a QB. theres a reason why Cutler went number 11 overall, and Croyle went…..3rd or 4th round. we have the better QB by FAR. as we proved last year.

  • Richard

    TO Chris Potty. If the Broncos are the definition of mediocre then the Missouri Indians are the definition of PATHETIC!!! How many games you win after Larry Johnson went down. NONE. Remember how badly you beat us at Errorhead? Oh yea, We won that game. A ROOKIE DT instead of Jared Allen. BIG UPGRADE!! Herm Edward’s exciting offense. Kinda makes you forget about Vermiel doesn’t it. Rebuilding? Or Regurgitating. Hopefully, you can win a coin toss with those Commitment to Excrement boys for the first pick in the 09′ draft.

  • broncfanstuckinsd

    Its real funny when the chef fans come and call out Denver. Its freaking funny. Lets see a team thats lost 9 in a row and has QB who is more famous for having a hot wife than being a good QB. No OL 2 good receiving threats a weak defense and battle the faders for 3rd place. Umm ya you are a threat. BTW hasnt been in a conference title game since 1993. Lets see AFL/SB chumps in 1969 and nothinf since. Ya chef fans you’re the best. HAHA. SD has been to more afc title games since 1993 than your pathetic team

  • Chris Potter

    Hey there Richard or is it D*ck? You guys just keep hoovering around 9-7. That is pretty respectable. Good point about LJ also. In case you haven’t noticed he is back so good luck stopping him from running all over that your joke of a line. Seems everyone is excited about Cutler this year. Why? Who does he have to throw the ball to. Javon wanted out. Marshall will be lucky to see the field. Stokley? He is a nice third reciever that has to start. Goodluck with your new center. He couldn’t stop an eighty year old woman with a walker. You guys just continue to look for the next Elway and keep enough insulin on the sideline so your quarterback doesn’t have a siezure when he gets smoked by Dorsey!

  • kerry

    yeah us hovering around 9-7 is sure better the 4-12. and you obviously have no idea about football. Tom Nalen is our starting center. weigmann is not. and Nalen will toss Dorsey around like a rag doll. and check this out chris, our QB with his untreated diabetes is better then any one of your healthy QB’s. our QB smoked you guys while not treating his disease. sure says alot about ow much the Chiefs suck!!

  • Aerobroncos

    Chris P. no need to take a cheap shot at a guys health issue “keep enough insulin on the sideline so your quarterback doesn’t have a seizure” just proves you got nothin on Denver man.

  • Chris Potter

    Hey there Kerry. Point taken it was a cheap shot. For anyone to play a demanding sport with that condition says a lot about his character. The Nalen thing…… Come on. He is 37 and coming off a torn right bicep. You signed Weigmann who is 35 to replace him when he can’t play. I wouldn’t surprised if Nalen decided to hang it up. Yeah we had a bad season but, while probably not making the playoffs we will get better. You might want to brush up on your own football knowledge. Croyle had a hodge podge line and played with a rookie running back until he was hurt. then spent the rest of the season playing with some guy at running back who isn’t here anymore. Face it your O-line is old and you have no receivers.