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Published on 06/23/2008 at Mon Jun 23 13:00.
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Philip Rivers

It’s Smack Talk Week at BroncoTalk, celebrating the inefficiencies and inferior qualities of everything non-Broncos in the AFC West.

Just a quick reminder – this is all in the name of good, clean fun – no personal, individual attacks on each other and you can have at it in the comments.

Today I’m breaking down the San Diego Chargers, giving you five reasons – in no particular order – why they are pretty much the trash of the National Football League.  Enjoy!

Look at all the trophies – The Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, and, more recently, the Denver Broncos all have a bit of bling to boast in their trophy cases.  The Lombardi Trophy is proudly displayed in each city, a mark of championship teams past, and proud symbol for each organization’s history.  For all the wins the San Diego Chargers have earned in the past few years, it means NOTHING – I repeat, NOTHING – compared to a hard-earned NFL Championship.

Shawne Merriman, Before and After

Tainted supplements my ass – Suspended for four games after a tainted supplement left you testing positive for steriods, eh Shawne Merriman? Last season, the photo comparison on the right gained notoriety, showing how athletic Merriman is without chemical enhancements. The results were noticed on the field too – the video has been taken down, but we showed the brutal block that Jaguars tiny RB Maurice Jones-Drew executed against Merriman that left his ass on the floor. Let’s see how well you do for a few seasons, “supplement” free, before we anoint you the next Lawrence Taylor.

UPDATE: Apparently the top photo was doctored (actually the body of Jamal Williams).  Still, just look at the neck (not photoshopped).  And the working YouTube can be found here.

Grouchy, grouchy, grouchy – Are there bigger crybabies in the NFL? Every time they lose, all you see are pictures like thisLadainian Tomlinson giving his quarterback an odd, frustrated look. Way to facilitate team unity, LDT. Even your own fans (see sig) are tired of your whiny antics.

A Team to Win Now – Time is running out, Chargers fans. Last year San Diego decided to keep Michael Turner on their roster, believing it was a team ready to “win now.” Well they didn’t. They were rumored to have declined a first round pick, and Turner is now elsewhere. Because they wanted to “win now.” Meanwhile, they overcompensated to pull off a trade for Chris Chambers last season the day of the trade deadline, giving up a 2nd round pick. Because they wanted to “win now.” Well, “now” is over, that season has gone and past, and the Chargers have to be left thinking that if they don’t make a run this season, their chance to win their first Lombardi trophy is likely over. They have an overrated QB, a getting-older RB coming off injury, and an offensive line that didn’t show enough consistency to make me believe they can get the job done.

In conclusion, winning a Super Bowl is tough enough… most teams most overcome injury, weather, bad luck, and, of course, the best opponents in the NFL to taste the Lombardi trophy. Unfortunately for the San Diego Chargers, most teams don’t have to overcome this as well:

Norv Turner. Enough said.

  • Talon miles


  • wyoming bronc fan

    marksd21, , igot somethin to say to U who’s the pro bowler? thats right mister jay cutler so maybe u should look at stats instead of jackin off to ur rivers poster

  • Rico

    That top picture is a fake! you guys are idiots!
    Do you not see the tattoo on his neck!
    the bottome picture has the tattoo on his neck and the one on the top doesnt have it!
    Shawne Merriman! IS that SHIT! Dont Fuck With him!

  • Death2Bolts

    I agree with Natelan. Both teams suck this year. Hell the whole AFC West is a joke this year but the call Hocchuli made? True it was a bad call but the Broncos still had to earn it by getting the touchdown and going for the two point conversion! What happened? Did the lighting bolt went up the other end? True, no SB ring for both teams this year but Doltz? … division champs? … maybe, we’ll see on Sunday. Far as I’m concerned Broncos could have been the division champs by now if we still had our HEALTHY running game. Jay, keep up the good work and try not to give the ball away.

    Go Broncos

  • Chargers#1 Fan

    #1 Raider hater for a reason , because of the stupid Rater lover Charger hater fans. You just got to realize Raiders aren”t goin anywhere soon until good old Al Davis Croaks. He was great back in the days when the Raiders were for real. Guess what , realize that the Raiders are losers for a reason and the Chargers will keep spankin there butts for the next 10 games.


    i think everyone in here needs to get a life. really? lets all bash eachother’s temas because it makes us what? nothing is the answer. so just enjoy your team and the sport and grow up.

  • broncos SUCK

    WTF r u losers gonna say now? broncos franchise is the biggest joke in the NFL.

  • Death2Bolts

    Changers still suck. OK the Broncos didn’t do well yesterday. SAD…SAD…

    Now it’s time for the Bolts to suck Indi’ #@$%. GOOOOOOO Colts!

  • eddymac

    Why is there even an issue here? Broncs SB rings: 2. San Dog SB rings: 0. Broncs consecutive sellouts for the past 38 years: 301. San Dog consecutive sellouts: 30. Broncs SB appearances: 6. San Dog: 1. Overall record between the two teams: Denver leads 53-44-1. San Diego has a hard enough time selling enough tickets so the game will be televised. San Dog had to get a 24 hour sale extension on your home opener against Carolina just sell more tickets! Every year they threaten to sell the team. Your fan base is voted by almost every sports analyst (outside San Diego) as one of the top ten worst in the NFL. ALL OF THESE ARE FACTS!!

  • broncos SUCK

    the result this Saturday? no one knows for sure, but there is one thing everyone knows for sure, it is the fact that loser broncos got whupped by the Bolts, hahahahahaha…..
    up 3 games, with 3 games left, and still couldn’t make it to the playoffs? what a fukin joke. no matter what your loser sorry ass says, BOLTS R STILL AFC WEST CHAMP

    hahahahahhahahahah everyone in SD is laughing so hard at u loser sorry asses in Denver.

  • eddymac

    Really broncos SUCK. San Diego has been in the NFL for 48 years and they’ve been to one bowl! And they got their asses handed to them in that one! Typical charger fan who’s all grown up now and jumped on that wagon when things are looking up. But what are we talking about anyway. Denver is in an elite group of teams like the Steelers, Packers, Cowboys, and Patriots with the strongest franchise setups and fan bases in the NFL. The Chargers, well let me see……So it’s typical for a dumbass charger fan to want to feal appreciated and jump on a Broncos forum and say shit a 5 year old could come up with. Do everybody a favor broncos SUCK and start hanging out with the die hard Chargers fans that I’ve seen out there and learn a little about the game and it’s history before you try to pony up with the big boys. P.S. Don’t go tryin to sell your team again this offseason!!

  • eddymac



    HAHAHAHAHA, No matter what you say, the bolts dominated you donkey a-sses. No one care what the donkeys in the past did, that is the past and we are in the future now. I know we did not have a good season but what matters is the we beat the denver donkeys to crown ourselfs as the 2008 AFC WEST CHAMPS!!!! Please donkeys, dont hate the future is ours and we will be dominating the AFC west for years. Go on and consentrate on looking for a coach for next season because you need it to have a shot against us. Thats what you get for getting help from the refs and stealing the game from us in week 2.HAHAHAHA See you next season Hater Looser DONKEYS!!!!

  • eddymac

    Look ,another retarted charger fan.Lol. Hey bolt domination. Go slip into your powder bitch blue jammies and rub one out to yor picture of cry me a god damn rivers. F***ing hacks in San Dog. Lol. Your whole fan base is a joke. Might as well change your name into the Mexican Chargers. F***ing chula vista/ la jolla/ coronado/ IB/ chumps. I know your city and I know you have horrible fair weather fans. I can’t wait to get back there again so I can once again put all pompous pricks back in your place with the help of every other NFL fan that can’t stand you f**ks!! You havn’t dominated shit!! Put your money where your mouth is and win the big one atleast once for christ sakes. Just once. You never heard Denver fans say a word about kicking the crap out of you for so long cause you were never any good and you weren’t worth our time. So stay in the likes of teams like detroit, arizona, jacksonville as the most un-loyal fans. You’ve earned it!

  • aaron

    ha i know its old but i had to put this. Chargers still won. who sucks now?!

  • hanna

    wow. THE DONKEYS ARE SOME HATERS…culter is a cry baby and the donkeys need to accept the fact that they are worse than the chargers. CHARGERS ALL THE WAY!

  • AtwaterFan27

    ALL i have got to say to bitch ass bolt fans is HOW MANY RINGS YOU HAVE? Also , thought you guys were talking RELOCATION like 6 months ago. EXactly, atleast the broncos will stay in Denver and not wear those faggoty ass powder blue uniforms.

  • AtwaterFan27

    bolts? how do you say that in spanish? oh yeah i forgot EL SUCKO

  • Death2Bolts

    Yeah… ok…Doltz kicked another horse. Stupid Ass D with their mistakes in OT!! But one thing all you Doltz fans should face and acknowledge… Changers will not win the Super Bowl! You Doltz will always be first place losers! Broncos got 2 SB rings and appeared in 6 SB games. Sure that was back then with Elway but you know what they say about history… they repeat in time. Broncos will return to the SB and win. Oh yeah as for calling Cutler a baby or no talent … Cutler is type 1 diabetics but he can still out pass, out run, and beat Rivers to the Pro Bowl.

  • Death2Bolts

    No AtwaterFan27… that’s “El Sucko de gay powday blu”!

  • Lighting Head

    Stats don’t lie and by the looks of it… Philip Rivers is the number 1 QB in the league. Sure, he doesn’t have a SB ring or got voted into the pro bowl… but if you watch the post game shows then you would see how much higher he ranks than all the other QBs. That man doesn’t throw footballs… he freaken throws missiles. Pro bowl is nothing but a popularity contest and everyone knows that no one likes Philip Rivers because they know how good he really is, including him. Shoot… in one season he went from being the number 32 QB in the league to number 1!

    Of course everyone is going to go and defend their favorite team/player… but the numbers don’t lie. They may have finished the season 8-8, but one thing stands correct… every game they played was a battle… they didn’t get smothered… they lost by a point, a field goal, or a touch down. They kept it interesting. And all those times the Bronco’s could have shut them out and grabbed the chance to take the playoffs from the Chargers… THEY CHOKED!

    Who cares about pass seasons… pass superbowls… pass games. Those were different players… different team back then… speak about the present. And what the present shows is… Chargers are in the playoffs and the Broncos AREN’T.

  • The Owl

    Here is the way I see it. Sure the Broncos have won 2 rings and the Chargers jack shit. But in the long run, it’s the Broncos who get the last laugh. While your sad excuse for a team was going 5-11 in 1998 we were in the SB. SD the future? Hate to break it to you, but you can win the AFC west all you want. Take the Division all I care. (Took you 14 years to even win a playoff game) But face it. They are not SB caliber. The Lombardi trophy is a symbol of excellence. Of being the best of the best. Winning the division does not earn you that title. And for the fans… chargers fans? HA! go back maybe 6 years ago, and you would find more people at an Expos game than at a the Q. So please brag about the “future” but honestly Division championships won’t get you any respect from other real teams (Packers, Cowboys, Giants) who have fans (all of them) who have sat through 13-3, or 4-12, and sometimes in 10 degree weather. SD fans, you freeze your ass off when it is 50 degrees. Talk to a Packers/Bears fan about cold…

  • chargersdestroybroncos

    Hahaha, that picture is ridiculously fake, its so funny. Yea he admits that the body is fake but says the neck is real. HAHAHAHAHAHA, it has been completely altered. His tattoo was even taken out. So whoever edited this picture sucks at it. Nice try dumbass. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • chargersdestroybroncos

    Oh yea, and by the way, too bad your rat faced looking coach mike is gone. Hahaha, that guy has no life now, well he never did starting 4 years ago. San Diego kept on winning the AFC West and the lame broncos couldn’t hahahaha. And I was at that final reg. season game against the bucs a couple weeks ago and it was great. We tore them a new one. Hahahahahahahaha, thanks for the practice. You guys suck.

  • chargersdestroybroncos

    scratch *bucs*, I was supposed to be broncos. Haha, but we did destroy the bucs too. Made garcia bleed out of his face. hahaha

  • ryan

    screw you all the chargers rule

  • chargersOWN

    the top photo is with pads on him the bottom one is no pads
    besides were still gonna get are superbowl 15 year old superbowls dont count you should be thinking about getting them now DONKEY NATION 52-21 BITCHES!!!

  • DonkeysUCK

    Nice Banner up top!, too bad Mike Shame-ahan got fired. What a horrible season the donkeys had in 08; not even Ed Hochuli could get you to the playoffs. Sad, sad, sad.

  • Boltz til Death

    To all those people hating on Philip Rivers, lets not forget that he’s one of the best quarterback in all of the NFL. So before you spew out all those fake statements about Philip, think about the high caliber quarterback he is not just your hate for him. Thanks, and another thing, hes the best in the league thank you!

  • Boltz til Death

    Another thing, our powder blues are the best in all the NFL, just ask Chris Berman and practically all of ESPN staff. While your gay ass donkey jerseys seem like they’re only used to wipe up the tears after choking a season away…..pity

  • steven lindsay

    the chargers are a joke of an organization!!! just because they have had a good 5 years doesn’t mean shit!!! they have the worst overall franchise record in the afc west.. been to one superbowl and got man handled!!! when was it… 15 years ago!!! LT has got to be the most overrated player i’ve ever heard of. and all the charger fans that think russel is a bust.. watch the lat 3 or 4 games of this last year!! i think you guys are still trying to get over ryan leaf!!! when you guys go to the playoffs with an 8-8.. there is nothing to brag about.

  • San Diego

    if you don’t like SD so much….leave.

  • idaho fan

    oh come on broncos fans are the biggest crybabies ever, they whine for jay cutler to replace plummer and then they call hima little bitch for getting out after the new coach abandoned him. And really good move firng the only guy who won you a superbowl after losing them numerous times