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Published on 06/22/2008 at Sun Jun 22 15:13.
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The offseason doesn’t get any deeper than this. We’re four weeks away from training camp, the first real signs of a football pulse for the 2008 season, which is still just shy of two months away from the first snap of the regular season. It can be a mind-numbing experience, waiting for football to return again.

To spice things up a bit this offseason, we’re introducing Smack Talk Week, celebrating the inefficiencies and inferior qualities of everything non-Broncos in the AFC West. Once or twice a day this week, we’ll be exploring the seemingly infinite amount of reasons why the Kansas City Chiefs, the Oakland Raiders, and the San Diego Chargers brutally suck. Pretty plain and simple.

We’d like to analogize it this way: Do you have any friends that happen to be fans of another team? Do you and your friend ever engage in mild to moderate other-team bashing around the water cooler? Of course you do! Consider this a lot like that, except with a water cooler the size of a lake and an audience of several thousand.

It’s all in the name of good clean fun, fortifying a healthy rivalry between the Broncos and their AFC West competitors. Keep it relatively clean in the comments, and you’re more than welcome to dish it out, Broncos fans or otherwise.

Of course, if you have something you’d love to add to this week, drop us a line at and we’d love to post your thoughts or article. The series should run through Friday, right before Kyle heads off to his annual summer vacation for just over a week. More on that later.

We hope you enjoy Smack Talk Week… and to get things started:

Oakland, please keep leaking internal memos asking for your Head Coach to resign. We almost forgot how incompetent you really are. Thank you.

  • Kyle

    And thanks to Jonathan for the wicked banners. There’s four in all, added to the random rotation, so yeah, feel free to refresh until you find them all.

    Or check out:

  • dbroncos

    Those are some nice banners, i cant wait to get the season started.

  • mikebirty

    that’s some nice photoshopping.

    My only request is that you don’t pick on the Raiders too much – not because I like them, I hate ’em- but because it’s just too damn easy. It’s like shooting womp rats in a T-16.

  • Kyle

    Yeah, I need to lure Jon away from his 9-5 to paint pretty BroncoTalk pictures all day.

    Bonus points for the Star Wars reference birty.

  • Richard

    All the “other” teams fans need to realize is that; IF YOU’RE NOT BEHIND THE BRONCOS YOU ARE A BRONCO’S BEHIND

  • Garret Barnes

    Hey Chargers, I have to say I feel bad for you and your lack of a real QB. You just didn’t have any other choice. Oh wait! You could have kept this years Super Bowl champ on your team. But then again, that San Diego air can be pretty dangerous to your mind if yours isn’t already messed up.

  • bilrob

    Now that we have to wait several weeks to find out who will finally make the 53 man squad, I have been pondering just who will be on the PS. How many this year, 6 or 7? There are so many really good players, young with lots of potential on this years list. Depth wise, I believe the Broncs are in the best shape in years with the acquisition of several vets. That leaves the yound blood.

    At the present time, off the top of my head, I have Polumbus, Lichensteiger, Hackney, Aldridge, J Barret, L Birdine and Woodyard on the PS. I am sure that there are some of these that wont make the team and there are others , maybe a DL or TE that may. I would appreciate your thoughts.

  • Kyle

    Lichtensteiger will definitely make the team – another team would pick him up in a snap if he’s left on the practice squad.

    Remember that anyone on the PS is available for signing to an active roster by any NFL team. I think Hackney might remain on the roster, too, but not activated, suiting up per the league’s 3rd QB rules.