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Published on 06/18/2008 at Wed Jun 18 12:34.
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The Denver Broncos have a punting battle to square away during training camp, and one of the players involved is Brett Kern. Kern was a finalist for the Ray Guy award, and this video is from his days at Toledo. It shows him at practice training with a coach, and they go over numbers including hang time, yards, and the time between the snap and the kick. It put my mind a bit at ease with so many questions around special teams. Enjoy.

  • studbucket

    I agree, that does make me feel better about our punter. Solid stuff!

  • Kyle

    At least in shorts and a t-shirt he looks like he could be a really good punter for us. Now we gotta see him in game action.

    I think this is one battle that will be determined largely through preseason tape as well.